Question How to send Surround Sound from PC to AVR??

Apr 15, 2024

I recently wanted to start using my PC on my TV and have the sound come through my AVR

Ive looked at a few guides and believe I have the nessecary cables but I cannot seem to get sound to play through the AVR I feel like im on the cusp of getting it but no amount of googling or experimenting seems to be working, was wondering if someone could help me make head or tails of this?

I have an LG G3 65', Nvidia 3060 Ti and an onkyo HT-R590

Ive got the PC connected to the TV via HDMI from the 3060's only HDMI port and the PC connected to the AVR via a DisplayPort to HDMI cable
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Onkyo HT-R590 Manual

Per the manual, Pg. 14, connect your PC to any of the HDMI inputs using your one HDMI output from your RTX 3060Ti.
Connect your Onkyo receiver to the LG G3 65" using and HDMI cable from the Onkyo HDMI out to one of your TV's HDMI input.

Your PC should not be directly connected to your HDTV unless you are using an alternate audio (S/PDIF for example) from your PC.

-Wolf sends