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  1. 0verK1ll

    Solved! HyperX Cloud Flight not turning on

    Sometimes my headsets wouldn't turn on( happened 3 times in this year. 1st year after the warranity expired), but if I let them 1 day, they would turn back on( maybe when the battery went to 0). Yesterday I used them. 1 hour later they wouldn't work. Tried to charge them, nothing happened. Today...
  2. Gatorceri

    Question How do I fix it to where my Asus picks up my HyperX Cloud Alpha?

    I have gone through and done everything I have found online to fix this problem. Nothing works. I have even checked to make sure I was not muted and that the cord is plugged into the headset. It all is.
  3. didx

    Solved! Hyperx Cloud Revolver buzzing/interference sounds

    Hi, I use HyperX Cloud Revolver and suddenly the mic started buzzing in random intervals. Sometimes it works normal and sometimes it starts buzzing without any movement or change to the headphones. My motherboard is Asus TUF z270 Mark 1 and the headset is connected to green audio output and pink...
  4. D

    Solved! HyperX Cloud "Surround Sound" just sounds bad.

    I recently purchased the cloud revolver S which comes with a surround sound button. The base headset sounds fine, not an upgrade over the cloud alpha I had been using up to that point though, so the main selling point was that surround sound button. To me, when I turn it on, the sound just...
  5. K

    Solved! Headset with mic and audio together with computer with audio and headphone jacks

    So i built a PC recently and coming from Xbox, I already owned a Hyperx cloud alpha that has the audio and mic in 1 3.5mm jack whereas my PC has the audio and mic jacks separate. I havent been able to find a solution or a cable such as 3.5mm to usb ect to fix this just wanted to know if anyone...
  6. K

    Solved! Looking for headphones under 50$ for music and gaming

    I'm looking for closed back headphones with a good sound and isolation and i'm going to add Zalman ZM-MIC1 to them. I have motherboard with Realtek ALC887. I mainly play Cs:go and WoW and i listen to rock, pop and metal. I was thinking about ATH-M20X, AKG K72, JVC HA-RX700-E and Samson SR950...
  7. M

    Solved! Audio Technica ATH-A900X / Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus / Sennheiser HD 598 CS / SteelSeries Siberia 650

    Hi fellas, As you can probably guess, I'm wondering which of these headphones to pick. Here's a also a little bit of background. My current setup uses the onboard audio of the Aorus H370 Gaming WiFi motherboard, i.e. the ALC1220 audio chip. I've been using the HyperX Cloud II headset...
  8. J

    Solved! I have a hyperX cloudflight headset for 2 days, yesterday i charged it over night and when i got home, i powered it on then of

    I have a hyperX cloudflight headset for 2 days, yesterday i charged it over night and when i got home, i powered it on then turned it off after about 2 minutes, and now nothing happens when i hold down the power button, ive tried lots of methods.
  9. C

    Solved! Hyperx cloud II mic volume can't be adjusted (stuck at 0dB)

    Yesterday I received my new hyperx cloud2. I plugged it into the USB adapter and plugged the USB into my computer. When adjusting the volume I found that the headset volume was adjustable on the adapter but the mic volume was not, I then went into window's recording devices and found that the...
  10. K

    Stereo Sound Problem in Windows 10

    I have problem with my laptop sound. In This video I test my HyperX cloud 2 on 3 devices (laptop, PS4, phone) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvnlpPWAcZc&t=40s I figure out In my phone and PS4 stereo sound quality is good I can know where the sound come from right or left but In my laptop it...
  11. K

    Solved! HyperX cloud stinger microphone is connected but isn’t picking up my voice. It use to be super static but has stopped and so

    Randomly my Hyperx cloud stinger I use for my computer (desktop) has stopped picking up my voice. I can hear friends on discord but I can’t speak. When I’m in sounds menu it says it’s connected but it doesn’t pick up my voice. I’ve unplugged and re plugged it in and gone through troubleshooting...
  12. B

    Solved! Left audio comming through my left and right headset speaker and vice versa

    Ive used the Sennheiser HD 558, HyperX Cloud 2, and the HyperX Cloud Alphas It's the same problem. My left audio is through my left and right speaker And my right audio is through my left and right speaker. Help? Edit : 3mm and USB. Same problem
  13. D

    Solved! new hyperx cloud alpha not working

    I bought a Hyper X Cloud Alpha headset and it's only working on one earpiece. I have only ever bought USB headsets and this one uses the audio/mic jacks. The MIC and the right earpiece does not work. The headset works on my phone no problems. The customer service on their support told me...
  14. M

    Help needed on choosing Gaming headset

    So I have 2 headphones in my list and im confused which one to choose. the first one is HyperX cloud 2 alpha and the other is HyperX Revolver (not the S). In terms of sound,mic and bass quality which one should I choose? Is there a big difference between them in terms of audio and bass quality...
  15. F

    Solved! Sound leaking on a brand new headset

    So I've just purchased and tested my new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, works like a charm on any other device. While testing on my computer (Lenovo Legion laptop) it appears that other people on Discord are able to hear only the loud sounds from my desktop, youtube, games, even themselves when my...
  16. X

    Microphone Cuts Out & Sounds Quiet

    So I've had a pair of great HyperX Cloud Alphas for about a year now, I've never had much trouble with it. But recently, I've been playing with my friends and they told me that I cut out a lot and my microphone sounds quiet. So I went to my properties and turned the volume on my microphone all...
  17. A

    HyperX Cloud Stinger microphone not working

    I bought this headset today and I plugged it in my laptop which has a dual jack. The sound is fine but the laptop doesnt detect the microphone. I have tried plugging it in my brother's laptop, but it also does not detect the microphone. What i have noticed is that when i mute and unmute the...
  18. M

    Solved! HyperX Cloud 2 Mic with splitter

    I know this question has been done to death, but I can't seem to troubleshoot this. The USB dongle on my Cloud 2s seem to have died, so I'm currently using a splitter (4P 1 female to 2 male). The audio component gets picked up, regardless of using rear or front ports, but my microphone does not...
  19. Miltoid19

    Headset upgrade with 100€

    I currently have the Logitech G230 Headset and I would like to upgrade to one with better sound quality. The HyperX Cloud Alpha have some really good reviews but I would like to know if anyone suggests any other option for 100€.
  20. H

    HyperX Cloud II Mic not working

    I just got a new headset since my other one broke, and I plugged my new headset in and tested the mic and nothing for it, I can hear clearly out of my headset but the mic just doesn't work I guess
  21. E

    Headset isnt working!

    hey so I have a windows 10 HP laptop and I just got a brand new HyperX Cloud Core headset and it works perfectly fine on my phone and the sound qualities are amazing on my laptop but when I go into steam, discord etc no one is able to hear me, I need help figuring out how to get the microphone...
  22. L

    Planning to upgrade from G430 looking for recommendations

    I'm upgrading from a Logitech G430 headset. I was wondering what's the best headset I could get for around 100$. I've been doing a lot of research and see that the HyperX Cloud Alpha is pretty great. Are there other recommendations you guys have? I plan on using it for gaming (mainly Siege) and...
  23. W

    Is my sound card ok for Sennheiser PC 350 SE?

    Currently have SoundblasterX G1. I cannot use PCIE as I have an ITX board. https://us.creative.com/p/amplifiers/sound-blasterx-g1 Is this external sound card enough for Sennheiser PC 350? As a side question, I have this motherboard: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H81M-ITX/ Is the audio inside...
  24. M

    HyperX Cloud Alpha Static noise coming from microphone

    There is a ton of static noise coming from my microphone, its as loud as my own voice. i just received this hyperx cloud alpha in the mail an hour ago, brand new just bought it off amazon. and the mic is having this annoying sound...
  25. B

    Laptop uses stock Mic while headset is plugged in

    hey guys, i need help i have been using my new hyperx cloud stingers for less than one week and i'm pretty satisfied with it, but today i dicovered that whenever i use my headset, laptop uses stock mic and it doesn't use mic of the headset only the mic, headphones work great, its nice stereo...
  26. J

    My Hyperx cloud alpha mic wont work

    So, I'm in a pickle, and when i plug in the mic included with the headset, it never works. It's seated right, everything else is seated right, mic is NOT muted, and i plugged in to my headphone jack on my computer and it transmitted audio, and im confused. can someone give me a possible...
  27. R

    Hyperx Cloud Stinger or the SteelSeries 200?

    I can't seem to make a decision between the two headphones. Which one between the two is better ?
  28. M

    What headset should I get ?

    Hello everyone ! After googling a lot I've come to a conclusion that my preferences are Arctis 5, Cloud Alpha and Cloud II. Yeah, you've probably guessed it, I like playing games.Mic's quality isn't that important, cause I only chat in Discord with my friends. I just want the most comfortable...
  29. E

    HyperX Cloud 2 - Weird problem with mic

    My headset's mic, which I've had no problems with in the past suddenly stopped working properly on one of my 2 pc's. On my laptop everything seems fine when speaking over Discord, but when i plug it in my desktop I cant seem to get the mic working. I've installed new firmware and drivers...
  30. B

    Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger or Razer Electra v2

    Hello guys.I want to buy a cheap gaming headset and I cant decide between Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger or Razer Electra v2, what you gonna suggest me ?
  31. H

    HyperX Cloud Wireless Headset mic not working.

    Hello, so I just got The HyperX Cloud Wireless Gaming Headset and when using the USB, the mic doesnt work, any advice? By the way, if this is any important My windows is : Windows Ten 1703.
  32. F

    Kingston HyperX Cloud ALPHA Headset

    Hello, I'm planning to buy Kingston HyperX Cloud ALPHA Headset, but i was wondering will they work, will they work good, on an older PC, older motherboard. Will they sound as good on an older PC as on a new one. Also do i need to buy something else with it or can i just plug it in my PC and it...
  33. S

    I have the same headset (HyperX Cloud 2) as my friend but my mic quality is much worse

    So I recently purchased a new headset for gaming since my friends complained about my previous one. So my friend recommended that I get the same one as her, which for me wasn't cheap. We tested it out while she streamed and noticed the the quality of my mic is worse than hers even if slightly...
  34. saintequila

    Which is a better headset for gaming

    Hi! Im slightly confused of which one to get, the redragon siren 2 or HyperX cloud stinger? Cheers.
  35. N

    HyperX Cloud Alpha vs Cloud Revolver

    Which is the better headset in terms of sound and comfort? Michrophone quality or price doesnt really matter to me because there is only a 5 dollar difference in my region. Also, the reverberation the Revolver's headband makes is not really important to me.
  36. T

    Hyperx cloud2 7.1 without adapter?

    i lost my hyperx cloud 2 adapter, how to turn on 7.1?
  37. T

    HyperX Revolver S mic quality over VoIP

    So I recently bought a HyperX Revolver S expecting it to be a complete improvement to my $50 headset. Once it was setup my friends commented on the slight drop of mic quality over teamspeak(The channel was set to the highest audio bitrate as well). Later one of these friends was watching my...
  38. L

    Standalone mic or HyperX Cloud detachable mic fix

    Hello, I've been having trouble finding the best solution for microphone so for the time being I was using Logitech C270 webcam. I have Kingston HyperX Cloud headset (2015), it's microphone is dead. I hit up HyperX team and they've sent me another one. However the microphone that came doesnt...
  39. P

    Gaming Headset ps4 only- Hyperx Stinger or Sony Gold Wireless 7.1

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask for advice in buying one of this two headsets. Price is not a big issue between those althought Sony cost exactly 2x more than Stinger. The main question i want to ask if virtual 7.1 surround in Sony gives a real difference when it comes to pinpointing footsteps and...
  40. A

    Mic doesnt work on realtek

    Hi, i have a hyperx cloud alpha headset i tried using my mic several times but it always pick up the in game audio (i dont have any speakers so idk what going on), then when i tried to speack the mic stops recording my voice, catch a lot of static, etc. I know the mic works cause i used them on...
  41. J

    New headset purchase

    Hello, my last headset was a hyperx cloud ii, but they aren't working anymore, so I'm thinking about the sennheiser game one/zerl or a hyperx cloud alpha for cs:go I don't if it matter or not, but my motherboard is Gigabyte H110M-S2H and I don't have any audio onboard card.
  42. T

    HyperX Stinger mic quit working

    So just recently (about an hour and a half from writing this) my HyperX Stingers, which I have owned for over a year, has stopped using my mic. I was using discord and was mid a CS:GO match when they stopped. My first instinct was to check if it was plugged in and surely it was. Second was to...
  43. K

    i cant fully understand my 7.1 HyperX headset

    When i plug in my HyperX headset to the controller. it only comes ut hyperx virtural surround sound. and i cant change it so its in my headset insted of speaker
  44. Z

    HyperX Cloud Alpha, Recording PC Sound/Music etc, Even when mic unplugged?

    Hey, Purchased HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset for Xmas. Sounds great but when I'm on discord people can hear my PC sounds... music, youtube etc. I've played around with all the microphone settings in sound manager and realtek HD audio manager, I even unplugged the mic from the headset and it's...
  45. G

    Solved! I need to choose one - cost-benefit

    Hey, I'm from Brazil so I would like to know what is really worth doing: Pay $220 for a HyperX Cloud Revolver S 7.1 in Brazil and get it by this week or Pay $259 + ~$65 (freight) for a Sennheiser HD 598 in Amazon and wait ~15 days I can afford any of these headsets, but I actually don't...
  46. J

    Cloud HyperX II vs Cloud Alpha

    Hello everyone. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category, but I couldn't find one for peripherals. I'm currently owning the Cloud HyperX I and it's a great headset, but the leatherette earcups are too worn to be usable (1 and a half year old). Only the earcups have problems, in rest the...
  47. O

    Solved! HyperX Cloud II Mic not detecting any input and randomly disconnecting

    Hey all, just about two hours ago my headset microphone on my HyperX Cloud 2's stopped working suddenly. This is my first time using it with a new laptop I purchased, and I noticed that it would randomly disconnect after only a couple minutes of use. I've owned the headset for quite a while now...
  48. E

    HyperX Cloud Revolver Mic Doesn't Work

    Okey so this is really weird... i got my HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset for christmas and the mic worked perfectly... now it doesn't work at all. My friends are saying they can hear the music im playing on my desktop but not me talking?
  49. K

    Hyperx Cloud Core popping sound

    Lately I have noticed that there is a popping sound that I hear while listening to music, gaming, etc... I bought my Hyperx Cloud core about 3 months back and up until now haven't had any problems. Thank you in advance for any advice regarding this issue. Specs: Os: Windows10 Home 64 bit...
  50. H

    Cloud 2 vs Alpha vs Artcis 5

    Hello,Firstly sorry for bad english :( I want to buy headset for CS:go,R6 etc.But i am very confused about headset because my pc have soundblaster cinema 3 and i can use surround.I want to buy arctis 5 and i saw review So-So surround and start confusing again.Arctis has got very nice shape and...
  51. chaos_viper15

    Razer vs Hyperx vs Sennheiser?

    So, I've done like 3 hours of research trying to decide on a gaming/PC headset. So the headsets I'm choosing while standing in microcenter for more than an hour deciding on are as follows: Razer Man O' War Wireless $52.52 Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 $102.67 Hyperx Cloud II $97.19 Sennheiser PC 360...
  52. O

    kingstone hyperx cloud 2 vs corsair void pro usb

    Which one should I buy? Personally, I'm a fan ouf corsair, but currently cloud 2 is a bit cheaper. (about 10 bucks?) So, what headset is better to buy?
  53. B

    HyperX cloud stinger not good at all!

    So ive recently bought the Hyperx cloud stinger and i couldnt be more disappointed. I've previously had the Razer tiamats and they sounded just fine. I understand the tiamats are going to obviously sound a lot better than the Cloud stingers but these headphones just dont sound right. I tried...
  54. L

    Best gaming headset

    I would like to buy Sennheiser g4me zero or Hyperx cloud Alpha.Any reccomends ?
  55. Mike Andronico

    HyperX Cloud Alpha Review: An Excellent Sub-$100 Gaming Headset

    he HyperX Cloud Alpha offers cozy ear cups, a premium-looking design and impressive sound quality in an affordable $99 package. HyperX Cloud Alpha Review: An Excellent Sub-$100 Gaming Headset : Read more
  56. F

    Hyperx Cloud 2 only 4800kz (Headset and Mic )

    Hey guys just bought the Cloud 2 Hyper X today because i heard from a lot of people that is a really good Headset. I came home plugged it in with the USB soundcard device and the sound was Awefull compared to my other 25€ Headset that had 192000 hz and i´ve been looking if some one had the same...
  57. S

    Headphone for music and gaming

    I'm looking for a new headset for music and gaming. These are what I've found: Sennheiser GSP 300 (€75) Hyperx Cloud II (€80) Sony MDR-XB950AP (€85) Shure SRH750DJ (€85) Sennheiser HD 558 (€100) Audio-Technica ATH-M40x (€100) Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO [250 ohm] (€130) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (€150)
  58. C

    HyperX Cloud Stinger Microphone issues

    So I recently purchased a HyperX Cloud Stinger headset for my sister. The audio works fine, but for some reason, the single 3.5mm connector on the laptop is not picking up the mic signal from the single 3.5mm connector from the headset. Windows is just straight up not recognizing it. There are...
  59. H

    New HyperX Cloud II Headset having muffled sound

    So,I bought a new Cloud II headset today since my old one broke.I used the cables inside and connecting to the PC,when I first heard the audio,it just sounded horribly muffled.I'm not sure if this is a feature or something,but I want to get a clearer sound.My friends also said that my mic audio...
  60. N

    Does anyone have the HyperX Cloud 2?

    So... Hi, I got the HyperX Cloud 2 a long ago, and one month ago the mic of it got broken, so I decided to open it and check if I was able to fix it, I got really mad because I was an entire our trying to solder it and I couldn't because it seemed like it wasn't a welding issue and more like an...