USB headset to 3.5mm AUX?


Apr 13, 2014
I'll keep this short.

I've seen the posts saying it's impossible and whatnot, but I don't believe that's entirely true. I am trying to find a method to convert an analog signal from a 3.5mm port to a digital signal for a pair of USB headphones.
Logically, I would assume I need an ADC (analog/digital converter) to connect to the 3.5mm, then an adapter to change from the ADC output to USB female? I just haven't been able to find hardware if this can be made, which led me to think I am going about this all wrong. Give me you guy's input on what parts I can use/if this is even a plausible thing. Thanks!


May 9, 2015
headset with usb connector has its own soundcard in the connector/headset.
converting digital to analog needs power
3.5mm jack doesn't supply power

no soundcard that I know of, has usb input since... plugging soundcard to soundcard is silly idea.
Supposing that would be available, it would still need drivers. This part is where most things would fail.

plug usb headphones to your computer
get separate soundcard
find a way to link soundcards output/input to USB chip on headset, drivers might allow this.
plug soundcards 3.5mm mic/stereo output to motherboards 3.5mm mic/stereo inputs

In 99.9% of cases, you get easier/better results by buying headset with 3.5mm plugs
It's impossible because USB headset is "Intelligent" device, not just digital audio stream. To operate, it needs to be plugged into a device providing USB host, and knowing how to pass audio stream to that port.

This sounds like a fun Raspberry Pi project - 3.5mm goes into RPi mic/audio input, and gets sampled / encoded and output to USB where your headset plugs into.
Sep 5, 2018

I tried doing this with my Pi, but the issue is that Raspberry Pi 3 B has no way to perform an analog read. Not a single ADC on the thing. Even the headphone jack is only capable of PWM output. Need an external I2C or SPI ADC, or use an Arduino. Arduino has no OS, so you might end up having to implement USB audio protocol manually.
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