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    Sony Shows Crazy Fast PS5 Load Times with Custom SSD

    The tech that will power the future of PlayStation has been outlined at a Sony strategy meeting. Sony Shows Crazy Fast PS5 Load Times with Custom SSD : Read more
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    Info Hands on with Sony's Z9G 8K TV: Big, Bright and Budget-Busting

    I got up close and personal with Sony's 85-inch Master Series Z9G 8K TV, and I may never be the same. Hands on with Sony's Z9G 8K TV: Big, Bright and Budget-Busting : Read more
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    Info Sony TVs 2019: All Models with Pricing and Release Dates

    Whatever you're after in a TV, from basic smart TV functions to premium 8K displays, Sony has a full assortment of TVs. From the Bravia X950G to the Master Series A9G 4K OLED, here's what Sony has to offer for 2019. Sony TVs 2019: All Models with Pricing and Release Dates : Read more
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    Review Sony Xperia 10 Review: Style Over Substance

    Sony set out to reboot its midrange smartphone lineup yet again, but the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus simply don't have the hardware it takes to rise to the top. Sony Xperia 10 Review: Style Over Substance : Read more
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    Question Sony tuner or tconn?

    My tv has a ghost image that rolls over the main image as seen here: Do we think main board or tcon board? Sony kdl-40bx420
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    Question connecting my old sony speakers with an amplifier

    Hello everyone i have an old Sony mini hi-fi component system MHC-GN770. i have two main speakers that are working great but main unit is not. one of my friends has an Akai AM-2250 amplifier. i was wondering whether i can use my speakers with this amplifier. Any help is welcome. thanks.
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    Question Which bluetooth speaker should I get

    I'm currently deciding to buy a new bluetooth speaker but I need help deciding which one is the best. (prices are in sgd) UE Boom 2 ($139) JBL Charge 3 ($149) Sony XB21 ($149) UE Megabooom 1 ($169) Just ton note the 2 things that matter most to me is the volume and the bass.
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    Question Sony dsc-h5 wont turn on HELP!

    OK so I got a camera from a friend he was not using it anymore and it sat still for at least 2 years. I installed new ultimate batteries in it(non rechargeable). -pressed the power button. red light blinks and I hear a sound (like opening sound musical type) and it doesnt turn on. was told to...
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    Connecting Panasonic Blu Ray Player, Chromecast and Sony Projector

    Hi Everyone, We've been handed down some fantastic home theatre equipment that I would like to try and figure out how to get a chrome cast connected to; Models are below; Sony VPL-HW30ES Projector Panasonic SA-BTT755 Blu-Ray w/ Surround Sound System The one issue that I have is that I don't...
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    How do I connect a benq w6000 to a sony dvd home theatre system model DAV-HDX589w

    I am trying to get the audio set up from my Benq W6000 projector to my Sony DVD home theatre system model number DAV HDX589W. I have my roku plugged into hdmi 2. There is only one hdmi plug in the receiver and two in the projector. I am trying to use a white and red to 3.5 aux to connect the...
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    Active speakers on new str-dn1080

    Hello, my name is Edmond from the Netherlands. I have a question about my new Sony amplifier. How can i connect my active speakers to my str-dn1080?
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    How can I connect my old Sony cabinet speakers to my new Samsung Smart 4K tv?

    I have two older model Sony speakers that did connect with the red/white cords to my old tv. How can I attach these to my new Samsung tv?
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    Sony Products (Android Apps)

    I am trying to find out if I can add android apps from the google play store to my Sony Bravia TV as well as to my Sony UBP-X700 streaming blu ray player. Trying to see if I can add Gears TV to the devices before purchasing another Nvidia shield player.
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    Sony a6000 lens recommendations

    Hi all, Just got a sony a6000 with the 16-50 mm kit lens and was wondering what types of lenses would be good and what specific lenses for each type. Portrait...
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    Need an AMP Suggestion

    I need an amp suggestion for this. I do not know anything about amplifier. What watt should i choose? I have a pair of this: I do not have much details on this but i have got the spec sheet from internet. These are pretty old. Spec: I don't want to spend much on this, would like to choose...
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    Sony STR-350Z Receiver only playing one speaker

    I recently purchased some old Kenwood floor standing speakers (JL-870) and a Sony STR-3D50Z receiver to play a turntable. I connected the turntable to the "Phono" input on the receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable. When I connect the set up (the 2 Kenwood speakers to the Front Speaker...
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    Sony 55” A8F Guide is not loading info

    Earlier this week the Guide feature on our brand new (2 months) A8 stopped loading program information. I’ve rescanned channels and it’s WiFi network linking is okay because we can stream Apps/videos. I cannot find a fix in the Troubleshooting feature. No matter what I’ve tried, each off-air...
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    Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
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    Trying to hook a Sony VCR to an Element tv to be able to record to a vhs

    I already have the tv cable going in and out of it, but whenever I try to record something, when I playback it just says no signal. The vcr keeps setting itself to channel 2, I don’t know if that’s good or not, it skips channel 3 (the one the tv streamed to) please help me record onto a vhs :3
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    dvd to proyector pic but not sound

    I have a proyector and dvd blue ray sony connected true hdmi and only 1 dvd works perfectly pic and sound but hall the rest not work only picture not sound at all please i need an answer.
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    Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV Review: The OLED to Beat

    The Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV is one of the best OLED TVs on the market, and blows away the competition with its great picture quality, an innovative sound system and an improved version of Android TV. Sony Master Series A9F OLED TV Review: The OLED to Beat : Read more
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    No audio between old Sony VCR & new Samsung smart TV

    No audio when using an old Sony VCR connected to a new Samsung smart TV. Suggestions please. These are not purchased videos but home recorded ones. Video is fine for such old tapes, just no sound.
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    Sony Vegas 15, Huge Rendering Problem, rendered video is blurry, different color gradient and low FPS

    I just finished editting a video and when I render it, the post render is blurrier than the vegas preview, different color (slightly off) and feels like the fps is not 60 ( looks choppy). I have watched multiple videos of "best render settings" and copied those, but the post render looks the...
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    Issues with 55" Sony Bravia LCD

    I have a 55" Sony Bravia LCD purchased 8 years ago. When I turn it on half the screen is black and the other half has vertical lines. I tried a new HDMI cable and it worked. Turned it off for the night and back to the same problem the next day. Is there a solution or is my TV ready for the...
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    What TV should I buy?

    What TV would you recommend? What I am searching is: 65 Inches, not more than 1.400 euros, Smart 4K. Opinions about Sony XF8505? LG SK8500?
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    Sony viao fan is ok but not spinning

    Sony viao vgn laptop is working but fan is not spinning. It works normal for 4-5 minutes n than laptop starts to hang. Plz help
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    Solved! Sony wireless ear phones

    Can you use wireless headphones for watching fios tv on a sony bravia tv from 2010?
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    Solved! How do I connect LG 55UH6099 to Sony WH-RF400

    How do I connect headphones to TV? Sony when rf400 TV is LG 55UH6099.
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    How to connect Sony audio with Samsung 6 series?

    I have a Sony hcd-bx7 to be connected with Samsung un55mu6290f? It’s not working any solutions please?
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    My TV only keeps receiving the same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and a few cartoon channels, and nothing else, no matt

    TV and ariel. Keeps receiving same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and some cartoon channels, it doesn't matter where I situate my TV and indoor ariel it keeps tuning the same 6 channels and I've taken it to a Freinds home to see if it was my TV or indoor ariel at fault but it wasn't as it...
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    How to set my Sony smart TV and Samsung BD-player to make the hdmi-ARC work? Current there is no sound. I am already using a h

    Is the problem with Sony tv or the bd-player? Btw, I tried to output digital audio from this TV using optical cable, and switch bd-player to, still no sound. Anyone has met similar problem before?
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    Sony Vegas pro 15 rendering freeze

    When I preview a video, that later freezes it works fine, but after I have rendered said video, it then freezes for a few seconds in the video.
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    Sony xbr49-900f, motion flow dont work with 120hz pc custom resolution

    Hi, Its a real picky situation. Not sure if people already saw that kind of issue Im owning a sony 4k 120hz monitor(xbr49-900f) and the problem is, the motion flow dont seem to work when im on any 120hz custom resolution from my PC and watching netflix. At the start, my pc dont recognize my tv...
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    Vizio D-Series - model: D43fx - I cannot get my PC speakers to work with it

    This Thanksgiving I bought a Vizio D-Series - model: D43fx. My previous TV was a Sony Bravia. With the Sony I could connect three sets of separately powered PC speakers into my Sony by way of a 3.5 inch 3 x 1 splitter cable. It was my 'hill-billy' surround sound. tried to do the same with my...
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    Sony flat TV screen is broken worth repair?

    Hello! I bought a sony tv 5-6years ago and is starting to act weird and im wondering if its worth it to bring it to a tv repair shop or just buy another one heres the video of it
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    Connecting pc with Sony av receiver and HDTV plus projector

    Hi guys. I would never thought that it will cause any issues yet... I have Sony STR DN1060 receiver hooked up to my PC using hdmi cable (no separate sound card, only the one on mobo and some basic nVidia GPU). My Sony av is connected to Toshiba HDTV and Optima hd73 projector. When using my TV...
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    Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
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    Sony Handycam Playback Problems

    My Handycam DCR-TRV22E has got some strange playback problems recently. When I insert the tape (that includes footage) nothing is present, just a blue screen and the time is --.--.--- . The weird thing is when I remove the tape, the right part of the reel contains some bends and scratches. I'll...
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    Streaming, mirroring issues with Sony Receiver with both PC & Phone (Android & IOS)

    Hello l was previously streaming and mirroring my phone and computer through the receiver until l think windows updated. After that, it no longer works. l asked a sony guy and they said to reset the system. l am hoping there is another way. The problem is the pc recognises the receiver...
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    Unsupported signal check your device output

    My tv sony Bravia says unsupported signal,check your device output when i plug in my raspberry pi 3 medel B after installing android tv
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    Should You Get Sony’s New A6400 Mirrorless Camera?

    Sony's new A6400 is made for selfies, but how does it compare to its other mirrorless cameras? Should You Get Sony’s New A6400 Mirrorless Camera? : Read more
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    Home theatre is damaged due to lightning strike.

    My Sony home theatre system is damages due to lightning to repair that..
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    Sony UBP X700 and Yamaha YAS 108 soundbar power issue.

    Hello, So I have run into a problem I am not sure how to resolve. I upgraded to a Samsung 4K tv recently and decided to buy a 4K Blu Ray Player. I went with the Sony ubp X700. Shortly after I decided to pickup the Yamaha YAS 108 soundbar. I have the soundbar plugged into the TVs ARC input...
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    Sony Bravia 32 inch

    TV is only 3 1/2 yr old and no picture but there is sound.
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    Tv stops and shows lines of code

    My Sony Bravia stops working and displays html code but goes back to normal after I turn it off and then on
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    Canon EOS 800d or Sony a6000 ? (especially for video)

    I want to make product videos or close video shots on a flat surface. Other then that camera will be used for our personal photos. In my country, I can buy EOS 800d with 18-55 IS STM kit lens around 571 USD I can buy Sony a6000 with 16-50 kit lens around 540 USD I dont have any kind of camera...
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    Teac DVD player breaks Sony Bravia Device Sync

    Hi all! I have a Sony Bravia with a Sony sound bar, a PlayStation 4 and an Apple MacBook Pro all plugged into it via HDMI. The TV can connect to and control the sound bar and PS4 using the device list (change volume, operate the PS4 etc.) However when I plug in a Teac DV-4000 (DVD player) via...
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    Toshiba. T.v Sony old school surround sound how I hook it up

    Toshiba t.v. old school sony surround sound how I hook it up to old tv
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    My Samsung led tv has audio out. My sony lbtzx66i has audio out. What do I do

    My Samsung tv has audio out. My sony lbtzx66i stereo has audio out. What do i do
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    How can I sing a song with mic.

    How can I use karoke function with sony d's 350
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    Can't pair my Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth headphones after unpairing them.

    Bought my Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth headphones months ago, had no problems using them with my desktop. A few days ago the sound went away. No problem, this happens from time to time and all you have to do is to unpair the headphones and pair them again. But this time when I tried to unpair...
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    Looking to fixing tv

    2007 Sony Bravia tv grainy picture then after watching for a while goes black and white like a old western but I a little worst but turn it off for a minute then turn back one does it all over again
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    Sony Could Have Some Big Phone Surprises at MWC

    Sony said in a recent interview that it'll unveil a new line of devices at Mobile World Congress. Sony Could Have Some Big Phone Surprises at MWC : Read more
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    Can't remove the analog mode on my Sony muteki 7.2 receiver thus no sound. Please help

    Help me remove the analog sign on my Sony muteki receiver
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    What is the DirecTV remote code for the Sony STR-DN1080

    I can’t find a code on the DTV Genie Mini yet that will turn my new Sony STR-DN1080 Receiver Off. Some will change the volume but no Off function. Thanks
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    Add multiple soundsystems on 1 TV?

    I have a Sony tv 55XE9005 A-MSH ( with the Sony HTCT-390 soundbar with wireless subwoofer connected to it. This is all installed under my tv and I want to make it surround sound and add 2 speakers to it. Does somebody...
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    how to gate sound output for sony projector for connect hdmi cable for laptop

    how to output audio for sony projector for hdmi cable