Solved! hooking up surround sound to dvd player


Nov 27, 2012
I have an old model surround sound, a sony STR-DE345. And my dvd player is a GE1101P.

I can get audio through the surround speakers, but no bass. I just have the white and red audio cables connected from the dvd player to the surround unit.

I've messed around with all the settings I know how, and I can't get the subwoofer to work. The subwoofer works fine though, and works good on the fm radio or VHS settings, but I can't get it to put out for the DVD. Just the audio for the surround speakes works for the dvd.

I've read something in the instruction manual about a dolby digital decoder box. Would I need that to get it working right?

This thing is pretty ancient, it's my parents and they got a new tv. So I'm trying to hook this all up for them right.

And it's quite a challenge, this surround receiver doesn't have optical audio or a digital coaxial connector. Just the yellow/white/red audio video input/output for dvd/vhs/etc.

It's old and a pain but it does sound super good, I'd love to get it working right. Thanks for any info.

Here's a digital manual for it(

And here's the digital manual for the dvd player