Monitor w/no audio jack or speakers- how do you connect to amp through HDMI?


Sep 18, 2016
I recently bought an HP monitor knowing that there was a chance of no audio jack, since there were mixed reviews. There are no speakers, either, and 2 HDMI ports, a power cable port, and a DVI port.

One HDMI port is hooked up to my PS4, and I tried buying an HDMI converter to hook up my amps through the red and white slots that are on the amp but not on the monitor. It didn't work, and now I don't know what to do and whether the monoprice converter will work. I was told (by an unsure RadioShack worker) that HDMI usually goes one way, and going from the monitor> HDMIconverter> amp> speakers didn't work with the RShack equipment I bought.

Do I need to just buy a whole different monitor? It seems strange that there would be no possible way for there to be sound.