Huawei mediapad T1 8.0 settings and process android phone has stopped, Google Play Store error, connectivity errors, etc

Jul 2, 2018
I've reboot it, cleared the cache and data, factory reset it.
edit: can't get pass on the login because, i got all this errors:
- "Unfortunately the has stopped"
- "Unfortunately the has stopped"
- 'Gmail has stopped working'
- Google play store error
- Command for both wifi and bluetooth isn't working

A bit background: tl;Dr after I put an SD card, I got all this errors
Is it possible that it could've been corrupted by the SD card? I don't have a card reader at the moment. I've used it first without an SD card for a couple of days, and I got no problem. Then I put a class 10 SanDisk SD card while the tablet is off, I turn the power on and it works fine at first. After use, I turned the power off and I didn't use it for a week. When I opened it, I got all these errors. I removed it, but it's still the same
If this is a new device and not working properly either take it back and have them exchange it for a working one, or if past the return/exchange date, contact the manufacturer. No new device should give you such problems.