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    I need help with my new headset.

    I recently purchased a new headset, my laptop only has 1 jack. I bought a 2 female to 1 male converter. The headset is the Kotion G4000 USB. The audio is pretty good, but the mic doesn't work. Do I need to install drivers, or is the mic faulty?
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    Sony VAIO notebook with non-standard hdd connector...converter needed to sata

    Hi guys. A friend has given me a Sony VAio notebook and has asked if I can replace the hard drive with a ssd. Looking at the current drives connector...I've never seen one like it. It's not sata (definately not ide!) and the ssd I have is sata. Does anyone know if there is a converter available...
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    Question about Focusrite Scarlett, Magni 2 and Modi 2

    So I have the magni 2 amp and modi 2 dac i use for my headphones on my pc and was wondering if I buy the Focusrite Scarlett just for a at2020 mic will there be any interference or should I be able to have this setup? I'm only asking because im confused about the whole input/output thing. Sorry...
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    Pick Up Channels

    Do I need a Antenna & converter box to pick up local channels on a New 19" Element TV
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    HD Converter box & PVR

    Hello, I just bought an HD Converter box with PVR. This box accepts a connection from an over-the-air HD Antenna and performs PVR (DVR) type functions, like recording and timeshifting, then feeds the signal to the TV using an HDMI cable. I'm brand-new to this so I hope I'm using the correct...
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    Converter for BOSE sound system to use in INDIA

    I got a Bose SoundTouch 120 from U.S to use it in India. Could anyone please let me know the best converter I should buy to us
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    Will TV Tuner Work if Using Coax to HDMI Converter

    So the coax port fell out of my tv earlier today. There are hdmi ports so I was considering getting a coax to hdmi converter. I was wondering if the TV tuner would still work through HDMI or if that is a coax specific option. Might be a really stupid question but I am not sure of the answer...
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    Toshiba 32DT2U (No Headphone Jack) Connect To JBLE40BT BlueTooth Headphones

    I have some JBL headphones (i.e. JBLE40BT) and a Toshiba TV (32DT2U). I'm trying to connect these bluetooth haedphones to this TV. I bought a converter (i.e. Insignia Optical/Coax Digit-to-Analog Converter), but could not get it to pair. I connected a yellow cable to the Toshiba TV digital...
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    Help..Optical sound to HDMI?

    Hello everyone!, new to the forum I just recently bought a Bose cinemate 15 soundbar and was wondering being that it only has optical connections is there a converter I can buy that will turn that optical sound to HDMI???, thanks a bunch!.
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    How to find the right imput channel for my converter box

    How to put my tv on the correct input channel towatych for my converter box
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    can't download movies

    Using online video converter for you tube now suddenly I get message can't process or starts to download and just stops
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    My TV does have an audio outpot jack, only a green light that says outpot audio. How do I get the signal to my converter?

    There is no audio output jack to attch my digital to anolog converter to, just a green light that says audio output. How do I get the signal without a cable to my converter?
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    Have blue ray DVD with HDMI to AV converter to connect to older Sony TV. I plugged in HDMI and AV but only get NTSC screen on

    Trying to connect HDMI blue ray DVD to older tv
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    HDMI Female to VGA Male Converter with audio

    Hi I bought a HDMI cable so I can watch some movies and stuff but I found out my old laptop does not have a hdmi port so I was trying to find an adapter and I found this So do I need the Audio Port...
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    Monitor w/no audio jack or speakers- how do you connect to amp through HDMI?

    I recently bought an HP monitor knowing that there was a chance of no audio jack, since there were mixed reviews. There are no speakers, either, and 2 HDMI ports, a power cable port, and a DVI port. One HDMI port is hooked up to my PS4, and I tried buying an HDMI converter to hook up my amps...