Question Replacement subwoofer for Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar

Sep 17, 2020
I have a Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar that came it's own wireless subwoofer. Sadly the subwoofer has now packed in. Can I use another subwoofer with this sound bar ? If so how would I connect it as I can only see HDMI and an optical connection on the sound bar. There is an analogue in port as well but not sure how I could connect that to another subwoofer.

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The original sub is connected wirelessly so there isn't a sub out on the soundbar to make a wired connection.
Sony doesn't say if they use Bluetooth or their own RF link to connect the sub.
There is no way to know if a bluetooth replacement sub will work except to try one. Instructions for pairing the sub with the soundbar are in the soundbar operating instruction.
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