USB audio connectivity and static issues with Gigabyte H97 D3H motherboard


Dec 27, 2014
I have a Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC and Schiit Magni 2 Uber amplifier that I use for audio on my PC. I have consistent noise through the DAC that can be heard with no audio playing or with audio playing on low volume. My bigger issue is that my PC no longer recognizes that the Modi is plugged in. I've been dealing with this issue for months if not a year and these past few days it seems to have completely quit. No USB port will detect that I've plugged the Modi in. I have tried reinstalling the Realtek audio driver and updating my BIOS using downloads from Gigabyte's H97 D3H support page. Nothing helped. I've had these issues for awhile now but always thought it was due to a faulty DAC.

Today I tried hooking up the Modi/Magni to another PC and it works flawlessly. There is no noise either. We both have Windows 10 machines on the same version. He has an ASRock Fatal1ty 990fx motherboard. I guess that must mean my motherboard is going bad? I'm really at a loss.


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Have you tried reinstalling the USB and chipset drivers from the Gigabyte site?


Dec 27, 2014
Gigabyte only lists “Intel Management Engine Interface” and “Intel INF Installation” under chipset downloads for my board for Windows 10. I don’t know what those are. As for USB, it only has a USB 3.0 driver and hot fix and they aren’t for Windows 10.
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