Solved! SD card on Samsung S9 will not hold any more files

Apr 1, 2020
Every time I try to transfer new music via USB onto the SD card in the phone from my windows computers, It goes through the motions of the files transferring over, but the music either partially plays or doesn't at all. When I restart the phone, those new files are just gone. It's a 128 GB Samsung EVO, and it seems like it is stuck at about 40.87 GB. that will increase as I 'add files' but after a restart on the phone, it goes back to 40.87 GB. I had a similar problem with the last SD card (sandisc 64 GB) and it was corrupted and could not be repaired, is there a chance this one also corrupted? Are phones known to do this to SD cards or are they not able to actually utilize the storage expansion they advertise? I will reply back to this again when I get home where my adapter is and try to add files straight to the SD without the phone.