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  1. Zajbes

    Solved! Freebuds 3 microphone dont work

    I recently bought the huawei freebuds 3 and everything is working great with one exception, the microphone dont work. I have huawei p30 does any one have a way of fixing it ?
  2. U

    Solved! Huawei mate 10 lite problem with power button

    i press the power and volume up button to open boot manager. it successfully open. but after 10 - 20 seconds screen went blank, and nothing shows on screen. i am pressing power button but no response on screen. what could be the problem with phone?
  3. S

    Solved! samsung s10e or huawei p20 pro?

    I have to chose between this 2, since I have been 'til now an iphone user (iphone SE). I'm looking for a durable in time device , such as the battery life, processor etc. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. jessitokki

    Solved! When I record audio, it is muffled

    Okay so, I bought £15 USB-C earphones for my Huawei P20 Pro and they are BRAND NEW. The earphones that came with my phone originally are damaged. I am a singer so I record a lot of audio, however these new earphones muffle my voice recording and makes it extremely quiet. If anyone has any...
  5. maybeits_jack

    Question Huawei Matebook 13 Only Switching on when Charging

    Hey all, This is my first post here so apologies if it's not quite of the correct format. Three days ago I purchased a new Huawei Matebook 13. A day after purchase I noticed an issue that makes using this new laptop frustrating. After powering down the laptop completely and leaving it be for a...
  6. K

    Solved! Screen problems on Huawei

    Hi! I dropped my phone and my screen c*racked. The LCD is not damage because it still work properly but the thing is the outer screen (?) broke and my phone looks ugly as hell. It's also hard to read because the cracks are everywhere. What kind of screen do I buy and how to change it? Im...
  7. admin

    Facebook Bans Huawei From Pre-Installing its Apps

    The ban includes Instagram and WhatsApp, but not user downloads of these apps once they set up the phone. Facebook Bans Huawei From Pre-Installing its Apps : Read more
  8. admin

    Microsoft Just Yanked Huawei Laptops From Its Online Store

    The US government’s ban on business relationships with Huawei is now taking a toll on its laptop division. Microsoft Just Yanked Huawei Laptops From Its Online Store : Read more
  9. Paul Wagenseil

    The U.S. Needs to Put Up or Shut Up About Huawei

    The U.S. government won't let American companies do business with Huawei. But it still won't say exactly why. The U.S. Needs to Put Up or Shut Up About Huawei : Read more
  10. Mark Spoonauer

    Info Huawei Has Blown Past the iPhone, and Samsung Is Next

    As the smartphone market continues to decline, Huawei is surging. And it could soon pass Samsung to become No. 1 in the world. Huawei Has Blown Past the iPhone, and Samsung Is Next : Read more
  11. R

    Question Huawei HiCare

    Hello how can i check if i verify successful serial code for Huawei HiCare
  12. J

    Solved! Huawei Safe box

    Hello. My smartphones display is broken, it doesnt let me do almost anything. (Huawei P10 Lite) I am connected to HiSuite (Android Smart Device Manager by huawei) and I have access to all my files but it doesnt let me access safe box, since it is encrypted. I have my safebox protected by a...
  13. 14LuvMusic

    Question Huawei Mediapad red light blinking.

    Hi, I've just charged my Huawei Mediapad T3 10, it's at 98% and unplugged, yet there's a faint red light which flickers then flashes bright every now and again. I've restarted it, same thing happens, I've switched it off and it's still doing the same thing whilst it's off! Just wondering if...
  14. K

    Huawei mate 20 lite touchscreen not responding

    I dropped my phone about 50 cm with the case on and now the touchscreen doesn't respond at all. The screen is not visibly cracked and the side buttons seem to work fine. The screen itself just doesn't register when I push on anything. Does anyone know what causes with and how to fix it?
  15. M

    Solved! Move apps on T 5 Huawei memorycard

    How do i expand interna memory or move apps to memory card on T 5 Huawei pad.
  16. G

    Honor President: We're Done with Notches on Our Phones

    In a candid interview, George Zhao explains all about Honor and its latest handset, the View 20. Honor President: We're Done with Notches on Our Phones : Read more
  17. G

    Huawei’s Next Phone Will Have 5G — And Might Be Foldable

    A new modem chip will make Huawei’s upcoming device ready for 5G. Huawei’s Next Phone Will Have 5G — And Might Be Foldable : Read more
  18. L

    Solved! Huawei Matebook pro w19 problem

    I worked fine for a few hours then I got a total blue screen could not do anything after trying to shut it several time the screen became black and now I can`t even turn it on. This is a new machine hardly used.
  19. D

    Solved! Strong Wi-Fi weak connection Huawei Honor 7x

    I have had this phone for approximately 6 months and really like everything about it except for the Wi-Fi. It shows a strong signal but the internet and everything related to Wi-Fi is horrible unless I am next to the router. It is NOT a bluetooth problem (I have eliminated that as a possible...
  20. M

    how to find a stolen Huawei P20

    Looking for 2018 stolen Huawei P20 that has been missing yesterday
  21. S

    Solved! How can I transfer pictures from a P20 Pro onto an external SD card via USB connection?

    I've been trying to transfer pictures and other media direct from my phone onto an SD Card. I have tried using a USB C adapter to connect the SD card to the phone but it doesn't seem to allow me to transfer anything across. Any help on how I can manage this would be appreciated.
  22. M

    Solved! Problems with SD card

    I have a Huawei Mediapad T 5. I put in a 128 gig SD card which the tablet recognised and set as the default storage location. I downloaded some stuff from Netflix and quickly ran out of space. I looked at several posts to find a fix. I looked for the option to format on the tablet but the option...
  23. D

    how to find my stolen phone

    huawei y6 Removed
  24. N

    Solved! Huawei Medipad T3 7.0 Android Tablet Model BG2-WO9

    I HAVE BOUGHT A SCANDISK 64GB MICRO SDXC MEMORY CARD. i HAVE FORMATED IT FOR xfat and alsoFat32 but my Tablet does not recognize this Memory Card.Please advise what corrective measures to be taken for this Memory Card to be activated in my Tablet. Thank You.
  25. A

    Solved! In my new Huawei tablet how do I find the fingerprint request?

    I cannot get my Google account accepted on my new Huawei tablet - says wrong email/password. When pressing 'change password' nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  26. M

    Solved! On my old deactivated phone phone how can I transfer my photos to my new Huawei phone ?

    Old phone is deactivated , how can I transfer pictures to my new Huawei phone ?
  27. D

    how to find network security key for huawei y360

    Trying to use the phones hotspot to connect to my laptop
  28. R

    i transfer my all huawei mobile file in my computer where my safe file also transfer in my computer.Now i want my safe file bu

    Huawei safe file is lost during transfer into my computer
  29. L

    Solved! Huawei honor 7x

    I made the mistake and didn’t buy the GSM unlocked version and was wondering if anyone has experience with bootloading this phone? They stoped handing out codes on Huawei website and people are using DC-Unlock but it seems like a scam and virus
  30. T

    How to tell if a Mate 20x is Chinese or global?

    I'm looking for a Mate 20x for use in the UK, I've found this. How can I tell if it's the Chinese or global version?
  31. E

    Solved! how to set Internal storage to sd card Huawei y360-u31

    so i have my android device that is above in the title and when i put an SD card in and tell it to write to it it isnt working. is there any other option to set internal storage to sd card? because i cant find any.
  32. B

    Solved! help picking a laptop

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to these last 2 and they really check off almost all the boxes that I want in a laptop that I can find under 600$ with taxes and shipping(i5 or ryzen5, 8gb of ram, 256ssd, 14in screen, aluminum chassis, thinish under 0.75in) Was just wonder if anyone on here has...
  33. S

    Choosebetween Huawei and Xiamomi smartphone

    Hello guys! First of all i want to ask you about my choice between these 2 smartphones. One of the is the new Xiaomi Pocophone F1 . I hear it has a great features ,Ram Cpu and another stuff for that price . But i also saw the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and it has water resistance , better cameras and...
  34. S

    Solved! Won't let me accept terms and conditions

    I did a factory reset on my old phone (huawei y5 2016). After turning it on to set it, it lets me choose the language and the wifi, but it won t let accept the terms and the conditions. I press the accept button and it does nothing. It wont move forward.
  35. F

    Solved! Why big smartphone chins, but no buttons?

    So I noticed, that my friend Huawei device has a gigantic chin, but no buttons. I compared his phone with my Samsung j5 2017, which has buttons, and his actually had a bigger chin. What is the reason that they have such a big chin, but no physical buttons?
  36. G

    Huawei's Notchless Nova 4 Features a Massive 48MP Camera

    The mid-tier handset continues to solidify the smartphone design trends of 2019. Huawei's Notchless Nova 4 Features a Massive 48MP Camera : Read more
  37. R

    Solved! Which one can run The Sims 4 better?

    Huawei Matebook D 14", AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, 256Gb SSD, 8GB Ram, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Lenovo Ideapad 320S,Intel core I5-8250U, 256Gb SSD, 8Gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce mx150
  38. S

    Solved! My Huawei p9 lite wifi stopped working

    I've had this phone for the last two years and half, never had this problem before, but in the last couple of days my WiFi won't show up in the networks list. Just on my phone, it's completely fine on my laptop. And on my phone i can see my neighbors wifi. But not mine. Even when I'm standing...
  39. gigabyte2020

    Motorola Moto Z vs Huawei Y9 2019? Confused!

    Hey guys, My parents bought Motorola Moto z whute-gold with it's moto mods a year ago but they stored it till I finish my exams etc. (didn't know about it then) This year I saw a new mobile which is Huawei Y9 2019 sapphire blue & I really liked it but when I knew about the Moto Z, am now little...
  40. G

    Honor View 20 Arrives With a Crazy 48-Megapixel Camera and No Notch

    The specs so far are incomplete, but show a high powered flagship with a new 48-MP camera. Honor View 20 Arrives With a Crazy 48-Megapixel Camera and No Notch : Read more
  41. J

    Solved! Hotspot and new carrier

    So I have a question I have a cricket phone that is unlocked Huawei elate and I'm thinking about switching to metro I use hotspot, but if I use my phone with metro will I still be able to use the metro hotspot even tho my phone is unlocked but originally cricket
  42. A

    how to find my mobile

    how to trace my lost mobile huawei p20 lite plzz hlp me alrdy 2 days over plzz hlp me
  43. C

    Solved! How to use sd card in huawei y6

    My storage is full but I put the SD card in the phone but still nothings happens.... I Need to download stuffs but they tell me my storage is full..... Whiles the SD card is in it
  44. C

    Huawei Band 3 Pro Review: Beautiful Display, Frustrating Fit

    Huawei's Band 2 Pro was the best sub-$100 fitness tracker around. The newest model isn't as good. Huawei Band 3 Pro Review: Beautiful Display, Frustrating Fit : Read more
  45. O

    My phone is Huawei Y5 lite and my SD card has no settings.. help

    It has only 2 options "format" and "eject" But i can't click on them.
  46. M

    Solved! need to remove a already synced gmail account

    i have this huawei p20 that i found and i done all the hard reset but still telling me to log on the last gmail that was on the devise . is there a way i can bypass this .... i need help on this.
  47. C

    Solved! Huawei LUA-22 WON'T WORK

    I had a problem with my huawei phone, when i plug it to a charger the it has a charging indicator but i have no response to the screen.. i try to charge it for about 2 hours but when i try to power it up, nothings happen.. no screen, no vibrates.. :(
  48. M

    Solved! Are these accessories trustful for Huawei?

    Hello there. Few days ago I buy Huawei P20 Lite and started to look for some accessories for the phone. Firstly to protect the phone with some protectors and to find a good docking station for the Huawei. I have found 2 videos on YouTube with some links about protectors and dock station, but I...
  49. S

    Solved! sim network unlock pin Huawei p6

    sim network unlock pin
  50. M

    Huawei's Next Target? Amazon's Alexa

    Huawei's CEO has teased a new Alexa killer. Huawei's Next Target? Amazon's Alexa : Read more
  51. M

    Solved! Huawei Ascend g620s - L01 PROBLEM

    When I turn on my phone, he is show "Internal storage damaged and is now unavailable. Please choose one of the following options: 1: Restore factory settings 2. Restart the phone But two options not work. I use hard reset phone from recovery menu but again show this. How fix this, please answer.
  52. D

    Huawei’s Awesome Mate 20 Pro Is Finally for Sale in US

    The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is now available on eBay for a fairly reasonable price. Huawei’s Awesome Mate 20 Pro Is Finally for Sale in US : Read more
  53. M

    Solved! Which Smartphone to buy?

    Hello, I need a new Smartphone. I watched a lots of phones, but I don't know which one to buy. The ones that I saw are the following: – Huawei Honor Play – Honor 8X – Huawei P Smart+ (nova 3i) – Huawei P20 – Huawei Nova 3 – Huawei Mate 20 Lite – LG G7 – Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S – Xiaomi Mi Max 3 –...
  54. B

    Solved! On my Huawei freebuds.The right earbuds volume is really low.

    I have tried everything.I have balanced my volume and checked if the earwax is clogged up.But nothing works.
  55. K

    Huawei Mediapad T3 7 - SD card usage

    Hi Is there no way I could transfer apps or data to the SD card on this tab?
  56. R

    Huawei lasting time

    How long will huawei honor 7c or 7a last under normal use. I'm quite curious before buying one. Heard that chineese products dont last long. And also let me know any disadvantages of it. Finally please give ur opinion if i should buy it :)
  57. R

    Solved! Huawei Mediapad T3 7 WiFi Problem

    Hello, So my issues started yesterday, my tablet wasn't starting anymore, getting stuck at the huawei logo so I entered recovery mode and factory reset it. After I factory reset, the tablet turned on and got to the basic setup where it asks me to choose language>choose region>connect to wifi...
  58. M

    Huawei safe folder

    Safe Folder is not opening? I want To Remove my Data to Default location
  59. C

    Solved! Looking for a new phone

    Ok,so at the time I m writing this I have a Huawei P10 Lite who didn t age that well.Now,I want a change.This time I saved more money and I want to buy a high end phone.The thing is I don t know what to choose.The main phones that I think would be the best are Samsung Galaxy S9(or S9+) or IPhone...