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  1. X

    Question Problem connecting to online games from my external drive

    A friend of mine has a laptop (I believe he said it was a Lenovo Yoga) he uses for gaming, but it doesn't have much storage space. He uses an external drive, but he's limited on what he can really install to it because he claims whenever he launches an online game from the external drive, the...
  2. F

    Solved! iPhone doesn't connect to computer's wifi hotspot

    I have an iPhone 5c, and the computer that i am using currently is an ASUS VivoBook S551LN with the config of i5-4200U and GT 840M. As saying in the title, I tried to connect my phone to my computer using the computer's wifi hotspot, as the hotspot is sharing the wifi. I am a little bit out of...
  3. PhilipMichaels

    5G Arrives This Year, But Should You Care?

    5G becomes a reality this year, but it may be a while before the average mobile user reaps the benefits. 5G Arrives This Year, But Should You Care? : Read more
  4. T

    Solved! Sound bar connectivity

    Purchased a Polaroid Soundbar with subwoofer (60w). Has AUX and optical connections. Can’t get sound from TV (Toshiba 4K) despite using AUX directly plugged into TV and soundbar. Any helpful ideas gratefully received. T
  5. C

    Solved! Connecting old sony sound system to new tv with Android tv box

    Hello, i have an old sony stereo sound system with a 2rca port and i want to connect it to my new Samsung tv that has only optical and hdmi ports. I also want to buy an android tv box in the future and i have seen thay many dont have an optical port but they do have av. I would probably need to...
  6. J

    My LG TV also lost external audio connectivity, model is 55LF6100-UA. Any help is greatly apreciated.

    My LG TV also lost external audio connectivity, model is 55LF6100-UA. It used to work when I connected it to an amplifier but it stopped. Any help is greatly apreciated.
  7. V

    Connectivity issues with att

    I've been told that people have called my phone yet I have no missed caalls
  8. M

    Wifi Connectivity Problem

    Good Day Everyone I have an active wifi network at my home. I can connect all other devices except my laptop. After turning my laptop wifi on it shows my network but after giving the key it shows connecting but not being connected. Sometimes after logging on it connects for a few seconds then...
  9. E

    New Dell G7 Wifi issues

    I've bought the G7 7588 this past Saturday. Made a clean install, so no bloatware, and updated the drivers via SupportAssist and Intel... But, my WiFi connection? Absolutely horrendous. I live out in the sticks, so my internet isn't the greatest (average 2 down on a good day), so the connection...
  10. D

    Anyway to setup an old technics hifi with modern tech?

    Hey all, I have an old technics hifi (about 20 years) and I still love the quality of it. But the downside is having not great connectivity with this day and age :( I was wondering if anyone knows a way I could setup this hifi to go with latest tech like Alexa or my home pc. I’ve tried to...
  11. E

    USB audio connectivity and static issues with Gigabyte H97 D3H motherboard

    I have a Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC and Schiit Magni 2 Uber amplifier that I use for audio on my PC. I have consistent noise through the DAC that can be heard with no audio playing or with audio playing on low volume. My bigger issue is that my PC no longer recognizes that the Modi is plugged in...
  12. P

    Dell Inspiron 14r connectivity to HT-Z110 (Home theatre system)

    i have an old laptop dell inspiron 14r with 3.5mm headphone port and 1 mic line port. i have connected it with home theatre system via 2 RCA to one 3.5mm jack. after connecting i can receive sound from frond left, front right and subwoofer only. my HTS IS 5.1 SURROUND SOUND. MODEL NO-HT-Z110...
  13. coolnate390

    mobile otg connectivity problems

    device: samsung j3 emerge otg brand: n/a controller: rockcandy xbox 360 i recently got into trying steam link and while i am waiting for it to come i decided to try it out on my phone. the streaming works great with only occasional input lag... the only problem is my controller i plugged it in...
  14. I

    Huawei mediapad T1 8.0 settings and process android phone has stopped, Google Play Store error, connectivity errors, etc

    I've reboot it, cleared the cache and data, factory reset it. edit: can't get pass on the login because, i got all this errors: - "Unfortunately the has stopped" - "Unfortunately the has stopped" - 'Gmail has stopped working' - Google play store...
  15. J

    Solved! I have a non smart non blutooth led tv how can i use bluetooth connectivity with bluetooth headphones?and would it b stereo?

    Hi i have a led tv non blue tooth . Iwant to connect my blue tooth headphone . I tried by connecting a bluetooth donggle bt no result. How can i doit. And if any solution , will i get the stereo quality ? Plz suggest.should i buy a blutooth transmitter with headphone,or it might b ok with my old...
  16. J

    Solved! TV Stuck into LOGIN Screen!!!

    Hello guys, i have an issue! i own a LG tv super UHD4k model number <<SJ850V>> I recently format my pc (Windows 10 Pro) and when i connect tv to pc through HDMI i can't get into windows! It Asks my mail's password and when i put it and the circle dots starting to roll on to get into windows then...
  17. J

    blue tooth connectivity with LG LED TV

    pl. provide how to do it.
  18. U

    connectivity issue jbl flip 3 and jbl flip 4

    how to connect both i tried alot but failed ,, is there any firmware to update
  19. H

    Hello. My Asus is x441U. But I cannot connect to Wifi. Please help.

    Asus Wifi Connectivity Issue
  20. K

    sound plate speaker has optical connectivity only, So suggesst me a device to conect PC with sound-plate using PC aux port?

    sound plate or bar or speaker that has only one connectivity option i.e. optical. Can you please suggest me a device that can connect my computer (no blue-tooth) with the sound-plate by only using computer's AUX?
  21. P

    Solved! Home theater connectivity

    I have the below following items *LG TV with 1 HDMI out *Home theater with 1 HDMI out, 1 optical &1aux *Chromcast *Airtel setup box Can someone help me in connecting all the above items so that whenever i play sound should come out of home theater. I Ve tried few options but couldn’t able to...
  22. H

    Multi Monitor Connectivity Issues

    The screens at my church are having an issue staying connected. We're running a Mac Mini with a Mini Display to DVI for the main display on the monitor in the sound-booth. I've solved that connectivity issue with a new monitor, and cord. The one that we're still having issues with is other...
  23. S

    headphone connectivity problem

    Hello I am having trouble getting my Razer Kraken Essential Headset to connect to my PC audio ports. The audio seems to only come out of my TV, which I don't want, I've tried every combination of settings in playback device settings and I've also went into the Realtek audio manager and enabled...
  24. K

    Hi, I upgraded windows from 7 to 10, Now i cant connect to wirells Network, I have done all that I read on internet but nothi

    Am looking for support on wireless connectivity
  25. M

    laptop with bradband connectivity

    I am buying a new laptop and can't seem to find one that I can connect with an old-fashioned modem. I do NOT use wireless --that is all I find. What do I look for in the specs. THank you
  26. A

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 issue with WiFi connectivity

    I was outside and I was letting my friend check his social media on my phone (big mistake:fou:). The free building wifi wasn't connecting. When I got back home it showed my wifi was disconnected even though my settings were to auto connect. When I clicked connect it would act like it was...
  27. G

    Samsung UE40F7000 bluetooth

    Hi I have had this TV for a few years now. It has bluetooth which can be used to pair keyboard or mouse but I want to pair it with my Headphones but there is no feature in any of the menus. Samsung say it is not possible but that makes no sense to me! I have been in the Engineer menu and can see...
  28. G

    Pc connectivity to xbox

    If have a lenovo b50 30 all in one oc and i was wondering if i can use it to play my xbox one on. It has hdmi in and out so th
  29. S

    Samsung Ku6000 portable Hdd connectivity.

    Someone please help me. I have 55inch ku6000 which is similar to ku6300 only difference is lack of Bluetooth. The tv is wall mounted & the usb port is not reachable that's why i connect usb extender on usb 1a (HDD) port.Pendrive is working fine. But my 500 hdd doesn't show.Is my usb extender...
  30. V

    Looking to buy good speakers for home with bluetooth/wifi connectivity

    I need a speaker (or two) and a subwoofer for home, which I can use with both a computer and a phone. They will be set up in my bedroom for most of the time but will be moved to the living room if I'm having people over. I generally listen to electronic and deep house so I'm looking for good...
  31. E

    Aerial connectivity required for Samsung tv

    My new Samsung 6 series MU6100 only has one type of aerial connector, which looks like it's for a standard roof aerial. Can I buy a connector to put it through my dish which is not through a sky box ? UK.
  32. C

    Surround Sound Receiver - TV connectivity

    Hello, me and my wife recently purchased a home that had surround sound speakers built into the ceiling, but the previous owners took the previous receiver. I decided to purchase a receiver and get our surround sound up and running.. Upon hooking the speakers up to the box, when the box was on...
  33. J

    Looking to Add equalizer to hi res audio set up connectivity issue

    Hi - I have a new hi res audio blu ray DVD player that has coaxial & hdmi outputs only. This is a home audio only player for CDs, cd-r, sacds etc. I am looking to connect an equalizer or sonic maximizer between the DVD player & receiver however what I'm finding is equalizers seem to have just...
  34. D

    Solved! hdmi arc connectivity to sony hometheatre

    my hisense tv keeps showing a pop message 'arc device connect' and loosing sound. this happened after enabling the hdmi CEC and again chose device list, what can i do
  35. L

    Laptop connected to wifi but won't load anything!

    Hey guys, I have an HP laptop that is windows 8, it's connected to the wifi and there appears to be no problem. When I restart the laptop it will work fine from anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour but eventually it stops loading pages. The network connection says there is no problem, and all...
  36. A

    Ideapad 710s plus usb c

    I have been researching about Lenovo ideapad 710s and 710s plus. The plus model seem to sport a usb type c along with usb 3.0 and usb 2.0 ports, while the 710s model has 2 usb 3.0 ports. the usb c port has "displayport" written on the website of lenovo. So does this port only support displays or...
  37. K

    Lenovo Z580 Wifi Connectivity Issue and BIOS

    My laptop had Windows 7 Home Basic initially.When i updated it Windows 8.1 pro, I faced some issues like i was unable to change Brightness, Wifi connectivity issue. Some of the drivers did not work properly.Now i have downgraded my system to Windows 7 ultimate.I am still facing Wifi issue, it...
  38. E

    need help with audio connectivity

    Hey guys, before i buy this subwoofer: I would like to know if i can play music on both this subwoofer and smsl q5 pro powered bookshelf...
  39. P

    wifi for Toshiba pc - had and now don't

    Hi, have had wifi connectivity until about a wk ago. Getting message 'no internet, secured'. Have deleted wifi (selected 'forget' under manager) and retried. Have tested modem etc and works with all other tech we have. Don't know why it stopped working or what to try next. Any ideas please? Cheers
  40. J

    Need small screen TV with audio out connectivity

    In a bind. I bought a Philips sound bar HTL1190B to connect to a Finlux 19HBE180B-N for a small spare room only to find they won't work together. I need a small screen set maybe up to 24" but it has to have an optical out or audio L/R out. My sound bar has no HDMI. I'm in the UK. Grateful for...
  41. C

    New Tv with no Connectivity

    Hi So I am wondering if there is a term for a Television that has no internet connectivity? I request this information to determine if there is an easy way to refine the search for a new TV That is not "smart", has no "wifi" or other needs to be "connected". one that will not need to soak up...
  42. J

    airline audio connectivity

    How do I connect to a commercial airliner's audio using Bluetooth headphones?
  43. C

    what do i need for a laptop with great wifi connectivity?

    Hello everybody, I've been tasked to purchase a laptop for someone who only uses it for checking mails, browsing sites and creating song playlists. While i find it important to look for a laptop that has a large screen and doesn't overheat while doing simple tasks (have very bad experience with...
  44. A

    XPS 13 9550 external device connectivity/adapter

    The laptop is for use as a computer which I will plug my keyboard, mouse, monitor and Ethernet into while at my dorm but then unplug and take out on campus to lectures etc. Things I'll need to plug in whilst in my dorm are: -3.0 keyboard+mouse -Ethernet cable -25inch 1440p monitor at 60fps...
  45. L

    Charging a HP Spectre using a power bank

    Hey guys I'm trying to make use of the USB-C connectivity and mobility of the HP Spectre 13 by charging it with a powerbank. The regular charger reads an output of 5V 2A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A The power bank I'm trying to use is EC technology linked below, it produces an output of 1A , 2A or 2.4A...
  46. N

    Looking for solution for Intel 7265 AC wireless drops

    Issues with over 400 HP 745's we just ordered with the Intel 7265. 1. Updated to latest intel drivers as of 8/1/2016 on intels site 2. Currently waiting for a returned call from HP with team running point on communication 3. Taking a shot at the greatest hardware site of all time...
  47. S

    need connectivity help

    cant turn on compaq evo n800c
  48. J

    How to resolve Bluetooth connectivity issues on the Galaxy S7

    When the Samsung Galaxy S7 was first released Bluetooth connectivity was something of an issue. Users complained of not being able to connect, of losing connectivity once they had it and not being able to control a paired device. A firmware update sorted most of the issues, but some users still...
  49. J

    How to resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues on a Samsung Galaxy S7

    The Galaxy S7 launched with a few small issues. One of which was around Wi-Fi. Some Galaxy users experienced either an intermittent Wi-Fi connection or an inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network at all. If you want to know how to resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues on a Samsung Galaxy S7, this is...
  50. J

    How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Samsung Galaxy S7

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome phone but has a couple of annoying issues that have affected some users. One of which is around Wi-Fi and manifests as either intermittent network connections or an inability to connect to Wi-Fi at all. If you’re looking to learn how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity...
  51. J

    How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Android Marshmallow

    When Android Marshmallow was first released, there were a few issues found with the update. Two popular issues were the failure to connect to Wi-Fi or where the Wi-Fi was intermittently dropping the connection. Fortunately, most of them have been ironed out but a few users still have problems...
  52. M

    I followed the instructions here for reconfiguring my samsung tv to accept amazon video and lost my internet connection altoge

    Lost connectivity by changing my settings for Amazon.
  53. R

    Cannot connect PC to Sony Shake 33 via Bluetooth

    Hi, I want to play YT vids or iTunes etc on my PC and be able to listen to it on my Sony Shake 33 via Bluetooth. Unfortunately my PC is not "seeing" my Sony Shake 33 as a device when searching for Bluetooth devices. My smart phone can see and be seen by both the PC and the Sony. Streaming and...
  54. V

    HyperX cloud2 Vs Logitech G430 Vs Corsair Void RGB USB Vs Roccat Kave XTD? For USB\PC only

    Hey, My old Sharkoon 5.1 (Xtatic) have been worn off for a while now, and I decided to buy a new headset for my gaming needs. Here are the mentioned models: Logitech G430 (cheapest) HyperX cloud2 Corsair VOID RGB USB Dolby 7.1 Roccat Kave XTD If anyone feels strongly about the Corsair...
  55. F

    Electricity Overload Audio Problems

    I have a 'man cave' set up in my house and have run into a rather worrying problem, every time an electrical appliance is given electricity (either through plugging in or turning on) the audio on my speakers cuts out. But first let me explain the setup. Gaming PC (650w PSU), Xbox One and Sky...
  56. J

    Need Help with Speaker Connectivity Issue

    I recently purchased the Logitech Z623 speaker system for Christmas. I wanted to use these as a sound system for my self built PC currently running on Windows 10 with Realtek Audio as my sound manager software. The problem itself is very odd (at least to me, I couldn't find a similar instance in...
  57. M

    wifi connectivity failure

    hey guys, i was wondering if any1 could help out with getting wireless driver for HP g42 488tu ? i have try with realtek ones but it doesnt seems to be working ... i m unable to use the wifi connection .. hoping for ur reply thank u
  58. A

    Audio Connectivity Puzzle - Converter Adapters Advice etc.

    Hi there, I have a fairly (perhaps very depending on your viewpoint! - 7 years old maybe?) old-school, basic home audio system for my PC consisting as follows: with a subwoofer under my desk and two table top satellites all by Logitech. I have broken the knob off the satellites so cannot adjust...