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  1. Viborgdk

    Question Laptop- black screen and not boot screen

    Hi Im having an issue with my Gigabyte Aorus 15g KC laptop, and i dont know what to do next. It has happend the day after i installed chrome, and i can see there has been a windows update the day prior to. All of a sudden, the screen is black. I have tried everything i can think of. Was in...
  2. C

    Solved! What monitor should I get?

    I've recently damaged my monitor beyond repair so I'm looking for a new one but I can't decide which one. I only have a 1080ti so 4k gaming wouldn't be too ideal but I haven't been gaming a whole lot recently, more so watching shows or anime etc so the 4k would be nice for that and I can turn...
  3. E

    Question msi vs clevo laptop vs asus vs AORUS

    the laptops come with a rtx 2070 but the most expensive is the msi and iwant know which one is better i already stop caring about esthetics like the rgb and that stuff a i want it to upgrade and also a long life span, including a good performance also im one use it for school(engineering) and...
  4. B

    Solved! Webcam not detected by laptop and programmes

    Hi, would like to ask if anyone knows why the webcam (called HD WebCam in Device Manager hidden devices) in-built into my Gigabyte laptop displays a code 45, i.e. "not connected" to my laptop. As such, the Windows Camera app or other programmes like Skype do not work. I have since tried...
  5. L

    Solved! Gigabyte laptop super slow

    Hey there, I purchased a gigabyte p56 a little over a year ago and I have had probelems since then. I use a verity of photo and video editing softwares but it's been super slow with the hardware that it has built in. This laptop has an i7 7700hq, Ddr4-2400 16gb, an SSD with 256gb and a terabyte...
  6. W

    Looking for 1060 laptops

    Hi, i've been considering to get a new laptop, mostly it either one of these Gigabyte sabre 15, helio 300, msi gs63, and hp omen 15 all equipped with 1060, of course i will also consider other recommendations. Mostly i will looking for decent battery life and screen, i don't need 120hz disp tho
  7. O

    Gigabyte software incompatibility between Gigabyte devices...

    Gigabyte RGB Fusion refuses to see my Aorus RTX 2070. I have a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master motherboard, and a Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme RTX2070 video card. RGB Fusion finds the motherboard and sets the LEDs just fine, but will not find the video card. Aorus Engine finds the video card, but not the...
  8. D

    Solved! GIGABYTE m6900 isn't working when i turn on my laptop

    I use my laptop as a desktop PC so i have my mouse, a monitor and a keyboard plugged into it. The problem is that when i turn it on the mouse isn't working, it doesn't even light up. When I unplugg it and plug it in again, then it works properly. I checked the device manager and there isn't a...
  9. _dawn_chorus_

    Solved! Gigabyte has terrible software??

    I just got an Aorus Z390 pro motherboard and what little software works is a nightmare. I just wanted to adjust the fan curves but there is nowhere in the bios you can do this. I tried downloading the "Appcenter" because I had to in order to download the "Easytune" software, except neither...
  10. B

    Solved! Gigabyte MoBo digital audio out?

    I have a in my computer and i'm trying to hook up to my Onkyo HT-R550 receiver to get some good sound going, but i'm striking out coming up with a digital audio out from that motherboard short of buying an external switcher. I...
  11. D

    Solved! Which would you choose to use in your laptop: A 1 terabyte SATA SSD or a 500 gigabyte M.2 SSD?

    Hi everyone. I have a question I would like to ask. Which of the following would you choose to use in your laptop if you had one of each: 1) A 1 terabyte SATA SSD OR 2) A 500 gigabyte M.2 SSD Why would you choose this one over the other? Thank you.
  12. Umair Shariff

    Solved! Gigabyte comparison nightmare

    G' Morning everyone, I am on the verge of buying the Gigabyte Aero 15x for work/gaming. One of the reasons why I chose Gigabyte is that I already have a 512 GB NVME SSD and would like to be able to use it, rather than have it waste away and since Gigabyte is the only laptop (that I know of)...
  13. N

    Gigabyte stuck in Aptio setup utility. Nothing is working

    I have a Gigabyte P56 which has dual boot. Windows 10 came pre-installed. I had installed Ubuntu 16.04 and it was fine. Suddenly the system froze few days back and every time i try to boot it directly goes to BIOS setup screen. What have i tried so far? 1. I logged in to ubuntu using liveUSB...
  14. G

    Getting hot when idle

    So I got a new laptop(Gigabyte Aero 15) and it was great, loved it. Unfortunately, I let it get zapped in a storm, so it had to get RMA'd. Anyway ever since I have gotten it back, it has run noticeably hotter when idle.(45 degrees CPU and 50ish degrees GPU its mostly hotter on the physical...
  15. Superlp12

    Line out on back of pc

    Pretty confused on headphone connection. On my previous z270(gigabyte gaming 7) motherboard, it has a separate output marked headphone for which Plug in my headphone. If i plug it into the front line out, there will be no sound. On my current z370(gigabyte z370 gaming7), there is no separate...
  16. 9

    Cant't able to uninstall program

    A few days ago I'd installed gigabyte utilities for some reasons I did not like it so I uninstalled it but easy tune service engine (It comes along with gigabyte app center) is still persist in apps and features if I double clicked on it I see the buttons to uninstall and modify both are disabled
  17. T

    Optical or Aux to bluetooth transmitter?

    I want to go from my on-board audio (Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7) to my nice bluetooth headphones. I have a wired pair of cans that sound great and can be adjusted using the creative software 760 depending on whether I am gaming or just enjoying some tunes. I found that just using a regular...
  18. S

    Refurbished or New?

    I’m wondering if it is worth it to spend a few more hundred dollars to get a new Gigabyte Aero 14 or if I should just get a Refurbished one.
  19. S

    Need Help Finding Where To Buy a Gigabyte Aero 14 (GTX 1060)

    I’m wondering where I could find this laptop for the best price and best reliability, do you guys have any suggestions?
  20. E

    USB audio connectivity and static issues with Gigabyte H97 D3H motherboard

    I have a Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC and Schiit Magni 2 Uber amplifier that I use for audio on my PC. I have consistent noise through the DAC that can be heard with no audio playing or with audio playing on low volume. My bigger issue is that my PC no longer recognizes that the Modi is plugged in...
  21. K

    Looking for advice to buy a good gaming laptop

    I'm not much knowledgable regarding gaming laptops but I want to buy one so want some advice. Budget:$1800 I want to buy a good gaming laptop for the budget mentioned. The one currently I have currently in mind is Dell Alienware 15...
  22. G

    Laptop Dies Sporadically When Not Plugged In

    I have a Gigabyte P34V2. It works perfectly fine whenever it is plugged in. However, whenever it is not plugged in it will usually die within 1-10 minutes of usage, even with over 50% charge on the battery. I read in another forum about someone having a similar problem and that it might be a...
  23. R

    Gigabyte Aero 14 v8 experience and clean installation?

    Hi all, I am considering buying the new Gigabyte Aero 14 v8 (with the 8750h 6 core) for it's modern performance and excellent screen, however, was wondering if anyone could share his/her experience. So far, I have only been able to find 1 review, which was excellent. Nevertheless, I would...
  24. M

    Want to set up home theatre system to PC

    I want to set this up but I am unsure how to set it to get sound. I have 3 HDMI ports on the receiver. 2 are inputs and 1 output. One is hooked from the PS4 to the Receiver. The other input is from my PC (Graphics card) to the receiver. And finally the output is from my TV to the Receiver. It...
  25. X

    Budgeting Out a College Laptop and Graphics Card

    I just graduated from high school and I'm heading off to college. I'm looking for a good laptop for college and a graphics card. My budget between the two is $1,500. I want my laptop to be able to game some: modern games on high settings and new releases at medium-low settings, but I also want...
  26. T

    Need Audio Help !

    I'm new here, so I apologize if my post is on the wrong forum. If some can move it to the right forum go right ahead. Anyhow, I'm looking to buy some AKG - K702 for gaming and I was wonder my motherboard has enough power to drive them or will I need to buy an amp. The motherboard I have is the...
  27. J

    headphone static on windows 10

    Hey Community, Recently developed a "humming" noise in my Headphones on my PC. Updated all I could on the GIGABYTE side, but can not get rid of the noise! Headphones work fine when Plugged into the rear audio jack, but have this noise when plugged in the front. Any advice? Running Win 10 on...
  28. P

    Solved! Gigabyte AORUS App Center question

    I just recently finished my new build. I installed the Gigabyte AROUS App Center and downloaded a few of the apps that I thought I should have. However, some of them I didn't download because either I didn't know what they did or they seemed to be more of a user specific app. I really don't want...
  29. A

    Hissing noise from logitech z506

    Hi.i recently switched from gigabyte z270 gaming k5 to asus rog maximus x hero.i have z506 speakers form Logitech and when i turn off the PC it will start the hissing removing the front speakers cable from the motherboard i/o panel it will be perfectly fine.but even when i remove the...
  30. G

    Gigabyte Aero 15W Laptop Giveaway

    Head to the Tom's Guide Forums for your chance to enter our giveaway for the brand new Gigabyte Aero 15W Gaming Laptop! Gigabyte Aero 15W Laptop Giveaway : Read more
  31. jsimenhoff

    Gigabyte Aero 15W Laptop Giveaway

    No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia, 18 or older. For a complete list of rules please see the Terms and Conditions on the Gleam Giveaway Widget.
  32. A

    Gigabyte Aero 15x vs Hp Spectre X360 15

    Hey guys, tossing up between these two laptops. Gigabyte - $3299 (512GB, 1080p) or $3699 (4K) HP - $3199 (360GB) or $3699 (1TB) Budget: $4,000 max or...
  33. O

    Laptop Buying Help

    hey there, so i have been looking for a new laptop for quite some time now, and i seem to have gotten stumped between 5 laptops, they all have roughly the same specs, except for the asus rog one. anyways i would really appreciate the help! i will leave the links of the laptops down below. ASUS...
  34. J

    gigabyte GA--Z68ap-D3 onboard HDMI not recognizing cable

    Trying to run audio out the HDMI port into home theater AV receiver. i can't select HDMI as an output device in windows as its grayed out. Device mgr says HDMI driver is loaded and working fine but audio comes out regular ports, not HDMI. I believe this to be a device conflict between the...
  35. B

    How do i make quadrophonic sound system using different set of speakers

    I have an old microlab m100 speaker and my motherboard is gigabyte g41m combo.I'm thinking about buying another new set of 2.1ch is possible to make 2.1+2.1= 4.1 surround sound if so then how would i make it. I'm new into sound systems btw.
  36. D

    Do I need a soundcard?

    So guys are sound cards still relevant in 2018? If I have a mobo like a GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming K7 or a GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 mobo would a soundcard increase my sound quality? Or am I ok with onboard sound? Also if a sound card would help could you guys give me some good recommendations? I...
  37. F

    Best way to get audio from receiver to pc

    Mobo: gigabyte 970a d3p Receiver : philips htr 5000 I just got the Philips htr 5000 for really cheap and wanted to hook it up to my PC the only way I could figure out was getting an red and white rca to 3.5mm jack converter but when in Windows it only recognized it as stereo even though the...
  38. F

    Gigabyte App Center

    I want to know if I can download gigabyte app center from either this site "" or should i download it from the motherboard's utilities page
  39. J

    Solved! Gigabyte Smart Manager not working (Aero 15X)

    Gigabyte Smart Manager appears to be running but only partially works. For example I can use the volume function keys but not the brightness, fan or touchpad-lock function keys. When I run it the GIGABYTE OSDV3 process appears but i cannot open the Smart Manager windows anymore. When i force...
  40. A

    Windows freezing - Nvidia 970m

    Hi, recently my laptop (Gigabyte P55W v4) stopped working correctly and was spamming blue screens. Later in time windows kept freezing after a few minutes of use. As I found out later it occurred due to a problem with my GPU (Nvidia GTX 970m). After my finding I turned of dedicated Nvidia...
  41. W

    GL62M 7RDX vs GIGABYTE Sabre 15 vs Legion Y520

    Hi there. I'm planning to buy me an entry level gaming laptop (for gaming) with a really tight budget. So I found these three laptops. MSI GL62M 7RDX 2081XID GIGABYTE SABRE 15 i5- 005ID Lenovo Legion Y520-i5 I read GL62M has a relatively good cooling system and poor display quality, while...
  42. A

    How to install Gigabyte App Centre?

    I try to download it but the .exe only opens in 7-zip even though its not installed on my pc. I tried unzipping it but nothing happens.
  43. E

    Looking for a GTX 1070 gaming laptop

    Hello, i'm looking for a laptop with a GTX 1070 as the title says. I have checked a lot of laptops in Amazon, CUK and XIOTIC. So far i really like what Gigabyte laptops offers: 1) GIGABYTE P56Xv7-KL3 (is out of stock on most places) 2) GIGABYTE AERO 15X-BK4 (i don´t like the fact it have a GTX...
  44. C

    Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 won't open anymore

    I have this weird problem with a sound app ^^ I got with my motherboard (Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5). After a Windows 10 update, it won't open anymore and it doesn't work. Tried installing new Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, tried reinstalling Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3, still the same... When...
  45. Q

    Gigabyte p34g v2 shuts down (cuts power) when gaming on battery (as soon as the game is loaded)

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte p34g v2 gaming laptop. When I use it on battery for browsing, it works fine (doesn't last too long though), but as soon as I launch a game, the laptop with shut down (just cut power). This happens no matter if the battery is on 100% or lower. When plugged in games work...
  46. P

    should i be worried about screen tearing

    hi! i have an gigabyte aero 15x it has an gtx 1070 maxq design. the screen is 60hz and doesent have gsync so as an moderate gamer who plays maybe 2-3 hours a day should i be worried about screen tearing does it affect my perfomance or anything like that. i havent tried my own laptop yet but on...
  47. P

    How to upgrade laptop ssd and ram

    Hi! I have an gigabyte aero 15x and i was thinking about upgrading the ram and m.2 ssd so could you please search up for me the parts that i need it has 2 ram slots(1 free) and 2 m.2 ssd slots (1 free). It says it has one 16gb ram stick(ddr4-2400mhz) and i need another 16 gb ram stick. About the...
  48. lonrot

    Where can I buy a keyboard for this laptop?

    Hi, my laptop (GIGABYTE 15.6 P55Wv6-NE2) has some damaged keys due to liquid spill. I tried to find a replacement keyboard online and didn't find anything. Gygabite wants me to send them the laptop for an inspection but that's my work computer, I'm using it 24/7. Is there a place where can I...
  49. H

    the AV32.1 have lots of static when connected to my pc

    i plugged in the speakers to the sub and connected it all to the pc but there was a really load static and hum, when i move my mouse this worsens the noise significantly, i have tried moving the sub away from my pc and changed wire and even tried the different audio connections on my motherboard...
  50. P

    Help me choose a motherboard

    I cant decide which I should go for. I'm choosing between ASUS TUF Z370-PRO GAMING and MSI Z370 KRAIT GAMING. Should I pay more and get Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming? Also will all of these boards support 3200Mhz DDR4 Ram?
  51. S

    Laptop shock then brick

    I have a Gigabyte P55Wv7-KL3 laptop. Today I went to use it and I brushed the keyboard with my hand and received a decent static shock. Immediately the laptop stopped responding to anything and it won’t shutdown with the power button. I unplugged it but that’s it so far. I know you’re supposed...
  52. E

    7700hq Gigabyte Aero 14 Temps

    Hi! I just got my gigabyte Aero 14 laptop. Everything seems fine, but the CPU temps are running at about 40-50C IDLE (avg. about 45C). Is that really normal? Cheers Edit: Ambient temps are about 20C.
  53. P

    AKG K702 will i need to buy anything else!?!? URGENT

    Hello I need to know if my motherboard gigabyte 970A DS3P would be good enough to run AKG K702 headphones. Will i have to buy an amp?. TY
  54. davideoproductionssa

    Aux Splitter Not working on Windows 10 With Headphones.

    Hello, I have got a PC Running Windows 10 64bit with a Gigabyte z97 gaming 3 Motherboard. It uses the Realtek HD audio manager. I have recently bought these headphones (Beats EP I wanted to be able to use them on my phone and my PC. everything works fine on my phone (All...
  55. H

    My Gigabyte P34Wv3 battery is swelling and I need to remove it but I don't know if I can just pull it out

    As the title says I need to remove my battery so I can replace it. A few days ago I noticed that my mousepad seemed to be curved, and upon further inspection I realized that the case was actually bending because the battery was misshapen. I bought this laptop in 2015 and the battery has failed...
  56. E

    MSI Stealth Pro or Gigabyte Aero 14

    Hi! Looking to buy a laptop locally. Currently looking at these two, any suggestions? When all is done...
  57. C

    Solved! Disassembling Gigabyte P55W v7 Laptop

    I need to change the HDD of my new laptop with a SSD. When I came to unscrew the panel underneath, I found out that the two center-forward screws, are not actual screws but more like rivets. I saw on YouTube that last year's v6 had actual screws all over. How do I open the damn v7???
  58. T

    US Gigabyte Laptop Power Adapter weak or not working, laptop switching between battery and charging

    I travel a lot. My work takes me to Japan frequently. I only use my Gigabyte P55W V4 for gaming. It has wasted a power supply once, and fried a motherboard twice in two years. Manufacturer's warranty took care of those problems, but now I'm outside the warranty and I'm dealing with what seems to...
  59. Jonados

    Subwoofer won't work with Rocksmith 2014, but works completely fine in spotify etc.

    When i launch Rocksmith 2014 the subwoofer cuts out and only the two front speakers start working. I'm new to this kind of stuff so i don't know if it's the game or something i've configured wrong. As seen below i'm using 5.1 speaker setup since none of the others are working. I Have the...
  60. D

    How to go into BIOS on Gigabyte P35 v6 laptop?

    This is a really stupid question and I can't believe I'm asking it, but I have no idea how to get into the BIOS settings on this laptop. I've tried many different buttons and everything just takes me to windows.