Gigabyte Aero 15x vs Hp Spectre X360 15


Dec 20, 2013
Hey guys, tossing up between these two laptops.

Gigabyte - $3299 (512GB, 1080p) or $3699 (4K)
HP - $3199 (360GB) or $3699 (1TB)

Budget: $4,000 max or 1 Kidney
Country: Australia
Screen size: 15
Screen resolution: 1080p+
Touch screen: Optional
Weight: 2.25kg or less
Is battery life an issue? Yes, decent uncharged photoshop (basic stuff) & web browsing, 5hrs+ would be great but 3hr+ would do me.
CPU: 8th Gen

I use my laptop for photo & video editing primarily. I used to be a heavy gamer (AAA stuff), not as much now but still would like the ability to run demanding games and other programs if need be. Numpad is a must due to accounting work. 90%+ coverage of the sRGB spectrum (I don't edit or take photos in Adobe RGB so I don't need it, nice if it's there though).

I was originally planning on getting the Spectre when it was announced at CES 2018 however it's taken forever to release and the new 8th gen CPUs have dropped which Gigabyte upgraded their AERO line to (old Aero was number 2/3 choice at CES due to old CPUs & shoddy display reviews).

Pros of the Gigabyte over the HP for me is how much more power it's packing & ports. Also the pantone calibration and matte screen are nice as I like working outside when possible. Can expand the hard drive and ram as well easily (empty slot for each).

Pros of the HP over the Gigabyte, functionality due to form factor. However based off reviews for the Dell 2 in 1 15 (same chip set with 4k screens so I figure should be close enough) for battery, it seems to drain real fast. HP does have a slightly bigger battery though over the Dell.

I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte (1080p) but the potential loss of function options in the HP is the only thing stopping me as well as HP support if anything goes wrong. Haven't heard great things about Gigabyte. :/

Need some internet guidance/reassurance to make me pull the trigger. Let me know what you guys think of each one or if there's a mystery 3rd laptop I should be looking at.

Upgrading from a Asus N56V 720p so either will be a huge performance boost. Would like the new laptop to last at least 4 - 5 years for the amount they cost.


Sep 3, 2013
if it was me hands down the gigabyte if u want a spec that could last you 3-4years.easy maintenance access is also a point in my view.or if u can find the rog zephyrus for the same price it will be much more better imo.or u can lose another kidney and buy something better XD.The hp would look better and elegant thought.
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