Solved! Gigabyte MoBo digital audio out?


Jan 27, 2018
I have a in my computer and i'm trying to hook up to my Onkyo HT-R550 receiver to get some good sound going, but i'm striking out coming up with a digital audio out from that motherboard short of buying an external switcher.
I plugged HDMI cable into my video card's HDMI out to one of the programmable HDMI ins on the back of the receiver but got no audio. After some googling this morning i found someone saying that apparently that generation receiver only does video through HDMI and no audio.
Should i buy a $25 HDMI to optical external switcher or am i just SOL? Any help is greatly appreciated, i've always just used headphones and for the first time find myself with a dedicated semi private computer space, want to use that big receiver and speakers/subwoofer from storage! Thanks in advance!

Am highly dubious of this assertion. Receivers are there to deal with the audio, its principal job and they give u HDMI ports wo audio capability? Doesn't make sense to me. Am more suspicious you haven't selected the proper audio device on the the PC.


Jan 27, 2018
Found at,,

"You are correct here...The onkyo ht-r550 which is the reciever thats included in the HTIB package from Onkyo does have HDMI switching but is only video only-it will not transmit audio through the HDMI! Just hook up your 360 to the reciver with a optical cable....Onkyo don't offer full HDMI switching(audio&video passthrough) until you get to the 605,705,805 or 875 models..Hopes this helps"

Would be very happy to be wrong and have that guy just be blowing smoke, but the fact that someone else has had the same problem as i'm having makes me think they might be on to something.

and the referenced manual,

I'm new to playing with sound beyond using crappy monitor built in speakers or headphones on my computer so i'm at a bit of a loss at this point.
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