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    Digital Equivalents Definition

    Hi, I am trying, (in vain it seems) to find a definition of what digital equivalents are. It would be in terms of the relation of digital equivalents to f-stops/T-stops. Any help in pointing me to any place that has a clear and simple definition is greatly appreciated.
  2. D

    What is needed to use Digital Cable Service for separate view and recording?

    This is crazy to me. The cable company in this rural area went digital. Now the set-up of cable to VCR to TV (HD) will no longer work. I used to be able to record one and watch another channel. I also have the computer connected to the TV to allow viewing Netflix and Amazon Prime on the TV. I...
  3. D

    Cant hear threw tv only fm/am works

    Cant get smart tv settings to play dolby digital receiver
  4. B

    Connect a 19inch tv that is dtv to a 55inch that isn't but supports 1080i only threw A/V jacks

    I want to connect digital antenna to my 55 inch tv 2004 sony wega coax cable but it won't pick up anything.
  5. D

    Digital to Analog Converter not working on LG65C7P OLED TV

    I just purchased an LG65C7P OLED TV. I'm attempting to connect it to an analog Onkyo TX-8511 receiver. After reading threads here I purchased this DAC: Connected DAC to TV audio out via...
  6. C

    Cable quit working

    I have two flat screens and yesterday the digital channels went off. I have ran multiple scans, it won’t pick up any. I have unplugged, reset and checked connections. I have tried everything. Help
  7. A

    I have AJVC surround sound system model TH - M606/TH - M603I wanted to know if I could hook up a rock ville equalizer to the s

    And I have AJVC digital whole theater system model number TH - M606/TH - M603I wanted to know if I could hook up and equalizer to the 6 disk DVD player If you could give me some how I would appreciate it
  8. H

    Digital audio better than analog using headphones?

    I am wondering if it is worth the hassle of configuring my headphones for digital inputs versus using the typical RCA connections? Can you really hear more detail with digital?
  9. H

    Yamaha RX-V677 Digital Optical output

    I currently have a working Sennheiser Flex 5000 (TV ears type) connected to one of the rca type audio outputs on my 10 yr old Panasonic Plasma TV. The Sennheiser transmitter also has a digital optical input (PCM only) for the audio. Would I get better audio using the digital input? I do not...
  10. R

    Use one remote with my Samsung flat screen TV and my digital converter box which remote do I use

    I haven't Samsung HDMI flat screen TV and an RCA digital converter box I don't know what remote I have to use to change my channels volume and Power
  11. S

    How do I get digital channels on my cable package if my internal tuner no longer works?

    I have an RCA 55" HDTV. When I did the channel scan, it did not pick up any of our cable packages digital channels. I have three other HDTV's and they all picked up the digital channels. Is my internal tuner no longer working? If not, what are my options for picking up the digital channels...
  12. F

    Tv to digital audio system

    How do I connect my Panasonic tv to my Panasonic SA-PMX7DB audio system ?
  13. B

    Aiwa receiver analog inputs bad, but digital is fine

    So I've had this Aiwa AV-D67 home theater receiver for a number of years, and it has served me well. I recently replaced it in my main entertainment setup with a Vizio 5.1 system, but I'm still wanting to use this old system for another room in my home, sort of like a retro setup kind of thing...
  14. L

    Connecting older pioneer receiver to Vizio HDTV

    I have tried connecting Vizio M50-C1 TV via a digital audio cable through a digital to analog audio converter to my old Pioneer SX 2600 receiver. The options available on the receiver to plug the red & white audio cables into are 1)VCR 2)Tape/DAT 3)Tape 2. No luck using any of these. No sound...
  15. O

    Solved! Using all the speakers in my Digital AV Receiver hooked to my PC

    Hello all, been here browsing others answers before, but my first time posting my own. Will try my best to word this as best as I can. Ok so, I have a Digital AV Receiver with speaker system, Samsung HW-C560 Since getting it I have run absolutely everything through it, Game consoles, Cable...
  16. L

    Record cable TV UPDATE

    I have TWC with a DVR in the bedroom and a very small digital converter box in the living room - coax in and out and HDMI out. I get one channel in living room that I do not get on my DVR and I would like to record a show. Worst case, I see manually changing the channel on the small converter...
  17. M

    how do I connect digital audio out to my panasonic TV

    I have a panasonic TV Model# TH-L37S10A . My children tried to plug their phone into the back of the computer to recharge phone and also accidentally pushed the digital audio out button at the back and the power went off. How can I fix this any suggestions please we have no other TV
  18. H

    Digital Optical + DAC or analogue headphone-out from TV

    I have a Sony TV that has analogue headphone-out (3.5mm) and also has a digital optical audio out. I want to connect the TV to my headphones amp, and then to my headphones to watch movies at their best possible quality. Would there be any benefit in using the optical out + a DAC before hooking...
  19. E

    Trying to connect my home theater system to my laptop

    Hi I am looking to connect my laptop to my 5.1 DVD player. The only ways to get a 5.1 audio to the player is either by a DVD or by the optical digital input. So as you probably know my laptop dosnt have that connection. I tried searching for a USB to optical digital output on Amazon but most...
  20. B

    Connecting LG 50LF6000 to Sony str-dh130 reciever

    Recently bought a dac digital to analog converter but still no luck
  21. B

    How can I get my tv to program channels

    I can't get my tv to auto program won't pick up no analog or digital channels at all I have an antenna hooked up to my tv. What can I do
  22. D

    Solved! Digital Cameras Comparison Matrix

    sorry, project is not ready yet
  23. B

    Solved! Bought a converter and sound bar still not working with TV

    Hi all, I am having the hardest time getting this sound bar to hook up with this TV. I have a LG 65LB5200 that ONLY has an Coaxial Digital Audio Out for use of sound systems. My roommate has what I believe is Samsung 2.1 HW-KM36 Channel 130W Soundbar System. It does not have Digital Coaxial...
  24. A

    coax input to HDMI output

    I have a HD TV that does not have a coax input, only HDMI. I have cut cable, its just too expensive for me. I went and bought three digital GE indoor antennas and they work perfectly on two of the three sets. The Maxent TV does not have a coax input, only HDMI. What can I do in the form of a...
  25. N

    Affordable laptop £300 or less for Digital Marketing Student??

    Affordable laptop £300 or less for Digital Marketing Student?? I really need a laptop within the price range of £200- £300. I'll mainly be using the laptop for the basic browsing/Microsoft office as well as Photoshop and Adobe creative cloud when completing coursework. Any ideas??
  26. N

    How can I connect 5.1 surround sound to my PC and activate in playing games?

    I bought a new 5.1 surround sound bar recent days, and connect to my Pc by using a optical digital cable to my sound card. The windows automatically detected my devices and running smoothly, it can be confirmed the devices can play dolby digital as the windows already recognize the soundbar and...
  27. B

    2017 LG OLED65B7P TV TOSLINK Digital Optical Out Distortion

    2017 LG OLED TV TOSLINK Digital Optical Out distortion 2017 LG OLED65B7P TV TOSLINK Digital Optical Audio Out has KNOWN distortion issues - CONFIRMED with LG Support on January 30, 2018. My setup: Directv hdmi -> TV -> Digital Optical Out -> Sonos Playbar I have the TV sound in Auto mode...
  28. M

    Solved! Audio Issue connection

    I have a newer Samsung tv and older Bose with a small black box. I have connected a insignia optical/digital black box and optical cable. All I can hear is static from my bose speakers. Any suggestions?
  29. W

    Coax input broke off on back of TV which is an is a Hitachi 40 in how would I plug up an antenna I don't have cable I have ove

    I need to connect a digital amplified antenna and I don't know if there's a way that I can hook up the antenna without a coaxial input. What can I do to hook up an antenna. The only suggestion I found on the post was someone saying I would need this and when I looked it showed me digital...
  30. D

    Control for surround system that is based on a single receiver with independent zone 2 HDMI output for digital A/V sources

    If I purchase a single receiver that has independent zone 2 HDMI output for digital A/V sources, what’s the easiest way to control the surround system from each room? Assuming the following: I will be purchasing a new receiver TVs are Samsung HD/4k The receiver’s in a closet The receiver...
  31. S

    I have a2006 rca with digital and analog hook ups for the annttena but can't pick up anything wat should I d

    I'm looking for the right way to hook up to local channels with out cable should I hook up to digital or analog all I have is a in door anttena I just want to watch local tv
  32. R

    Using digital antenna without HDTV

    I have cable, but NOT HDTV. Can I still use the new digital antennas?
  33. O

    How do I avoid switching the optical audio cable from my cable box to my DVD

    My sound bar has a single optical audio in. I run an HDMI cable from my cable box to my Epson HD Digital Projector, I also run an optical audio cable from the cable box to my sound bar. When using my DVD player, I have to physically move the optical audio cable from my cable box to my DVD player...
  34. S

    How do I connect my old LG 47LG20 TV to my old Auvio soundbar with digital optical cable?

    This cable worked from the old Cable Box to the Auvio soundbar. We're in the processing of switching over to FireTV. I've plugged the digital optical cable from the LG TV to the soundbar. No sound from the soundbar. Only sound from the poor quality LG TV speakers. I've tried the LG TV audio...
  35. C

    DTS or Dolby Digital with my Xbox/TCl/LG soundbar

    TCL TV, Xbox One X, LG SK5Y Dolby Digital/Std usage. Very complex here but I'm simply trying to make my Xbox have max audio capability. I have my Xbox connected directly to TV and my soundbar connected into ARC CEC control. Can the soundbar support a throughput to the Xbox to enable Dolby...
  36. J

    Hooking 2 new projectors Epson Pro G7100 and need help incorporating computer through digital soundboard

    I was just reading your post in response to Dylan13. I am doing sound at our church and we just bought 2 new projectors. We currently are using VGA and analog audio to run sound through the mixer board from the computer. But now we are planning HDMI to 4K 1x4 HDMI switch to Cat6 via baluns...
  37. S

    About six months ago installaled a MOHO 60 indoor outdoor HD digital antenna open till two days ago I had about 19 to 20 chan

    Digital HD in TV indoor outdoor 60 mile antenna complete loss of signal of all channels after approximately six months of use and having 18 to 20 channels every day until two days ago help lost
  38. A

    Solved! Using DAC and/or AMP on portables Bang&Olufsen H9 and Beolit15 ? Is it worth the effort ??

    Hello all, well these two are usually linked to a mac or iphone, via BT however, both do have a 3.5 m line-in jack. I could've lived with their little downsides (H9 lacks volume/ Beolit lacks esprit) until, I found your thread here and also this Audirvana software came across my eyes...
  39. G

    Digital JVC Receiver

    How to connect my RX-709VTN JVC Receiver to my Panasonic TC-P50S30 plasma TV. There has to be a way to connect them. Also, note that I have surround system with Advent H. Towers, Jbl Surround & front with Polkaudio CSi A6 Center Channel Loudspeakers. GLW
  40. T

    I need help connecting TV to Soundbar. TV has no optical or analog output.

    The TV only has "digital audio out" besides HDMI (which by itself isn't giving me audio). The soundbar has optical and (one hole) analog. the TV is Dynex DX-LCD37 The full story is: Receiver, TV, cable box, and soundbar. I can get things connected so that I get sound on the soundbar with my...
  41. R

    Ar switch on, how can I keep the options list of 'Digital, HDMI1, HDMI2, etc. for longer. It appears on screen for about 2 se

    How to extend the time that 'Digital, HDMI1 etc' menu appears on screen.
  42. L

    rca sound bar no sound

    panasonic tv no output options for speakers digital cable hooked up sound bar set on digital green light on no sound
  43. M

    How to hook up RCA sound bar to sharp aquos

    I plugged in the digital input and output cords but it won’t play sound.
  44. I

    Hook up Polk sound bar to Element tv with no digital opitical input

    I have an Element ELEFT422 tv. HDMI, no digital opitical in/output. Bought Polk 2.1 sound bar-digital opitical hookup only. Is there an convertor that would work? Thank you
  45. Jonas P

    SNES Antenna output to digital input conversion

    Hi, so I have an old SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) from my older brother, and sister, I have recently had an urge to play some of the old games again, without having to install an emulator, and having to buy the SNES mini (however tempting it might be), but this being an older...
  46. B

    External CD Drive (USB or AUX) Quality over Digital Files

    I was recently bought a few CDs and would like to play them in my car but it has no built-in CD drive. If I were to buy an external CD drive to plug into my car by way of USB (or AUX?), would the sound quality be degraded? And hence would there be any point in using the CDs over just digital...
  47. I

    Crackle coming through headset only from PC

    Hi, so i use a wireless headset "Sennheiser RS185" which is plugged in both with the Digital output as well as the RCA cables which i use a 3.5mm adapter for, however both of them crackle whilst in my PC plugging the 3.5mm adapter into my phone doesn't crackle so its been narrowed down to my...
  48. M

    Extend OTA coax signal directly to TVs digital tuner - wirelessly

    I have an older 4 bedroom house that does not have coax in each room. I currently only have an antenna in the attic and connected that to HD HomeRun to run on some Amazon Fire sticks. What I am looking to do is also utilize the built in digital tuner in the back of some TVs without running a...
  49. M

    Digital antenna dilemma

    Have the MoHu leaf... Supposedly one of the better antennaes. Finding that, one some days I get better reception by switching to a paper clip. Can something be crafted so that both can work together without compromising signal to the other. This particular room is a basement with a window...
  50. C

    Need a cheap Receiver alternative

    My new TV only has Digital (Optical) Audio output (no Aux or composite out) which is great for my Sound Bar but now I can't use my headphones anymore. Is there a cheap(ish) adapter that exists that allows Digital Audio passthrough but also gives an aux out? I really don't want to pay $300 for a...
  51. S

    My Samsung 32ins smart television AF842TF only has a digital audio out optional socket there is no headphone jack and I also c

    What cables do we need to be able to use headphones from a digital audio out optional socket
  52. M

    digital to analogue

    What is best method to connect digital tv- hdmi or optical out (LG OLED B7)out to a high end analogue amplifier (Arcam A38) ?
  53. T

    I just bought a Vizio 60 inch tv and there is no RF coaxial hookup

    I just bought a Vizio 60 inch tv and there is no RF coaxial hookup on the TV How can I get my digital antenna hooked up to it? It has HDMI and USB connections but no RF
  54. G

    Solved! Pioneer CLD 2080 won't play The Alamo Dolby Digital version

    I just bought a Dolby Digital copy of The Alamo and It will not play on my Pioneer CLD-2080. I tried other LD's and they play just fine. Can't figure out what is going on! Anyone have any ideas?
  55. S

    surround sound system stopped working

    My new Samsung TV and older Bose sound system worked fine then suddenly stopped. I replaced the digital to analog converter, the toslink cable, reset the TV to factory and switched from dolby Digital to PCM and still no sound from the Bose system. Help!
  56. Z

    Converting digital audio to analogue

    So I just bought a used 5.1 home theater system and I released that my tv does now have an RCA output (Samsung smart TV) it only has a 3.5mm Jack and a optical audio out while my home theater system (because it's a bit older) only has a RCA phono input. My question is what type of convert am I...
  57. R

    Digital Audio Player connection to A/V Receiver for audio?

    Greetings: I have a Pioneer Pionner XDP-300B-R audio DAP that has 3 output connector: 2.5 mm 4 pole balanced headphone output (Line out mode), 3.5 mm 3 pole unbalanced headphone output (Line out mode) and a Micro USB /OTG port (for charging and data transfer). It also has, of course, bluetooth...
  58. K

    How do I connect my LG mini stereo to directv genie

    I have a Emerson 50 inch LED DOLBY DIGITAL, tv does not have a toshlink. LG mini has only the red and white audio out. I have a digital to analog audio converter, but can't figure it out. I also have a digital audio cable.