Record cable TV UPDATE

Feb 27, 2018
I have TWC with a DVR in the bedroom and a very small digital converter box in the living room - coax in and out and HDMI out. I get one channel in living room that I do not get on my DVR and I would like to record a show. Worst case, I see manually changing the channel on the small converter box and setting the recorder to the appropriate time then going to bed. Getting a timed recording situation would be excellent but I could live without that. Hope I'm clear here. Thanks in advance.

I think I may have figured this out, check me out please. I think I can do what I want by using an AVerMedia EzRecorder and an Etekcity 1x2 HDMI Splitter. Does anyone agree?
Feb 27, 2018
It is my understanding that the HDMI splitter defeats HDCP copy protection. The last time I complained to spectrum about my channel lineup, they deleted more channels from my package. Spectrum sucks and is getting worse.
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