5.1 system with "5.1" input, 6 pin to "optical digital audio out" on tv

Dec 1, 2018
I have an "Auna Areal Nobility" , a 5.1 system which has no coaxial (as far as I can tell) or hdmi. Instead it has Bluetooth (but Tv doesn't) and a "5.1 input" with 6 pins : "S-R,S-L,SUB,CEN,F-L and F-5".

My tv, LG right now (soon to be a Samsung UE50NU7020) only has Optical Digital Audio Out (or the classic red/white LR). Is there anything I can do to make it work?

THanks ever so much in advance!
Dec 1, 2018
Thanks again - you guys rock, I would never actually have found it myself - too much of a luddite to risk it! Not too sure how to mark a question as "answered", but it very much was. :)



There should be a "Pick as the solution" green box with each answer. Just click one of those.
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