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  1. M

    Solved! How to remove apps from an sd card without the device

    Recently a phone I had got broken, i had an sd card in it so my images were saved but the sd card also had apps saved on it to. I feel like that's just taking up a lot of space on the sd card, it's gone through two phones worth of apps saved on it now and I don't want to discard it since it...
  2. P

    Question Move photos without changing the file date

    I'd like to move some photos from my old SD card to a larger new one, which is easy. But I don't want to change the "date modified" information. Is this possible? Paul
  3. B

    Solved! Nikon Coolpix sd card error

    My new to me, used nikon coolpix camera is showing sd card errors. Ive tried different cards & tried formatting them all. They work in my other cameras. The coolpix shows me a message "This card cannot be used" And one odd thing is the menu completely skips over the format from camera option...
  4. M

    Solved! SD card not playing videos after transfer

    I've recently purchased a 264gb sd card for my Samsung s20. I had transferred a my videos on to this however now I cannot play any video on my phone or laptop. When I try to play the video it states " Failed to play video, an unknown error has occured" I can see the files and they all have data...
  5. Unknown_Email

    Solved! Cannot delete files from SD card.

    Hi everyone. I have had an issue with my SD card in my phone running Android 8.0, not rooted, (Huawei P10 lite, purchased before google stopped supporting Huawei) where it appears that I can’t delete anything from it. The issue first presented when I tried to load some more audiobooks into my...
  6. nbd8

    Solved! Sd card shows unsupported on my redmi note 5 pro because I previously used it as internal storage on another device.

    Previously I used the sd card as internal storage on my moto g2 (2014). But now it won't work on either my new phone or my laptop. & my old device is dead. The data on the card is not very precious so i don't mind if i lose it. But is there a way to make my sd card usable again?
  7. K

    Solved! SD card on Samsung S9 will not hold any more files

    Every time I try to transfer new music via USB onto the SD card in the phone from my windows computers, It goes through the motions of the files transferring over, but the music either partially plays or doesn't at all. When I restart the phone, those new files are just gone. It's a 128 GB...
  8. K

    Solved! transfering video and image files from sd cards to an external hardrive via android phone (p20 pro)

    is this even possible? Unfortunately my tablet has stopped working and being repaired . wondering if there was a work around using my p20 pro and some gadgetry. external hard drive i have are samsung SSD T5 and a sandisk extreme portable SSD and a multicard reader what kit would i need?
  9. Crystallynn88

    Solved! Alcatel TCL LX

    According to the manual i can only use a 32gb SD card with my TCL LX. I was wondering if anyone has tried to use a 64gb SD card with it and what the outcome was? I need to buy a replacement SD card and really want to upgrade to a 64 but I'm not sure if it will even work considering the max in...
  10. MrRyan2582

    Solved! SD Card reader not working "The configuration registry database is corrupt"

    So for a while now, I've come to notice my SD card reader on my ASUS laptop is not working. I don't think I ever tested it out to see if it ever worked since I got it a couple months ago. I've tried cleaning out the port, tried different cards, but it was no use. I went to Device Manager to see...
  11. Norlando

    Solved! I formatted my sd card, how do I move pictures to it

    I formatted my sd card as internal storage on my moto g5 and moved apps to it but I can't move any media Can I not move both? Is it either I format the sd card as portable and only move media to it or I format as internal and only move apps to it
  12. S

    There's no option for photos when transferring to sd card

    The option for trasnferring photos to sd card suddenly disappeared. Can someone help me? Oppo a3s
  13. M

    Solved! Since putting a new fast SD card as adopted storage my power bar won't charge the phone and actually takes charge away. Is th

    Issues with latest Android system update and adopted SD card
  14. N

    Kindle fire 10 gen 7 transfer everything to same

    I broke my screen so I need the best way to move all data and sd card to new one. I'd like to keep my games intact if possible please . Thanks, N
  15. J

    Solved! I have LG K7 android v 5.1.1 HOW DO I SET SD CARD AS MEMORY??

  16. X

    Solved! SD card formatted as internal storage but can't install apps

    My 32gb sandisk sd card is already formatted as internal storage.My original internal storage is 2gb but only have 780mb left because of system apps. When I tried to install a 900mb apk file it says insufficient storage. Also there's an option in the apps settings that moves the app to external...
  17. A

    Solved! SD card faulty

    I was at the bank then I saw a message written that my SD card is missing but it was there so I decided to remove it and put it back and most of my apps are saved to it because my phone has only 1gb ram after putting back the SD card, I found out that all my apps saved to the SD card are gone...
  18. A

    Where to find that "Trnasfer files to SD Card" in Oppo A3s?

    I found it before but its gone again and I can't remember where it was before..
  19. A

    Solved! How to move photos and videos from sd card to oppo f5

    I transfered all my videos in the sd card of my oppo f5 but i cant see it anymore. I want to move my videos back to my phone but the problem is there is no settings of moving videos from sd card back to the phone
  20. B

    Solved! How to move apps SD card

    How to move apps to SD card vivo y91 Oreo android
  21. kdsdata

    Solved! SM-T350 Increase Internal Memory

    I know I can add a larger SD card, and I know that I could even make the SD card behave as "internal" memory. But there are performance issues. Access to the SD card is slower. My question is, can I install a larger internal memory chip? I suppose the biggest hassle would be transferring the...
  22. C

    Solved! App Access to my SD Card

    Why does an app that I download to my smartphone need access to my sd card and to be able to even delete files from my sd card?
  23. M

    Samsung j2 prime storage problem

    I bought a Samsung galaxy j2 prime, it was something like 100 dollars, not really much but still some money. I went to storage and the system was 5 gb and I had 3 gb that I could use. Very little amount, but I could live with that. I downloaded some apps, checked storage, had something like...
  24. D

    Solved! How can I fix a San Disk SD Card, I bought New ? says it's unsupported on my device, which is ZTE Blade

  25. P

    Solved! How to set SD Card into internal memory

    My phone is SAMSUNG J2 Prime i have searched some forums and websites to look for solutions on how to make my SD card into internal memory. Since it is android 6.0 marshmallow i follow some steps and there's no options "format sd card into internal". Can someone help me to resolve this problem??
  26. R

    Solved! SD. Card to get pic how do I do tht

    How can I get my picturs from sd card
  27. S

    Solved! New phone can't read old phone sd card

    I have a samsung phone that died. I removed the sdcard but it wont let me open them on my new phone. What can i do to get pictures
  28. G

    Solved! Acatel fierce 4 SD issues

    So I put a 16g SD card in my phone to use as storage and my phone is saying it 15 mb but I know its a 16g
  29. G

    Solved! Using sim card in sd slot

    Can i use a spare sim card i have in place of a sd memory card?...instead of going out to purchase a new sd card.
  30. M

    Solved! How to change download default location SD card in Micromax canvas spark q380

    How to change download default location SD card in Micromax canvas spark q380
  31. W

    Solved! How to return to pre-sd card status ??

    I allowed android 7.1.1 to move default items to sd card instead of configuring card as internal storage. How do I return things to pre-sd card status so I don't loose anything when card is initialized or am I misunderstanding process? Thanks, Mike
  32. E

    Solved! Moved photos from storage to SD card; lost chronological order

    I moved my photos from my phone's storage to the SD card. The moved photos do show up in my gallery but now they are all messed up. For example if I want to find a picture that was taken yesterday I have to search my whole gallery since it could even be mixed with my first taken photos from 5...
  33. S

    Solved! HP Envy X360 sd card adapter cable randomly shorted out. Any risks?

    So a few minutes ago, my HP Envy's SD Card adapter's connector cord randomly shorted out. I could smell it and small smoke, so I turned off the laptop, and popped open the bottom. I opened it and found everything looking fine other than the cord that connects the SD Card Adapter to the main...
  34. F

    Solved! My sd card is protected by nokia 3 and I need to recover data on PC

    My sd card is protected by Nokia 3 when I plug to PC says that I need to format. The data is there but I don't know hot to reach there.
  35. B

    Solved! How to move aps from internal to sd card on zte z837vl

    Need to know how to move some of my apps from my phone internal storage to a SD card. It is a TracFone ZTE z837VL. I will also need to purchase the SD card.
  36. T

    Camera photos won't show up in PC?

    Hello, the problem is that if i shoot with other modes than Manual then i see pics in SD card but when i shoot in Manual then they just wont come up, they show up in camera but not in pc. my friend said that i need some kind of a software to get them out? Thanks ahead <3
  37. W

    Solved! Moto G 3rd Gen

    I use a Moto G 3rd Gen as my wife does. My wife and I have been with CC now for about a year. As you know the Moto comes with 8 GB internal memory/storage. When we first got the phones I added a 16gb SD card for more storage. I have never had a problem using my Desktop PC to download photos...
  38. C

    SD Card (formatted as internal storage) no longer recognised

    I have a HTC U Ultra with a 32GB Strontium card inside it formatted as internal storage. Last night my phone died and when I went to turn it back on the SD card was no longer readable. Is there any sort of fix for this? I can't access the SD card anywhere else to recover the files as it is...
  39. L

    Solved! How to move games and apps data to sd card for oppo f9?

    Cant find the settings to do it
  40. O

    Solved! SD card problem

    My gionee s_plus can no longer access it's SD card.I bought another new SD card but situation remain the same Prior to this problem, I noticed that the phone performer optimization on start up consuming so much bettery owerri in the process. After that the problem started Has anybody...
  41. B

    Solved! How to move

    How to move photos in SD card Panasonic eluga l2
  42. S

    My phone says cannot access sd card what do I do

    I recently got this phone and now I can't take pictures because it says cannot access sd card
  43. G

    Solved! Failed to Download due to Missing SD card

    I'm trying to download a video file (a short film I star in) to my Fusion 5 Tablet but it says "download failed due to missing SD card" I have mounted the card correctly and formatted it to internal storage but I am still unable to do anything about it. It is a 32GB SD.
  44. T

    Solved! Apps and all downloads saved to Internal storage and not across shared (formatted) SD card

    Hi, I recently got a budget phone running Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition. It has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. I didn't mind the limited storage because I intend to expand it using an 16GB SD card. I formatted the SD card as shared internal storage because it was a lot easier to have "one"...
  45. S

    Solved! How can I transfer pictures from a P20 Pro onto an external SD card via USB connection?

    I've been trying to transfer pictures and other media direct from my phone onto an SD Card. I have tried using a USB C adapter to connect the SD card to the phone but it doesn't seem to allow me to transfer anything across. Any help on how I can manage this would be appreciated.
  46. R

    how tofix my sd card unavailable

    my phone unmount sd card and sd card unavailable
  47. M

    Solved! Problems with SD card

    I have a Huawei Mediapad T 5. I put in a 128 gig SD card which the tablet recognised and set as the default storage location. I downloaded some stuff from Netflix and quickly ran out of space. I looked at several posts to find a fix. I looked for the option to format on the tablet but the option...
  48. P

    Solved! how do I get my tablet to allow me to use my SD card

    I switched over to my SD card settings instead of internal, but when I try to down load anything from google play it tells me that i have no storage space.
  49. S

    Sd card malfunction

    Hi, my challenge with my Sony Xperia xa ultra is that it isn't recognising the sd card I inserted. So, I can't click on sd car
  50. J

    Solved! My phones internal storage

    My phones internal storage is always full no matter what i do i moved every thing too my sd card but it still shows myy internal storage is full so i wiped my phone but it still shows my phone is full i dono what to do anymore my phonr is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime +
  51. S

    Solved! SAMSUNG J1 ace not supported content

    Here is some problem. I try to insert the 8gb SD card to samsung j1 ace bcs its running out of space already. So i move all the photos& videos to sd card. After removed it, i try to open the photos&videos but its all black and show that its not supported content. Why is this happen? How can i...
  52. R

    How to Store Downloaded Files from Netflix on your SD Card

    Netflix is well known for providing astounding streaming services across various platforms. But in addition to providing mesmerizing content for online entertainment, Netflix provides a range of exclusive content and features in the Netflix originals category, which is slowly growing larger. In...
  53. N

    Solved! Help with device

    My SD card wont split data between phone & SD. My SMS card is locked on this device. I had my other phone, with the same SMS card, unlocked. I pay for 22 gb a month, additionally, but this device has only given me 8gb for the last 10 months. My storage is acting crazy HELP
  54. I

    How can to play my recent music on my smart phone off SD card

    IV bought four songs but I can't get them to play on Amazon music from my SD card so I don't know what to do?
  55. P

    Solved! Samsung t280 can't format sd as internal

    I have a 7" Samsung tablet t280. It doesn't give me the option to format the SD card as internal. I am using a 64gb SD card but it is hardly touching the SD storage. The tablet is running out of space. Is there much point using a 64gb SD card if it won't let me move apps over onto the SD card. I...
  56. N

    Solved! How do i move the internal memory to an sd card on my zte grand x4?

    Im trying to free up my phone memory to an sd card but I can't figure out how. The phone is a zte max x4
  57. T

    Solved! internal_storage to sd_card

    Am using oppo a71k mobile.The mobile has Android 7.1.i cant change application in internal storage to sd card. S there is no option to change application.please help to resolve the problem. Give me any way to change application to sd card
  58. S

    Camera wont show photos from SD card, but computer will.. help please?????

    I have a GE X500 16.0 mega pixel camera. I finally decided to put the SD from it into my computer, I renamed the folder and then put the SD card back into my camera. But when I turned on the camera it took me to Set Date, so I set the date and went to look at the photos and it said No Pictures...
  59. E

    Wheres my answer

    I asked a question about my sd card a few minutes ago but dont know where to find answer
  60. E

    How do I open music files on sd card

    I have an sd card I inserted and mounted on my lg phone and was able to access music files stored on sd card and when done I unmounted and removed sd card. Next day I inserted same sd card on same phone as day before but this time it would not let me access same music files as I was able to the...