Question LG TV vs Yamaha surround sound

Dec 30, 2023
So I have an LG OLED55C2PUA TV and a Yamaha RX-V385 surround sound system. I have all the speakers connected and working properly because I can connect my phone to the unit with Bluetooth and sound plays perfectly.

I then ran an HDMI cable from the ARC HDMI2 port on the TV to the ARC HDMI port on the back of the Yamaha unit and I cannot get the sound to play. The TV was switched to arc output in the sound settings, the Yamaha receiver was changed to allow HDMI Arc. But there is no INPUT option for arc just HDMI 1-4, USB, TUNER,. I'm really losing my mind here I have no idea why I can't get the sound from the TV to play through the receiver and my speakers.

My next option is to use the stupid audio port little square connection thing but I really don't want to do that.

Can someone PLEASE in simple English for a technologically impaired person simply tell me what this one wire connection is so hard to understand.....

Thanks for any help.