Question Sony HT-100SF Soundbar not working with Samsung Television

Oct 27, 2019
This is driving me crazy. It's happened once or twice before and just seemed to correct itself.

While cleaning, my mouther moved the sound bar, either hitting a button on the touch controls or perhaps loosening a connection, resulting in sound only coming through the TV.

I went through and verified all of the connections are snug, disconnecting and then reconnecting them. The TV will detect the sound bar, but it will disappear form the sound menu after a few moments. I ensured the sound bar is plugged into the HDMI ARC, and I also tried resetting it in a last-ditch effort, tried all the different input options, etc.. It turns off when the TV turns off, so it's definitely connected in some manner. I also tried with an alternate HDMI cable to rule that out, but it's not working, either.

I tried changing the sound from bitstream to PCM, but the sound still came from the tv despite me selecting the sound bar.

I tried the optical cable, and that worked, but I find it immensely frustrating that the HDMI cable is no longer working. It's just a matter of principle of trying to solve it now. Is there anything I might've missed?


Aug 17, 2016
Not sure if you have solved your problem yet or not, I see no reply help for you on your question? Thing about today's electronics, is they are getting cheaper, but they are also cheaper built! Companies no longer take pride in their work, and those that do are going to charge a whole lot more for their product. I have had HDMI plugs come completely off the main board by just plugging in or unplugging an HDMI cable. Which meant whoever soldered the board never took the time to see if it was good and attached. Am I saying that is your problem? No not at all. But it could be that Your HDMI port is as mine not solder good enough to make contact. When your mom moved it she may have been a little ruff with the plugin and broke the connection. or she could have shorted out and caused an arch which may have fried and electric component, like a resister or something, once again I am not saying that is the case, but it is possible. Also, you said You tried another HDMI cable? I have used HDMI Cables that would work on somethings but others it would be an old stick in the mud. And try that same cable a week later and it worked like a charm. They as USB plugins/cables are the worst invention the electronic world ever came out with! But any who, since you are getting audio through your optical cable, then we know the sound bar is working, so I would say with an almost 100% certainty your problem is one of two things, either you have 2 bad HDMI cables, which is possible, or they are like mine, work when they want to, or something on the HDMI side of your electric main board of your sound bar has problems, with either the plugin itself or the board. You might try another HDMI cable and see if that helps, preferably a top end brand. Like I said, You may luck out with it had being just another bad cable, that you tried the second time. I'm sorry this post is like a letter, but somethings takes a lot of explaining. Hope this helps?