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    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out wil

    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out will it remain same?
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    PCM setting on a Sony KDL 52XBC,

    PCM setting on a Sony KDL 52XBC, I can't find any thing on the menu except Sound, [Audio Out], [Fixed] , [Variable]. Trying to use a digital to analog converter on the optical signal and all I get is once it pairs a super loud chattering, I need to have digital sound output set to PCM. Is it...
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    I want today my call digital

    I want today my call history
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    How to connect Samsung optical audio out to Realistic digital synthezised stereo amplifier with RCA jacks right and left lmpu

    How to connect Samsung digital optical audio out to Realistic stereo amplifier using RCA type imput jacks Left and Right Red and White
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    How do I get to air antenael digital on my Rca model numberF32450 tv

    Trying to get ota channels
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    Canon Cameras with Digital Problems

    The only camera which has not failed and is the slr and the new Rebel which I purchased last year for Christmas. The video camera, first eos rebel and the G9 have completely malfunctioned and quit operating. I have contacted the company and was told that they would be happy to replace the G9...
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    How do I get DTS or Doblby Digital working on steam

    When I'm watching Netflix with my Logitech z906 speakers the decode lights comes on on my PC. But when I'm playing games like GTAV and BO3 the light doesn't show up. When I play on PS3 the Decode light comes on on the same games. Is it possible that I can get DTS or Dolby digital to work when...
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    I have sound but no vision on the digital channels on my LG tv bought about 2006

    How do I pick up the vision on my tv for the digital channels
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    Love microsoft digital imaging suite 9, it won't install on Windows 10. Any hints ?

    I love love this program. All my pictures were on my old Windows 7 which crashed. Bought Acer Windows 10 and tried to set up Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 and it won't set-up. I have the discs and they won't install. Any thoughts ?
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    Dolby digital live

    I have an asus strix soar card.This card supports 7.1 audio speakers but it doesn't mention something about Dolby digital or DTS. What's the difference between the simple 7.1 audio and Dolby or DTS? Is there any real difference between those systems?
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    Satellite (DVB-S) and Digital Cable (DVB-C) in one single coaxial cable?

    Hi there, how're you doing? The cable setup of my actual house won't allow me to pass throw the wall corrugated pipe 2 cables, So I was wondering if something like a DiSEqC to merge the signal from my tv cable operator and the LNB from my antenna into the only cable I have coming from outside...
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    Do comfortable earbuds for long hours of usage exist? (Under $50)

    Basically the title :) I've been looking for a decent pair of earbuds that are comfortable enough to wear for hours while I either play games or do homework for college, and would like to upgrade from my $8 panasonic ergofit earbuds. Currently the budget is max $50, but preferred around $30...
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    Best way to connect my Sony and Sky AV equipment to get maximum viewing and sound performance?

    Whats the best way to connect my Sony and Sky AV equipment to get maximum viewing and sound performance (no Analog or Digital Terrestrial TV used only Satellite and Blu-ray) Sky Q Satellite box (Silver 2tb UHD) 1x Optical (Digital Audio) (Dolby Digital over HDMI and Optical). 1x Ethernet RJ45...
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    Digital Signage With Mouse and Keyboard Interaction

    Hi All, Am installing a 55" Television 3Nos. Around my workplace for the employees to have a look at the production data and all trends which will be displayed in a webpage. Like the user can scroll the webpage all the way to see the data all the time 24/7 with connected mouse and keyboard. Am...
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    How do I get my analog pc to play on my digital speakers?

    I need a converter to allow my analog Acer computer to play audio through my digital Boston speakers.
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    Solved! How do i connect a Sony soundbar with only optical or hdmi arc to a emerson tv that only has a coaxial digital audio out?

    I have a Sony soundbar with only optical or hdmi arc, my emerson tv only has digital coaxial. How do i connect them together?
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    No signal from my cable box to tv. Cable box in back reads digital audio out

    I have no access to my cable. Tv reads no signal. On back of cable box it reads digital audio out.
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    Digital Optical Cable to USB?

    Hi, I have a Yamaha YAS 107 soundbar that I want to connect to my Samsung TV (model: UA40EH5000). I want the best sound output as I want to use it with the satellite box as well as firestick. Currently I have a coaxial connect with satellite box and bluetooth connect for firestick. I want the...
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    Solved! Only Jaws movie (digital and dvd) not playing sound through home projector

    I have a home projector we use for outside movies. We downloaded the movie Jaws and were able to use our fire stick to play the movie except there was no sound. We tested with other movies etc and no problems. So we then bought the dvd from the store thinking it was a problem with the digital...
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    how can I hook up an orange rca output plug to a toslink plug input

    How do I hook up Magnavox digital audio output ( orange plug ) , to a toslink input jack ?
  21. M

    tv converter issue

    the tv in the den is a digital and picks up 28 channels. Mine is a digital without a tuner so I have an rca converter but only get 20 channels. Both using the same house mount antenna. Is it because of the converter that I am receiving less channels than the tv without a converter?
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    How can i connect my dbx 166s to my digital console?

    I need help connecting my dbx 166s to my digital console and what cables do i need?
  23. R

    I have a Dynex Model Dx-LCD 32 tv

    Does it need to use A digital converter box?
  24. J

    Audio from new LG tv to old Stereo Reciever

    Hi. I’m trying to send audio from my new LG tv (LGOLED55B8PUA) that has all digital outputs (digital optical audio and hdmi) to an old Pioneer SX 850 stereo receiver that only has analog RCA inputs. Can anyone tell me what type of adapter or digital/analog converter I would need to do this...
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    TV connected to AVR with digital audio output

    My AVR not supported with HDMI ARC , so i connected my Tv to AVR with digital audio output from Tv , what if i use Tv USB(pendrive) to watch movies , will i get 5.1 surround experience?
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    I trusted this random named antivirus called total protection for 5 users for Mac. I chose the 2 year plan and bought the product. When I received the product they sent me 3 PC users. When I tried to activate it I got one user with total protection. All other additions including my iphone...
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    replacing satellite TV and cutting the cord

    I live in the Houston, TX area. Can I replace my satellite dish with a outdoor digital antenna and service all of my home's TV with the one antenna? I have 4 directv receivers currently in my home.
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    Not get analog

    I have antena on roof. 3 tv r hooked up. 2of the TVs get 69 channels on analog. 0 on digital,the third that is closer only get 11 digital channels. 0 on analog,What do I need to get the 69 channels. On 3rd set
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    Solved! RCA or 3.5mm to get 5.1 dolby digital

    I recently bought Sony TZ145 home theatre and I want know which one to use RCA or Aux port for connecting home theatre to get the dolby digital and best audio quality...
  30. N

    VHF digital antenna

    Do any indoor TV antennas include both UHF and VHF (or Hi-V) frequencies? My local PBS and ABC are VHF (apparently now called Hi-V) and my indoor digital antenna does not consistently pick them up well.
  31. A

    optical audio out on samsung tv

    changing audio input ftom bitstream to pcm worked to get the optical digital output to work through my converter to my sound system. but it only worked for cable tv programs not internet like netflix. any ideas.
  32. M

    How do I get my cable tv signal to run through a dvd recorder? The recorder has a digital tuner and i followed the instruction

    Can't record from cable tv to an older dvd recorder wuth built-in tuner
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    smart tv can it be analog

    I have a smart tv was given to for gift but unable to pick up any digital tv is it possible that its analog not digital
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    No volume through digital amp to speakers

    I've just bought a Lepy LP - 2024A+ DIGITAL AMPLIFIER - everything is connected up to my PC that is the two to one lead, my speakers to the AMP, power is on, yet when I unplug my headphones from my stack instead of the volume going through my speakers there's silence. Is there a special kind of...
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    Trouble connecting PC to Surround Sound Receiver

    Setup: jvc rx-6032v Receiver connected to a VGEBY USB Audio Adapter External Sound Card With SPDIF Digital Audio via a SPDIF cable. Plugged into my PC which has a MSI - Z97 PC MATE ATX LGA1150 Motherboard and is running Windows 10 with Realtek HD audio manager installed. I have virtually no clue...
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    CD digital storage

    I have an old Nikko amplifier, a Technics turntable, Yamaha speakers, and a CD changer. The changer no,longer works. Thinking of digitizing my CD collection to FLAC files. Not sure if this is the best route, and how to do it. Advice appreciated
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    Digital Inputs use

    Does anyone take advantage Input on the back of their Amp? Just wondering what these are commonly used for? I am keen to take advantage of the DAC in my amp, but not sure how yet.
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    Watch Digital on an Analog TV?

    Is it possible to watch Digital channels on an Analog TV without using a digital converter box? I have an old CRT TV that does not support Digital and I am just curious if I can watch Digital on it without a converter. I have a converter but it is on another TV
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    3.5mm digital output

    hi i have a cable of digital audio output from TV that is coming to 3.5mm and obviously the 3.5mm is optical with a laser beam what kind of headphones i need to buy or how should i proceed further ? the cable i bought it without knowing that you need a converter and mow i have a end of 3.5mm...
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    Can I hook Boston digital back 735 to a tv

    Can I hook a Boston digtial BA 735 to my tv
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    OTA TV Channels

    My vizio tv is scanning 92 channels. 91 digital & 1 analog. I only get 50 with a tv guide. How do I get the other channels that are missing. Using OmniPro HD 8008 outdoor multi-directional antenna.
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    Solved! Help! Hi8 tapes not working

    I have an old Hitatchi Digital 8 x 500 Video camera. Used it for several years to record family videos. When I try to play some of the tapes I either get a blue screen or a blotched screen where the video appears to play but in small patterns. My hope is the tapes did record info, but perhaps...
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    Solved! Which one is the best Video Camera to use?

    Hi there, There so much to choose from. Can you recommend me which one of these is the best to use? Thank you. Links removed
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    Can I use a digital coaxial cable to temporarily hook up my only I to my Polk sub until the one I ordered arrives?

    Temporary fix to a broken coaxial sub woofer cable
  45. J

    How do i get my movie to play in color with a philips tv and an apex digital dvd player

    Im trying to get color i hooked up colored wires but all i missing is color its a philips tv but a apex digital dvd player
  46. S

    Connecting Samsung soundbar to Sceptre tv

    I have a 32" Sceptre flat screen tv that I am trying to connect with my Samsung soundbar. My soundbar has a USB port, digital optical cable port, and a headphone jack. My tv does not have a digital optical port but does have all of the regular ports (RCA ports, headphone jack, USB port, HDMI...
  47. S

    Which cable should i use RG 6 OR RG 7 for HD DIRECTV and digital antenna

    We are changing out our old RG59 cable. We have DIRECTV AND a Digital TV antenna. Should I use RG6, RG& or something else? Thanks! Susan
  48. L

    Sims digital recorder

    I have the SVR925 digital voice recorder. Can i get the software for it and if so where. I assume it is like a cd
  49. D

    5.1 channel PC sound card with digital coax?

    I'm looking for a sound card (PCI low profile or USB) that outputs via a digital coax connector so I can watch movies in 5.1 surround with my receiver? My motherboard only has 3.5mm aux connector that is only stereo. Don't want something that is over $50 preferably.
  50. M

    Sony 40EX401 optical output does not work

    Sony 40EX401 TV. I can not get the sound to work with my sound bar using the optical audio output. The TV menu does not have any audio settings to select optical. Just has turn off the speakers. Manual says "Connects to the optical audio input of digital audio equipment that is PCM/Dolby*2...
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    Solved! Help connecting Vizio Soundbar (SB3651-E6) to Pioneer PDP-4280 plasma TV

    Also have a Blu-Ray, Roku, and Chrome Cast all connected to the TV. Want to use the HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to the TV. Can only get sound out of the soundbar by using the RCA connection. (Does not work with the digital optical or the HDMI cables.) Should I connect the soundbar to the...
  52. P

    Solved! Please TV on Speakers

    I can’t get my LG42LH20 tv to play through my Sherwood receiver. Recently switched from Verizon to Optimum Altice and the new cable box has HDMI and Digital Optical only. The HDMI is connected to the LG TV. My Receiver only has Component, so I got a Component to Digital Adapter. When I hooked...
  53. J

    Sending audio from Samsung TV to analog speakers

    I have a 2017 Samsung UM32M5300AF Smart TV that I want to connect to my 10+ year old Bose speakers, which I am sure is Analog. I have researched and the TV puts out a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal. I have read where I need a DAC (Digital to Analog) converter. Samsung told me I could use the HDMI...
  54. H

    Chatter on Netflix when using digital Audio output on Samsung Smart TV

    Digital audio output wireless headphones work fine when watching any program on DirecTV, but I get only chatter with my Blue Ray DVD player or Netflix.
  55. A

    How close does it come to the digital master?

    I have an expensive Turntable equipped with an expensive cartridge and stylus. I have a vinyl of an album from my favorite artists. I have it plugged in to an AE-5 Sound Blaster sound card via Line In from the preamp Line Out on the turntable. I use audio software to record a song from the vinyl...
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    EZ Digital Antenna

    A product EZ Digital Antenna is being advertised on the internet to be able to receive signals generated from cable channels. They say that cable companies are required to produce an on air signal as well as the cable signal but now EZ Digital is able to access this on air signal thereby...
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    Solved! No Sound - Samsung KU6300 to Panasonic SC-BTT490 via Digital Optical

    I have a Samsung KU6300 4K TV and I'm trying to get the audio output to my Panasonic SC-BTT490 HTS via Digital Optical Cable, but am not getting sound. I've set the TV to push Audio to Digital Out, instead of speakers, and both set the Panasonic to default TV audio to Digital In and also...
  58. D

    Razer kraken 7.1 v2

    Ive just bought the RAZER KRAKEN 7.1 V2 MERCURY • DIGITAL USB GAMING HEADSET and haven't noticed it says on the box pc/mac is there any way i can use this on xbox one???
  59. J

    Record a dolby digital audio feed for playback on DVD-Audio

    I'd like to take a Dolby Digital soundtrack that is playing off a Blu-ray player, Roku device, Apple TV, etc and record it to a multi-channel file, and then burn that audio file to a DVD-AUDIO disc using Cirlinca HD-Audio Solo (the latter part i have and know how to do). How do i get a 5.1...
  60. V

    Solved! Sony Home Theater with Emerson TV

    I just bought my first home theater (HTIB) and I am so confused as to how to hook it up. Home theater: used Sony HTSS360 TV: Emerson LF501EM4F This TV does not support HDMI ARC and does not have a digital optical port. I tried using a digital coaxial port, doesn't seem to have any effect...