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  1. C

    Question A7SII Monitor Replacement

    Hello all! I replaced a broken screen from a Sony A7SII and now the image display scrolls vertically non-stop. The ribbon is properly inserted and apart from this the camera functions as it should. Here is a video of what is happening: View...
  2. kadxprime


    I have laptop which turns 10 next month. I want to change its HDD 500 Gb to SSD . I asked on Sony Support , but they said " its not recommended to do changes with storage as the company has shut down its operations in India " . He didn't bother to explain the technical reason. Is there really...
  3. C

    Question Odd Bluetooth KB / Windows 10 Laptop issue.

    Hi folks, I'm using a pretty sturdy but old Dell Latitude for work and it pairs with a Microsoft Mobile Bluetooth 5000 keyboard just fine. My Microsoft mouse has it's own dongle and everything just works fine. The issue only starts when I use a bluetooth headphone with built-in mic (Sony...
  4. D

    Solved! Connecting Sony mhc vx7 speakers to lg smart tv

    I found my dad’s old Sony mhc vx7 sound system. I am trying to play the audio from the tv through its speakers. But so far I haven’t been able to. I tried using a hdmi to rca converter to play the audio but no luck. I connected the hdmi on the hdmi arc port of the tv to the converter and ran a...
  5. B

    Question Sony a80J Calibration

    I read with interest Tom's review of the beautiful Sony A80J. I have an i1 Display Pro and an earlier version of Calman so I'm in the process of purchasing the Calman dedicated to the Sony Bravia. In the review you mention that certain automatic features (such as "Auto Picture Mode") are...
  6. Realpotato

    Solved! Help with my Sony str-k840p

    Hello everyone , im having troubles setting up my receiver , i got it as a gift but the speakers and subwoofer are from a rca rt2906, my problem its that the subwoofer only has wire leads and the receiver has a rca for the connection , can the subwoofer be used in this device ? Or i need to...
  7. Spandan151299

    Question Will 5-6 drops of water damage my camera lens

    I was photographing from my balcony and then suddenly 5-6 drops of water came and hit my camera I'm generally very concerned now
  8. vbragado

    Question Need help identifying problem with sony lcd tv

    I have an old Sony kdl-40z4100 that has a black screen problem. It still has the backlight, and when I try to change input or volume, a broken image (like static) pops up on the screen. Sometimes, the main menu will appear for a minute or two after I turn it on, but then the picture fails. I...
  9. A

    Question Sony Vaio battery issue

    I have a Vaio VJC141F11X which is a year old. I had problems with it and sent it to Sony for repair under guarantee. When it came back (new screen) it had a problem with the battery - it didn't register the battery status. I sent it back to Sony and got it back again today. Same issue...
  10. F

    Question Sony X900H - Installing US Firmware on a Non US model

    Hi Guys, im planing to get a Sony X900H, but I am currently located in china and the same model is sold here under a different name and also comes without Netflix and Google apps. I wanna know is there someway for me to change the firmware ? and install the US firmware on it so I can get the...
  11. M

    Solved! Sony VAIO Laptop SVF15218SNW boots for few seconds, but then immediately switches off

    I have Sony VAIO Laptop Model SVF15218SNW. The problem is that sometimes the laptop boots and functions normally and sometimes it doesn't boot at all. From the last few days, the laptop when powered up boots for 2-3 seconds and then instantly switches off with a clicking sound probably coming...
  12. prime27

    Question How to connect sony ht rt40 to pc ?

    I just bought a sony home theatre ht rt 40 I want to connect this to my pc which has the following ports 2 Hdmi ins and 1 dpin (Monitor) Line in, Line out and Dvi Hdmi and Dp ports (GPU)Nvidia 1050ti What is the easiest way to get 5.1 sound out of my pc? Please help me guys its very...
  13. THEBDC

    Solved! Need help connecting HDTV, DVR, PS4 to a Sony Home Theatre system with only one HDMI OUT.

    I've seen similar threads...but I still cannot figure this out; can someone please guide me on the best way to attach the following components, I'm just lost. Also...I don't have a remote controller for the Sony surround...can I still setup/configure this system without one? Thank you in...
  14. I

    Solved! Could no fan speed cause a laptop to shutdown at 60c?

    My sister sent me her laptop to fix. Sony Vaio SVP1321M9EB. I don't do laptops, hate them, they should all be destroyed. It's going in to thermal shutdown at 60 degrees C but I'm struggling to think of a common sense reason why it would. It's not a Windows problem because it happens when I'm...
  15. S

    Solved! Replacement subwoofer for Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar

    I have a Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar that came it's own wireless subwoofer. Sadly the subwoofer has now packed in. Can I use another subwoofer with this sound bar ? If so how would I connect it as I can only see HDMI and an optical connection on the sound bar. There is an analogue in port as...
  16. barryallen82

    Solved! Advice Needed: Need a *SMALL* Android Smartphone

    Hi there, I am in the market for a new phone; and am not at all fond of these massive 5 - 6" + behemoths that dominate the market. I'd very much appreciate suggestions for Android phones in the 4.2" to 4.8" size range. My spec requirements are modest: 1.5 - 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM will be...
  17. V

    Solved! Question about soundcard and headphones

    I'm planning on purchasing the Sony WH-1000XM4 headset. This headset only has a 3.5mm jack. I usually get headphones with a usb so that the sound quality doesn't rely on my soundcard, because I kind of assumed it isn't any good. So my question is whether I should get the Sony WH-1000XM4? Is it...
  18. P

    Solved! Sony Handycam C:31:23 error

    Everytime I tried playing cassettes I'd just get this error. Once I managed to play the cassette, but the majority of the screen was corrupt, and then I got the same error again. Does anyone here know a solution? Sony Handycam DCR-HC85E, “Reinsert the Cassette.” C:31:23 error. Thanks!
  19. D

    Solved! Sony FD Trinitron WEGA Right side taller than left

    I have a Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-32HS500 CRT TV and the right side is slightly taller than the left. When I hook up my wii, the settings icon is 3" in height, but the mail icon is 3.25" in height. Its the whole right side of the screen that is taller. I've tried messing around with settings in...
  20. ddk0014

    Solved! Soundbar, TV box and Chromecast Issue

    Hi ppl. I am trying to connect my Soundbar to work with Android TV box and Chromecast I have currently plugged in Android TV box and Chromecast via HDMI to TV (not HDMI ARC, TV doesn't have ARC or optical inputs/outputs) but unsure how to connect Soundbar Only option I could think of is to use...
  21. Ilikestuffandthings

    Question Part number of LED bead used in Sony KDL-75W850?

    I’m looking for the type of LED used in the KDL-75W850. I get the 6 blinking red light code and I did find ONE dead LED (out of 200). I don’t really want to buy a used strip on eBay, so I would like to know if anyone knows the size/model number of LED bead that is commonly used in this TV (eg...
  22. lothian-mcadam

    Question Sony XBR-49X800D -Vertical Lines

    Sony XBR-49X700D Manuf: 2017 Yet another post complaining about vertical lines in an LED TV... I have a Sony XBR-49X700D that decided one day to display a black screen and the dreaded "Sony Six Red Blinks". I buried my face in my hands, fully aware that the "Sony Six Flash" error code...
  23. S

    Solved! Looking to upgrade from a Mitsubishi WD-65731

    I have a Mitubishi WD-65731 that will not power all the way on. I am looking at upgrading to 4K. Found the two below as options. Which would be a better option to move to (looking at staying below 1k)? thanks Samsung - 65" Class - LED - 7 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Model...
  24. TheSLIP

    Question Sony HT-100SF Soundbar not working with Samsung Television

    This is driving me crazy. It's happened once or twice before and just seemed to correct itself. While cleaning, my mouther moved the sound bar, either hitting a button on the touch controls or perhaps loosening a connection, resulting in sound only coming through the TV. I went through and...
  25. FirstLast1234

    Solved! Which speaker is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000?

    Which speaker/soundbar system is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000? Which one is louder? Are there any qualities that one has that the other doesn't? I pretty much just want a rundown of the pros and cons of each of them, and everyone's opinions on which one is louder, better, etc...
  26. W

    Solved! How to use HD footage in a SD project in Sony Vegas

    Hi, I film everything in HD. but I want to create a smaller project (720x480). I want to use the HD footage so I can pan & zoom, but everytime I import HD footage it automatically resizes it to fit the dimensions. How do I keep the HD footage in its original size?
  27. X

    Solved! App volume problems on Samsung Smart TV with LG Soundbar

    Good evening. I have a Samsung 49MU6290 TV connected to an LG LAS551H soundbar Via HDMI ARC. Also connected is a Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-Ray Player, a Spectrum DVR and a Nintendo Switch. The soundbar provides booming sound and usually when I am watching TV or playing games it is fine at about 15...
  28. ElementDevil

    Question Sony TV display turns on and then off

    I was watching TV and then suddenly the screen turned off but sound was still playing. I turned off the TV and then on and this is what I see View: The display comes on for 1 second and then fade with the text in shades of green and then off. Sound works, and the...
  29. admin

    Sony Days of Play Sale: $20 Spider-Man, $349 PS4 Pro and More

    Save up to 60% on all things PlayStation. Sony Days of Play Sale: $20 Spider-Man, $349 PS4 Pro and More : Read more
  30. admin

    Sony RX0 II Action Camera Review: Twice the Price, Half as Good

    Sony's premium rugged action camera records gorgeous 4K video, but it's twice as expensive as a GoPro and much harder to use. Sony RX0 II Action Camera Review: Twice the Price, Half as Good : Read more
  31. admin

    New PS5 Specs Revealed: 120Hz Display Support, PS4 Cross-Saves

    The upcoming Sony console will let you keep playing your favorite games as soon as you change hardware, as well as support games at 4K at up to 120Hz. New PS5 Specs Revealed: 120Hz Display Support, PS4 Cross-Saves : Read more
  32. L

    Solved! Sony Vaio Laptop shuts down when unplugged.

    I own a Sony Vaio SVF14AC1QL, after about a year of me having it the laptop would turn off immediately when unplugged. The battery said something along the lines of "0%, not charging." I ordered a new battery and changed it out, and now the battery says "70%" but won't go any higher. The bigger...
  33. admin

    Prime Day Sneak Peek: $52 Off Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

    Sony's excellent noise cancelling headphones are now at their lowest price to date. Prime Day Sneak Peek: $52 Off Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones : Read more
  34. B

    Solved! audio from TV and PC to one 5.1 system

    I want to use my Sony HT-RT3 5.1 system (Dolby only) for my TV and PC. I have been using my Samsung UHD TV as my computer monitor via the PC's GPU hdmi for both display and basic audio. I, of course, get stereo sound from my TV speakers. The TV is connected to the mentioned surround speakers...
  35. admin

    Sony Is Working on a Foldable Phone Called the Xperia F (Report)

    The new Sony Xperia F will allegedly use Samsung flexible displays. Sony Is Working on a Foldable Phone Called the Xperia F (Report) : Read more
  36. admin

    Sony Shows Crazy Fast PS5 Load Times with Custom SSD

    The tech that will power the future of PlayStation has been outlined at a Sony strategy meeting. Sony Shows Crazy Fast PS5 Load Times with Custom SSD : Read more
  37. F

    Question Sony tuner or tconn?

    My tv has a ghost image that rolls over the main image as seen here: Do we think main board or tcon board? Sony kdl-40bx420
  38. D

    Solved! connecting my old sony speakers with an amplifier

    Hello everyone i have an old Sony mini hi-fi component system MHC-GN770. i have two main speakers that are working great but main unit is not. one of my friends has an Akai AM-2250 amplifier. i was wondering whether i can use my speakers with this amplifier. Any help is welcome. thanks.
  39. Z

    Solved! Which bluetooth speaker should I get

    I'm currently deciding to buy a new bluetooth speaker but I need help deciding which one is the best. (prices are in sgd) UE Boom 2 ($139) JBL Charge 3 ($149) Sony XB21 ($149) UE Megabooom 1 ($169) Just ton note the 2 things that matter most to me is the volume and the bass.
  40. L

    Solved! How do I connect a benq w6000 to a sony dvd home theatre system model DAV-HDX589w

    I am trying to get the audio set up from my Benq W6000 projector to my Sony DVD home theatre system model number DAV HDX589W. I have my roku plugged into hdmi 2. There is only one hdmi plug in the receiver and two in the projector. I am trying to use a white and red to 3.5 aux to connect the...
  41. E

    Solved! Active speakers on new str-dn1080

    Hello, my name is Edmond from the Netherlands. I have a question about my new Sony amplifier. How can i connect my active speakers to my str-dn1080?
  42. T

    Solved! How can I connect my old Sony cabinet speakers to my new Samsung Smart 4K tv?

    I have two older model Sony speakers that did connect with the red/white cords to my old tv. How can I attach these to my new Samsung tv?
  43. W

    Solved! Sony Products (Android Apps)

    I am trying to find out if I can add android apps from the google play store to my Sony Bravia TV as well as to my Sony UBP-X700 streaming blu ray player. Trying to see if I can add Gears TV to the devices before purchasing another Nvidia shield player.
  44. M

    Solved! Need an AMP Suggestion

    I need an amp suggestion for this. I do not know anything about amplifier. What watt should i choose? I have a pair of this: I do not have much details on this but i have got the spec sheet from internet. These are pretty old. Spec: I don't want to spend much on this, would like to choose...
  45. P

    Solved! Sony STR-350Z Receiver only playing one speaker

    I recently purchased some old Kenwood floor standing speakers (JL-870) and a Sony STR-3D50Z receiver to play a turntable. I connected the turntable to the "Phono" input on the receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable. When I connect the set up (the 2 Kenwood speakers to the Front Speaker...
  46. J

    Solved! Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
  47. B

    Solved! Trying to hook a Sony VCR to an Element tv to be able to record to a vhs

    I already have the tv cable going in and out of it, but whenever I try to record something, when I playback it just says no signal. The vcr keeps setting itself to channel 2, I don’t know if that’s good or not, it skips channel 3 (the one the tv streamed to) please help me record onto a vhs :3
  48. J

    dvd to proyector pic but not sound

    I have a proyector and dvd blue ray sony connected true hdmi and only 1 dvd works perfectly pic and sound but hall the rest not work only picture not sound at all please i need an answer.
  49. E

    Solved! No audio between old Sony VCR & new Samsung smart TV

    No audio when using an old Sony VCR connected to a new Samsung smart TV. Suggestions please. These are not purchased videos but home recorded ones. Video is fine for such old tapes, just no sound.
  50. P

    Sony Vegas 15, Huge Rendering Problem, rendered video is blurry, different color gradient and low FPS

    I just finished editting a video and when I render it, the post render is blurrier than the vegas preview, different color (slightly off) and feels like the fps is not 60 ( looks choppy). I have watched multiple videos of "best render settings" and copied those, but the post render looks the...
  51. G

    Solved! Issues with 55" Sony Bravia LCD

    I have a 55" Sony Bravia LCD purchased 8 years ago. When I turn it on half the screen is black and the other half has vertical lines. I tried a new HDMI cable and it worked. Turned it off for the night and back to the same problem the next day. Is there a solution or is my TV ready for the...
  52. A

    Solved! Sony viao fan is ok but not spinning

    Sony viao vgn laptop is working but fan is not spinning. It works normal for 4-5 minutes n than laptop starts to hang. Plz help
  53. V

    Solved! Sony wireless ear phones

    Can you use wireless headphones for watching fios tv on a sony bravia tv from 2010?
  54. J

    Solved! How do I connect LG 55UH6099 to Sony WH-RF400

    How do I connect headphones to TV? Sony when rf400 TV is LG 55UH6099.
  55. S

    Solved! How to connect Sony audio with Samsung 6 series?

    I have a Sony hcd-bx7 to be connected with Samsung un55mu6290f? It’s not working any solutions please?
  56. J

    Solved! My TV only keeps receiving the same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and a few cartoon channels, and nothing else, no matt

    TV and ariel. Keeps receiving same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and some cartoon channels, it doesn't matter where I situate my TV and indoor ariel it keeps tuning the same 6 channels and I've taken it to a Freinds home to see if it was my TV or indoor ariel at fault but it wasn't as it...
  57. Y

    Solved! How to set my Sony smart TV and Samsung BD-player to make the hdmi-ARC work? Current there is no sound. I am already using a h

    Is the problem with Sony tv or the bd-player? Btw, I tried to output digital audio from this TV using optical cable, and switch bd-player to, still no sound. Anyone has met similar problem before?
  58. C

    Solved! can i add two more wireless speakers to my existing wirless 5.1 set up?

    sony ht-nt5 system