Sep 16, 2018
I have problem with my laptop sound.

In This video I test my HyperX cloud 2 on 3 devices (laptop, PS4, phone)

I figure out In my phone and PS4 stereo sound quality is good I can know where the sound come from right or left but In my laptop it seems to produce sound in two ear pad equally.

even when I plug external DAC nothing happens.

I tried to :
1- reinstall sound driver
2- disable all sound enhancement
3- check balance in sound options
The Hyper X Cloud 2 headset rely's on the inline USB driven sound card to optimally work when you pair it on your desktop. Given how the connector on the PS4 and your phone(assuming) is similar, I'd be wondering what the make and model of your laptop is and if it has a unified audio and mic output port...? If not then you're either going to need to work off the USB inline sound card or get a splitter like this.