3.5mm digital output

May 23, 2018

i have a cable of digital audio output from TV that is coming to 3.5mm and obviously the 3.5mm is optical with a laser beam
what kind of headphones i need to buy or how should i proceed further ?
the cable i bought it without knowing that you need a converter and mow i have a end of 3.5mm optical
You are going to need a DAC/headphone amp with an optical input. You can't use just a DAC since it doesn't have a headphone amp or volume control. The optical output is fixed so the TV remote won't adjust headphone volume. If you wanted to use bluetooth headphones then a DAC plus BT transmitter will work fine. Make sure that you can set the TV audio type to PCM stereo since many DACs will not accept 5,1 bitstream audio.
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