SD card faulty

Feb 3, 2019
I was at the bank then I saw a message written that my SD card is missing but it was there so I decided to remove it and put it back and most of my apps are saved to it because my phone has only 1gb ram after putting back the SD card, I found out that all my apps saved to the SD card are gone and I can't still download them from play store. Please I need help. But before that my phone fell down the previous night but I could still use my apps the next morning.
If there were any changes to the phone's OS, that would make the card not work anymore if you converted it to "Internal" storage. It would also happen if there is damage to the phone and it can't read the card correctly. Alas, once you convert a card over to "Internal" storage, it is encoded so that it will only work on that device and only while they system is as it is. So say you reset the phone, even the kind that keeps your personal data, then it would make the card unusable. There many ways to make a card become unusable ones it has been converted over. It sounds a lot like this is what has happened here. And, sadly, there is no way to get any data off of it once it has been converted over. It is unreadable by any other device.