Question Sony HT-100SF Soundbar not working with Samsung Television

Oct 27, 2019
This is driving me crazy. It's happened once or twice before and just seemed to correct itself.

While cleaning, my mouther moved the sound bar, either hitting a button on the touch controls or perhaps loosening a connection, resulting in sound only coming through the TV.

I went through and verified all of the connections are snug, disconnecting and then reconnecting them. The TV will detect the sound bar, but it will disappear form the sound menu after a few moments. I ensured the sound bar is plugged into the HDMI ARC, and I also tried resetting it in a last-ditch effort, tried all the different input options, etc.. It turns off when the TV turns off, so it's definitely connected in some manner. I also tried with an alternate HDMI cable to rule that out, but it's not working, either.

I tried changing the sound from bitstream to PCM, but the sound still came from the tv despite me selecting the sound bar.

I tried the optical cable, and that worked, but I find it immensely frustrating that the HDMI cable is no longer working. It's just a matter of principle of trying to solve it now. Is there anything I might've missed?
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