Sensitive remote volume control on JVC 5.1 Surround Receiver


Oct 17, 2017
I am using an old (1996) JVC 5.1 surround sound receiver for my home theater. I am a spectrum cable customer so I am also using an Arris DVR cable box. I have the remote programmed to control the volume on my JVC and it works except it's very touchy. You have to hit the volume, hit it hard and fast, lol, otherwise it will increase or decrease dramatically. I am guessing this is because the volume control is a knob as opposed to digital?
Is there anyway I can get the volume control to not be so sensitive?
Unfortunately the Arris DVR cable box does not handle the sound. My previous Motorolla DVR box did so I would just set my receiver to a sound level and the volume from the remote would control the DVR box on how much signal went to the receiver without ever changing the volume setting on the receiver itself. Naturally the new DVR box doesn't do this.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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