Question TV To Sound Bar Connection Incompatibility?


Jul 11, 2008
Not able to connect Hitachi TV 55" Model LE55G508 to soundbar Samsung SC-HTB10. Hitachi's manual shows that it only has sound OUTPUTS via Digital Coaxial or AUX. Its HDMIs are to be used only via amplifier use. See attached pictures of the manual.
I am attempting to connect TV's Digital Coaxial Output to Soundba's Optical/SPDIF Input by using this Converter without success.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Did you read the manual on that converter you bought? It has a switch that needs to be used depending on what you are using for an output and an input.

Not sure what you mean about HDMI for amplifier use, you may mean a receiver, and that sound bar acts like a receiver would. From the manual to the TV, HDMI 2 has ARC capability, as does the soundbar.

"The HDMI ports potentially simplify the wiring though, especially if your TV supports ACR (audio return channel). With new TVs at least one of the HDMI ports will be able to pass audio to the soundbar and automatically mute its own speakers when it detects the soundbar. It will also trigger the soundbar to switch on when the TV is turned on. Maintaining a digital signal means a cleaner sound too. "


Jul 11, 2008
Converter: Yes I noticed the switch and selected it correctly.
Amplifier/Receiver: My confusion. That the soundbar acts as a receiver clarifies this doubt for me.
Hitachi TV: It is now clear to me that HDMI ARC should have worked. I also found out, somewhere, that the TV's speakers must be turned off in its "settings".

Since neither HDMI ARC to HDMI ARC and use of the converter from Digital Coaxial to Optical has not produced sound at the soundbar must mean that the soundbar is defective. I hope this is the correct assumption?

Now I feel confident enough to go ahead at buying a new soundbar, with the incredible education I have received in this forum.
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