Question What would be better for Laptop gaming? Stereo or Surround Sound 7.1?

Aug 5, 2021
I've been needing a new headset, and I found one, the HyperX Cloud Stinger. But on Amazon, there are 2 styles, Stereo and 7.1 surround sound. The surround sound is on a discount (same price as the stereo), so which one should i get? I game on laptop, but i do listen to music while i game. I heard there is a on-off switch for the surround sound. would that option be better? Btw, I dont have a sound card, and i dont want to go into the trouble of getting one. (I want a budget headset and $40 is enough for me)
The games I play are mostly Fortnite and Overwatch, but I also do play minecraft and Rocket League. (Mc and RL are my top 2)

What do you guys think? Stereo or Surround Sound 7.1?
P.S. Both headsets don't use a USB, only a jack


Yes you do have a sound card, there is on built into whatever system you are using.

The Cloud Stinger 7.1 comes with a USB sound card to add the virtual surround. If it's the same price as one without that, then may as well buy the higher end version.
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