Question HDMI-DVI converter problem with old TV

Dec 4, 2022
Hello, I have an old Toshiba 65HDX8 projection tv. It still works at 100%. I plugged an HDMI TV terminal into the DVI-D signle Link socket.
The picture is there but no sound, it's normal no sound on the DVI socket.

So I bought this HDMI to DVI converter, but when I plug it in I have sound but no picture ...

So I bought an HDMI spliter, to send an HDMI cable to the converter (to get the sound) and the other HDMI cable to the Toshiba TV with DVI socket (to get the image). When the 2 HDMI cables of the splitter are connected at the same time, I only have sound. If I remove the cable from the HDMI to DVI converter I only have the image... Finally, I have either the image or the sound...

Any idea what is happening? Thanks !


Dec 22, 2022
It's possible that the issue you are experiencing may be caused by compatibility issues between the HDMI to DVI converter and your Toshiba TV. Some HDMI to DVI converters are designed to only support video, while others support both video and audio. It's possible that the converter you are using only supports video, which is why you are not getting sound when you use it.
Another possibility is that the HDMI splitter you are using is not compatible with the HDMI to DVI converter. Some HDMI splitters are designed to only split the video signal, while others also split the audio signal. If the splitter you are using only splits the video signal, you will not get sound when using it with the HDMI to DVI converter.