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    Solved! Connecting multiple devices (DVR, Blu-ray, Apple TV., gaming console) to soundbar or TV?

    Hi! Although I am proficient with computers, when it comes to audio/video, I'm a neophyte. :) I have the following equipment: Sony XBR65X850E Vizio sb3621n-e8 soundbar Xfinity X1 4k DVR TiVo Bolt (deactivated - only used to view previously recorded shows) UHD Blu-ray player I may decide to...
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    Question Question Issue with App access to Lorex LNR 300 DVR

    So my house is currently wired up with 4 Lorex IP cameras going to my PoE switch. Elsewhere in the network I have a Lorex LNR 300 DVR which is configured to record from those cameras. I use the Lorex "netHD Stratus" app on both my Android Phone and my wife's iPhone to view the cameras remotely...
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    Solved! Can a DVR made for security camera be used to record tv shows?

    I found a working(turns on)Samsung SDR-B74303n DVR. I googled it and it is used for recording security camera views. Does anyone know if I could use this to record tv? Any advice appreciated, there is no remote for this...
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    Solved! do you lose your dvr movies when you move to new home

    do i keep my recorded movies when i move
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    Solved! adding DVD player to analog TV/DirecTV DVR setup

    What extra equipment do I need to put the DVD player in the mix and take advantage of the player's smart functions? DirecTV did the connection between the old TV and their equipment, and I don't want to disturb that until I have some idea what I'm doing. I changed the modem out myself a month...
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    Solved! connect DVR to TV 50 mts away

    I have a DVR and the output video is required to be viewed 50 mts away on a Android TV and have laid RJ45 cable and used Galaxy Hi Tech HDMI extender, yet am not able to get the display on TV, Cable was checked using instrument for continuity and found ok.. how do i resolve the issue to get...
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    Solved! Building a DVR that will record both OTA and Digital Streams

    I am trying to build a DVR, but I don't understand what hardware I would need to record both OTA and digital streams. I've decided to ditch cable, but the guides I've read don't explain well to a novice and I am unsure what to purchase. Ideally, I would be able to record off services like...
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    Question DVR for OTA & Streaming TV?

    I currently get my tv from OTA & Streaming DirecTV NOW. DirecTV NOW has a cloud DVR with about 20hrs storage. Which is ok, but could be better. My OTA doesn't have anything. Is there a DVR on the market that records both OTA & Streaming TV? If not, can one be built? Or a OTA DVR that plays...
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    Solved! OTA Tuner/DVR for a 47 inch Vizio, Model#SV420M

    Looking for a DVR
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    Solved! I have a harmon kardon avr146 receiver, sony bravia smart tv, toshba bdk33 smart bluray player and spectrum hdmi dvr cable box

    best way to hook multiple components to surround sound receiver (see above)
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    Solved! 2svc1dvc load on mono 2ohm amp

    2 dvr 4 ohm an 1 svc 4 ohm to a 2ohm mono
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    NO cable box from provider.. How to hook up dvr

    Have cable/internet from our local, 'hometown' company. Requires no cable box and uses built in tuners in tv. They do not provide a box or cable card. Just tell you that you need a qam equipped tv. I would like to get a dvr to record shows. Anything available that i can split into the cable...
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    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on re

    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on receiver. HDMI straight to tv but not getting sound through the receiver.
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    I want to record shows off my TV

    I have a DVR recorder and want to record show how do I do this with the newer TV's can do it with the old ones put not the newer ones please help
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    Coax capable DVR.

    I have a coax cable coming straight out of the wall into a Sansui TV with an SDTV tuner. Channels available are both analog and digital. The TV also has video and audio input RCA jacks. I would like to get a Digital Video Recorder that will work in this system.
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    Searching for ext. hard drive USB 2.0 w/ext. power supply?

    I have DISH TV with the DVR. I can, and have, connected a external hard drive to the DVR. The hard drive, RIP, died. I am now looking for a external hard drive USB2.0. The hard drive must have an external power supply (required). I think I can get away with USB2.0/3.0. Someone please help...
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    How do I DVR from my MHL port on my phone

    I watch on the go streaming shows on my phone and usually connect my phone to my tv via c port to hdmi ,is there a way I can put a dvr between my phone and tv to record shows I want to watch later .
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    Cannot Access DVR from outside network

    ok so I'm retyping all this cuz I some exit the browser LOL SO I bought this new DVR which doesn't have a brand name nor a product name the cameras r connected to it and it sees em and records and things are cool But I'm having problems with the Dvr network Setting As I said I cannot access...
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    Cannot convert lg_dvr_dev

    Hi, I’ve recorded some private video by connecting the video player to the LG smart TV. The TV has recorded it as .lg_dvr_dev file. I have downloaded 3 different softwares to convert this file .lg_dvr_dev to normal format like MP4 or AVI to play it on other devices, but none of those software...
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    Can I build my own DVR with parts from an existing DVR?

    I have a "never used" DirectTV DVR. I know it's useless without cable service but I was reading that with an old PC you can build your own. My question is can I use anything on the DirectTV DVR for my project, the case, hard drive, remote, etc? Thanks.
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    Can I use a DirectTV DVR without cable service?

    I picked up a brand new DVR for a few dollars today at a garage sale. I don't have cable, just a smart tv and a Roku stick. Can I use this to do any tv recording? Any info appreciated.
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    samsung smat tv series5 rejecting user name and password login to HIKVISION- DS-7108HI-Sseries net dvr

    The web browser opens up and allows me to enter my log in information. Each time I enter my user name and password I get a message regarding "user name or password is incorect I have confirmed by login in my laptop its working and see the footage remotely
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    how do I record from Direct TV DVR to Magnavox VHS/ DVD Recorder ZV427MG9

    recording problem with vcr/dvd recorder
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    Watching movie from one hopper to another

    Have two Dish hoppers (and two joeys) Recently, cannot watch dvr movie from one hopper to the other hopper. Only "movies" are affected, so suspect HDCP issue...? I believe this worked before. Software update maybe...? Help!
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    i have a unitech DVR , how do i connect its VGA port to laptop for monitoring uses

    i have a Unitech Dvr but my Tv diaplay is not working for time being i want to connect with laptop through VGA. is it possible?
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    DVR sound drops out on LG TV and Soundbar but works fine with Game system and Blu-Ray

    I am not quite sure how to put this issue but I will do my best. I have an LG TV and an LG sound bar hooked to it. I have the Sound bar hooked via the arc connection. The sound comes out loud and crisp for the game system and the Blu-Ray player but there is an issue with the DVR...
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    dvr on live tv

  28. L

    Record cable TV UPDATE

    I have TWC with a DVR in the bedroom and a very small digital converter box in the living room - coax in and out and HDMI out. I get one channel in living room that I do not get on my DVR and I would like to record a show. Worst case, I see manually changing the channel on the small converter...
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    what are all the pieces of hardware and software necessary to have dvr function with an OTA antenna?

    I want to discontinue cable, and all the boxes and find a substitute for the DVR using only an external antenna. What equipment do I need?
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    Dish Network coax hookup to 4k tv without coax hookup

    I just bought a new TV, a Vizio 4k M55-EO UHD . I have Dish Network satellite service. My DVR (not a hopper),will provide for TV's in 2 different rooms, TV1 and TV2, with a coax hookup going to each room,and 2 separate remotes so TV2 doesn't have to watch what TV1 is watching. Anyway, my new...
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    Dvr to new 70 inch smart tv to older denon surround sound receiver

    Poloroid 70 inch tv with hdmi hook up to dvr and dennon surround sound receiver with only rca jacks
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    dvr to sony brava tv unsupported signal check your device out put ?

    unsupported signal dvr to soy brava tv ???
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    Hauppauge DVR > laptop

    Hi. I think I know the answer, but want a second opinion. I bought a Hauppauge DVR months ago and used it with my computer, being able to watch TV on my computer while watching the same thing on my TV. My TV recently died so I need to replace it. I can't watch TV on my computer because I use it...
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    need to connect a dvd to a sattlite box that has hdmi

    Need to connect a dvd to a directv dvr box.Please help. what connectors do I need?
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    OTA dual DVR'S with wi-fi

    Cord cutting with 4 newer HD TV's...1 outdoor HD Antenna with splitter hooked up to only Co-Axel output...NEED 2 dual DVR'S that have Wi-Fi and will Pause/Play and record my OTA signal from my Outdoor rooftop Antenna....what's OUT THERE __ I was planning on using existing Dish co-axel setup...
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    Can I run South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Specs: Video Card : Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 Dedicated Video Ram : 128MB CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5015U CPU @ 2.10GHz RAM : 6GB OS : Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit Anything around 30+ FPS is good
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    Sensitive remote volume control on JVC 5.1 Surround Receiver

    Hi, I am using an old (1996) JVC 5.1 surround sound receiver for my home theater. I am a spectrum cable customer so I am also using an Arris DVR cable box. I have the remote programmed to control the volume on my JVC and it works except it's very touchy. You have to hit the volume, hit it hard...
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    Just Being Clear

    So if I'm understanding right if the coax on the back of the tv is broken all you would need to do is buy a converter/dvr box and connect the hdmi cable to the tv and box and you will be able to see local tv???
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    how to connect a magnavox mdr867h dvr coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that has no coax connector

    how do you connect a magnavox dvr recorder f type coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that does not have a coax connector? I assume this connection is for scanning & storing digital cable channels from my set top box to the magnavox for live viewing while I record another channel...
  40. L

    Recording from a livestream service cloud dvr to pc

    How can I download and edit (crop) a video file (say news episode) to my pc from any of the livestreaming DVR's (Hulu, Playstation vue, sling tv, or any service that would work as such). I want to share news segments I am on as a studio guest with fans and donors on my Youtube channel.
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    digital cable DVRs... why CableCard?

    This is really just a technical question about DVR and digital cable... but I will give the "long form narrative" of my cordcutting quest. (Skip to the end if you'd like.) ------ I'm well along the way to cordcutting: dropped of my FiOS equipment just today, and have been looking at "live TV...
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    Solved! No Audio For DVR Recordings back to TV

    I have an LG TV connected to Vizio sound bar with an optical cord. Our DVR is connected to the TV via HDMI. When changing from DVR recording back to TV, we lose audio. Same issue occurs after pausing DVR. Audio is restored by turning TV off and on again (not DVR or sound bar). Any suggestions?
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    how can I connect a DVR to my cable box to record programs for later viewing on my TV

    Right now I subscribe to a cable TV service which requires a cable box hooked to my TV. I would like to purchase a DVR which would allow me to program the DVR to record programs at a scheduled day and time, like I used to be able to do years ago with my VCR. Is there equipment available that...
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    HDMI output keeps going bad on DVR - lightning related

    I live in Florida where there's lightning almost daily in the summer. I have a Samsung HDTV I've had for over 7 years, and an Arris Enhanced DVR from the cable company. Everything is plugged into a surge suppressor and the cable itself is supposedly protected by a suppressor and grounding...
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    Will DVR HDMI port pass ethernet through to TV?

    I have an AT&T (Motorola) VIP1216 DVR and a Samsung UN65KS9000F TV. The DRV is still connected to an old tube TV, but when I switch to the smart TV, will the DVR HDMI output port also supply the ethernet signal to the TV via the One Connect HDMI input port, or will I need to run a separate...
  46. P

    Cable box won't turn on

    Had to reboot the box because the screen was black on everything except dvr'd shows. It took over 30 minutes for the clock to come back on and then it was operating at 480i and could only get channels in the single digits. Now the box won't come on at all.
  47. A

    streeming smart TV to DVR

    Hello There ; How do I download what I am streeming from my Sony smart TV to record on my DVR ?
  48. G

    How can I reinstall the OS on a TiVO Series 2 DVR?

    Hello all, I am aware that the TiVO DVRs are quite ancient and fairly worthless in 2017, however, I saw one at my local electronics store that was about to be recycled, so I brought it home. When I plugged it in, the TiVO booted to a screen that said, "Welcome! Starting Up..." I was actually...
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    How Do I DVR?

    What do I need to do to record... Hardware: Wireless internet modem, Visio Smart TV, HDTV antenna, Amazon Prime :)
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    New DVR won't play my recorded programs from my ext. HD

    I have a ext.HD filled with programs but my new cable box dvr won't play it. What options do I have?
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    My Netflix non-Dvr box has no autio output jacks.

    My RCA TV has a single audio output jack. The audio splitter I got at Wal-Mart that is supposed to work with my TV doesn't fit snugly and the sound quality is awful. It is not obvious how to find the correct fitting audio splitter. The non-DVR box Comcast sent to enable Netflix has no audio...
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    Can't remove/delete Series Refordings form DVR?

    I have a RNG200N DVR form Xifinity that have faulty series Recordings I can't remove. They where fine till I experienced Ref Code: s00a0(caused by faulty coaxial cable) and now they display “To be announced”, and a five digit number. I go to menu\DVR\Scheduled Recordings to erase them but their...
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    Anyone know what Ref code S0a00 mean?

    Since yesterday I've been experiencing code S0a00 on two of my Xfinity DVR boxes(legacy), code isn't on every channel just a few HD channels. Had a Comcast tech(contracted tech) come today and he said all the lines and signals are good but replaced some connectors. I'm no longer seeing the code...
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    TV DVR recommendation

    Would someone in the community please recommend a DVR for TV recording?. Also, Is there a difference between a DVR used for a security system and one used for TV?
  55. D

    i want to use my DVR from my CCTV at my house and view it from my laptop VIA HDMI. laptop wont switch to view the DVR through

    want my CCTV to stream over a laptop with an HDMI cable. laptop doesn't see anything for a second display and/ or I don't know how to make it stream or find the hdmi cable to see whats on the other end of it
  56. L

    How to save a movie from a cable DVR box to a USB stick

    I saved a mini series on my cable DVR box and i want to save it. How do I do it
  57. A

    Thunderstorm/Lightning struck, TV HDMI ports not working, CCTV DVR not working and more

    Recently, my area received heavy rainfall with thunderstorm and lightning and on that night I observed a spark near my internet router which tripped the mains electricity. On checking the nearby electrical sockets, didn't find any sign of short circuity but my router did not turn on, even though...
  58. H

    Solved! How can I use my California based DirecTV DVR in my Florida location?

    I have 2 directv accounts in two different states. I want to take the DVR from California and use it in FL where I have service as well. I added my California DVR into my Florida location but I am receiving an error (771) saying there is an issue communicating with the satellite dish. My...
  59. Zii

    How to record live/recorded signal from DVR to CD/HDD (like a VHS would)?

    The above picture is what I am looking for. (See the device with ??? on it, that's what I'm looking for) Normally, the HDMI cable will go from the DVR directly to the TV's HDMI, and I will watch TV like a normal person. I'm looking for a device that I can use as a "middleman" of some sort...
  60. L

    Solved! Question about connecting tv, dvr and vcr

    I have a DVR with coax in and out, and as far as I can tell an HDMI out but no hdmi in. I have an old VCR with coax in and out. I am planning on getting a TV that has 3 hdmi inputs and a coax input and should be able to switch between then.. The cable box has coax input and both coax and hdmi...