Dec 3, 2018
My set up is: PS4, to HDMI splitter (which also has a Nintendo Switch that is not on), to a Vizio 5.1 channel sound system, to my Vizio TV. The 2 rear speakers don't work. The rear speakers are wired to the subwoofer, which is wirelessly connected to the sound bar. Is the HDMI splitter the reason that the 2 rear speakers don't work? I have changed all my settings to Bitstream on both the TV, and PS4, and the surround sound is on, in the Vizio app for the sound system, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas??
Jun 29, 2018
This may seem obvious And you poly did this but:
1)did you re-pair the sub to the bar? there is a pair button on the sub that is often overlooked.
2) the splitter- is it powered? I use a splitter that works w/o power but needs to be plugged in when connected to long HDMI cable.
3) are you using a splitter when you may need a switch? I have a 4-1 switch and a 1-2 splitter and mine only work one way.

I am very interested to know what the solution is because this is fixable