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  1. M

    Are these parts compatible with eachother?

    NZXT H700i Ninja Midtowermodel NZXT Kraken x52 RGB I7 6700K / 4GHz 8MB cache Msi MPG Z390 Gaming pro Carbon AC Asus Geforce RTX 2060 6GB Dual OC Seasonic Focus plus Gold 850W Seagate 3TB HDD NZXT Aer RGB 2 HF-28140-B1 Fan And 4 GB × 4 Memory Can you built with these parts a good gaming pc? If...
  2. synoptic12

    GMAIL only opens in Incognito mode

    As Stated Above 1.) Cleared cache and cookies 2.) Disk cleanup 3.) Disabled extensions 4.) Checked for harmful content 5.) Reset Browser
  3. R

    Facing err_cache_miss error in Google Chrome

    I'm facing one weird issue in my google chrome browser. On searching it shows an error i.e. ERR_Cache_Miss. I'm not getting this issue whenever I search something in other browsers such as Firefox or Opera. I don't want to use those browsers as they're literally too slow to use. I tried...
  4. K

    Solved! I deleted my cache and want to recover it plz tell me the way

    I deleted my cache accidently due to which my pictures were also deleted i try all photo recovery apps but it doesn't work plz tell me the way how can i recover them
  5. B

    Solved! Phone only goes to Samsung Galaxy 6 screen then back to lte plus screen

    I've tried all soft and hard resets cleaned cache and phone still rotating between two screens
  6. D

    Gpu not being used after deleted directx shader cache

    I deleted my directx shader cache and afterward my computer started using Intel hd graphics instead of my Nvidia geforce GTX 1050 ti. Any fixes?
  7. R

    How to Clear the Cache from Fire TV Apps

    It goes without saying that Amazon Fire Stick an incredible device when it comes to home entertainment. This one single device lets you stream all your favorite shows from different applications and channels. Some of the most popular channels right now are Netflix, HBO, Kodi, Hulu, etc. Amazon...
  8. D

    Solved! Tab 3 v

    No option coming of yes delete all user data after wipe cache and factory reset in my Samsun galaxy tab 3 v plz help
  9. R

    How to Clear User Cache on Your MacBook Pro

    Clearing out your cache can help you load websites and online content faster, but it can be cumbersome if you have many individual applications on your system. Clearing out the entire cache in your MacBook can save time and it is not difficult. You only need follow these steps. 1. Select ‘Go’...
  10. R

    How to Clear the Browser Cache on Your MacBook

    The browser cache can allow you to load websites faster. It does so by storing specific parts of a website in your internal storage and using these files on start-up instead of downloading them from a remote server. This can eventually slow your computer down, so the cache should be cleared...
  11. K

    Freeing up space

    I have a Z750C phone. I was trying free space so I clear8 some cache. My stora6 went from 312mg to 107mg. It did the opposite. Instead of freeing up space it used it up.
  12. C

    Solved! kyocera c5170 bootloop

    i have a kyocera c5170 in a bootloop. i tried factory reset and dada cache wipe and nothing. any help appreciated. thanks
  13. W

    moto g 3 sd card only visible for about an hour after reboot.

    I have an issue where my moto g3 sd card shows up for a while after restart then vanishes without any warning. It is formatted as internal storage. Photos, video on it are visible after reboot then it doesnt appear on 'storage' nor are the photos visible. Previously it used to at least say SD...
  14. I

    Huawei mediapad T1 8.0 settings and process android phone has stopped, Google Play Store error, connectivity errors, etc

    I've reboot it, cleared the cache and data, factory reset it. edit: can't get pass on the login because, i got all this errors: - "Unfortunately the has stopped" - "Unfortunately the has stopped" - 'Gmail has stopped working' - Google play store...
  15. A

    Buy old Lenovo ideapad 700 or new ideapad 520 ?

    Ideapad 700 specs: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ (6M Cache, 2.6GHz) 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz 1TB HDD 5400 rpm 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX950, 4GB 730$ Ideapad 520 specs:same as ideapad 700 except for: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Nvidia™GeForce MX150 4GB 640 $...
  16. G

    S6 Edge Plus taking forever in 'wiping cache partition'.

    Attempted to wipe cache partition in recovery mode, but my S6 has been displaying "Wiping cache" for several hours now. Should it ever take this long ? The cache has not been wiped before during the entire life of the device's operation - over 2 and a half years. Would like to know what to do...
  17. N

    Solved! [2-in-1] Lenovo Yoga 720 VS Dell XPS 15 (9575)

    Aside from generalist use, I'll be using this 2-in-1 for programming and development work, digital drawing and painting, and some occasional work in 3D software suites like Maya or Zbrush. Maybe with some light gaming, but it's not really an important consideration. Lenovo Yoga 720 [$1,127.99...
  18. P

    Waiting for cache in google chrome

    Still waiting for cache in chrome in 5-18. I have done all recommended things on web including uninstalling chrome and doing a fresh install of Canary. all to no avail. Temporary fix is to post my gmail to firefox. Does Google not care?:ouch:
  19. M

    When I press power to wipe cache partition on a galaxy s7 edge should it give any feedback?

    I followed instructions and pressed the power button but nothing seemed to happen but the phone won't take any more input.
  20. J

    Ultra Pixelated Games

    All of my games on my Samsung Galaxy S5 are ultra pixelated to such an extent that I can't even see them. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the data and cache but nothing worked. Any ideas?
  21. T

    Will this run fortnite

    Brand Lenovo Ideapad Model 320-17 Processor AMD A9-9420 3.0GHz / 3.60GHz (1MB cache) Installed RAM 8GB RAM Type DDR4 Storage Capacity 1TB Storage Type HDD GPU AMD Radeon 530 2GB Screen Size 17.3. Can somebody please tell me if this can run fortnite and at what settings. Thanks in advance
  22. B

    how to avoid app crash

    When a particular App misbehaves it might be because of temporary files stored in the Cache. Follow the following steps. Go to the setting option then Tap on Apps and here Find the misbehaving app from the list (slide the top menu option to All Apps if you can’t find it) Tap on the App and hit...
  23. C

    How to clear app history and cache from zte maven 3

    Interal memory zte maven 3 maxed out after less than a month. How to clear app history and cache
  24. L

    Solved! Floating Point Friendly Laptop

    Needed some help finding a good laptop or laptop build. I listed some requirements below. Please feel free to add in with specific laptops, components, ideas, and/or flame. lots of floating point operations (computational physics stuff) parallel seems to do better on my machine handle bursts of...
  25. N

    Hello I am interested how much I can get for my laptop. Lenovo Y50-70

    CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ (quad-core, 6MB cache, up to 3.4GHz with Turbo Boost) Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (4GB GDDR5 RAM); Intel HD Graphics 4600 RAM: 16GB DDR3L (2x 8GB, 1,600MHz) Screen: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 FHD, LED anti-glare backlight Storage: 1TB HDD (5,400 rpm with an 8GB...
  26. F

    Can I delete this folder?

    I have this folder named "Security Cache" located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Performance\TheftProtection\SecurityCache. I want to delete it because its size is 2gb and I need to free some space. I had bad history with this folder too about 2 weeks ago it had trojans in it and I deleted it...
  27. E

    Laptop + Cable Box = TV

    Hi. I'm planning on replacing my TV with a laptop [it's more practical in my opinion, having a second computer in case something happens to the first]. I'm looking at two laptops, one with Intel® Pentium® Processor N3710 (2M Cache, up to 2.56 GHz), the other with Intel® Celeron® Processor N3060...
  28. S

    What can i do in safe mode samsung galaxy s7

    When the phones locked. In order to unlock the phone, the phone requires me to enter the pattern 5 times. Sometimes it is only 3 times. I've cleared the system cache partition. And I did a factory reset a couple weeks ago which didn't solve the issue.
  29. K

    how long does wiping the cache partition on the galaxy s7 take?

    i'm attempting to clear my cache partition, but it's taking a long time. is this normal?
  30. K

    Despite it doesn't work

    I have also a problem, i did all these steps but a list with E: can't mount/ cache/ recovery/ log etc. Can you please help me with that
  31. V

    will a Seagate ST1000LM048 1tb 128mb cache drive work in my Toshiba satellite c855D-55109

    I have a Toshiba satellite C855D-55109 and I'm looking to install a replacement HDD for my dead Toshiba MQ01ABD050 drive with 500gb, 8mb cache and 3.0gbs. Will the Seagate ST1000LM048 1tb, 128mb cache, 6.0gbs drive work in my Toshiba satellite c855D-55109?
  32. K

    Enabling SSD Cache Drive

    Hello, Recently, I upgraded the RAM of my Asus S551 and saw a SSD drive. I checked the disk management and saw that it has around 24GB of space. I read that this SSD drive is used as a drive cache, but I can't get the Intel Rapid Storage driver on the Asus website to work for windows 10...
  33. T

    Solved! Can't open the My Files App on my Samsung S7 since latest software update. Restarting, Force shutting, clearing the cache does

    The My File App on my Samsung S7 stopped working after the latest software update. I tried restarting, force stopping the app and clearing the cache. Nothing helps. I've been using my new phone now for only 1 and half months! What should I do to solve the problem. Can you please help me?
  34. S

    Asus rog g752vm

    I have a problem with my asus rog here's my specifications Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ (2.60 GHz up to 3.5 GHz, 6 Mo de mémoire cache) RAM: 64 Go DDR4 2400MHz , Disque Dur: 1 To HDD +256 Go SSD, Carte Graphique: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX1060 (6 Go GDDR5 I had an fps drop in most games...
  35. DiamondxCrafting

    Which of these 4 laptops should I get for gaming?

    yes I know I shouldn't be getting a laptop for gaming but I am, because I need it to be mobile Anyways, here they are: 1.Dell Inspiron 15R 3567 (i5-7200U 3.1GHz 3mb cache.6gb ddr3 2400MHz.1TB.15.6" 1366x768.R5 M340 2gb ddr3.4-cell battery) 2.HP Pavilion 15-au100ne (i5-7200U 3.1GHz 3mb cache.6gb...
  36. N

    Solved! Cleared Cache, did "Delete Dumpstate/logcat" -- still insufficient storage

    Cannot update even tiny apps, despite clearing cache numerous times, and conducting "Delete Dumpstate/logicat" and phone showing 103MB available. Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (yeah, I know -- old, but need to wait a couple more months before getting new phone).
  37. R

    Blue screen after processor upgrade

    Hello. I am not good in computers, so I want to ask you about blue screen which appeared after cpu upgrade. So I tried to upgrade my laptop (Asus F5SL) So I decided to upgrade T5550 (2m cache) cpu to Q9100 (12m cache). Both same socket PGA478. First when I upgraded it wasn't able to get to...
  38. C

    Websites look weird

    This happens with most websites and its very weird? Any solutions would be a help. It is worth noting that i have reset my cache and cookies and also uninstalled and reinstalled flash player
  39. S

    gaming laptop for 1080?

    Intel Core i3 6006U (3M Cache, 2.00 GHz) 8gb ddr4 gtx 950m ddr5
  40. S

    Solved! Is this laptop worth 100$

    It's an HP 1000 1204 1.8ghz 2gb 1333 mhz ddr3 upgradable to 8 Intel HD video card 500gb sata windows 8 64. I can not seem to find any in the USA on eBay or Amazon. They come up under India Amazon though. Does anyone know about these laptops if they are any good or when they came out. I can't...
  41. K

    Which cpu is faster and what purpose does the cache on the processor serve? AMD Dual-Core A9-9410 APU (2.9 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz,

    I'm trying to decide whether to get more memory and a hard drive for my Toshiba laptop or to just buy a new laptop. The new HP laptop I'm considering has an AMD Dual-Core A9-9410 APU (2.9 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 1 MB cache) + AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics. My Toshiba laptop has an AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M...
  42. D

    Can a 1st generation i7 run an Oculus rift?

    I ran the oculus pc test and it came back with my processor being the only thing below their minimum, although the steam utility said I'm fine. I've made a few upgrades since i built this back in 2010 but the processor has been able to power through everything I wanted so far. I'm running...
  43. BrandonK123

    iPhone Music YouTube Download (Cache) App

    Hey guys, all of my friends have an app that they can cache or download YouTube vids so that they can watch their videos or listen to music offline using no data. Yet here I am having looked through just about the entire App Store looking for an app to do these things, research tells me that...
  44. M

    my toshiba tablet will not boot up i have cleared all cache and did factory reset but it still wont start up any ideas

    toshiba tablet will not boot up i have cleared al cache and did factory reset battery is charged and it still wont reeboot do i need to use a externalstorageto apply and updte to the device
  45. T

    i have a lenovo tab 2 and did everything already but it keeps stopping at boot logo

    I already rest to factory settings removed all data removed all cache how to fix this
  46. E

    My Acer C720 is running slow, sometimes freezing sometimes crashing.

    My Acer C720 is running slow, sometimes freezing sometimes crashing. The time I can use it before this happens is decreasing rapidly, now down to 15 minutes. I have cleared the cache to no avail. What else can I try?
  47. F

    Youtube history, cache&cookies clearing

    Hi guys. I just wonder if I completely delete my cache and cookies in browser will it affect ? What I mean, will I be still able to see all my latest played videos or it will delete that history also? Thx for response.
  48. C

    Chrome "waiting for cache" system hang

    When loading a new webpage, there is a good chance of my entire computer freezing up while Google Chrome is "waiting for cache." During this period, CPU usage will plummet to around 2% and disk usage (all disks) will jump to 100% and hang there for about a minute. This only started happening in...
  49. SpecialGuy

    LG G Pad X 8.0 - Wiping Cache Partition?

    How do I wipe the cache partition on a LG G Pad X 8.0 tablet (V521) ? I am experiencing a problem with Google Play Services stopping frequently when updating apps, and performing a firmware update. I hoping that clearing the cache partition will eliminate or reduce the problem.
  50. A

    I'm trying to find an HP laptop for roughly $300. It came down to these 5 CPUs. Which one is best?

    I'm just trying to find the best CPU and graphics chip pairing between these five. 1. Intel Core i3-5005U (2 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores) + Intel® HD Graphics 5500 2. Intel Core i3-6100U(2.3 GHz, 3MB cache) + Intel® HD Graphics 520 3. AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 APU(2 GHz, up to 2.4 GHz, 2 MB cache) +...
  51. Z

    How to fix error downloading and no insufficient space left on the device

    I have a worst problem in my phone..The thing is that I can't download any app anymore!!!!except for app cache cleaner but the second thing is even if how many times I deleted the cache in all my apps or deleted some files in the file manager!!!IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!
  52. S

    How to use Browser cookies and cache to recover passwords ?? Anyone

    Hey guys , this thread is about recovering password or usernames, which you might hav forgot, with the help of cookies and cache ......
  53. P

    RCA viking pro tablet on Hard reset but it won't turn on or charge HELP PLEASE

    RCA viking pro tablet When it was on it was showing a message that said UIDS inconsistent and I pressed a button that said "I'm feeling lucky" then found recovery menu then I pressed wipe cache/partition and then it said it was done and then I went back to the recovery menu and pressed power...
  54. P

    HELP RCA tablet WON'T WORK!!!!

    HELP RCA TABLET WON'T WORK!!!! Ok first I did the recovery menu on my rca tablet and I press wipe cache/partition and then I went back to the recovery menu and then went to power reboot then it went to this black screen for 2 minutes then shut off then I went to turn it back on and now it won't...
  55. A

    [Heeeelp] is this Processors Good ?

    I don't know so many about processors so is this processor good for strong video editing ? like Sony Vegas or composing music like Fl studio etc.....! Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz Up to 3.1 GHz Processor (4 MB cache, 2 cores) and Here is more info about the processor...
  56. N

    I accidentally deleted my cache on my phone and all my pictures went with it. Any chance I could retrieve them? This happened

    It's a moto g 3 as well . Happened about 3 months ago?? Please help asap.
  57. burdenbound

    Does any one know how to keep the tomshardware website from going into beta mode?

    Does any one know how to keep the tomshardware website from going into beta mode?I have to clear my cache to get it back to normal. When I land on Toms I get I am not a fan of the look and it removes the forum live feed. Perhaps it's an account setting I can't seem...
  58. C

    I get a error your connection to this site is not private.

    when i try to login to a porn site it has a authentication required pop up under the part for username and password i get a error message your connection to this site is not private. How do i get rid of that message? i checked the clock cleared cache and deleted all history but still get that...
  59. J

    Good for gaming/web designing?

    1920x1080 [SKL] 1 x Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Mobile Processor (4x 2.6GHz/6MB L3 Cache) [G 2 x 8GB [8GB x 1] 2133MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM Laptop Memory - Corsair 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M - 4GB 1 x 1TB 7200RPM super slim laptop Optical Drive
  60. J

    How to wipe the cache partition on the Samsung Galaxy S7

    Wiping the cache partition of the Galaxy S7 seems to address a multitude of bugs and errors with Samsung’s flagship cellphone. Despite only clearing space in memory, many users have found that clearing this cache addresses everything from unresponsive power buttons, intermittent Wi-Fi to phone...