Hyperx cloud II mic volume can't be adjusted (stuck at 0dB)

Jan 24, 2019
Yesterday I received my new hyperx cloud2. I plugged it into the USB adapter and plugged the USB into my computer. When adjusting the volume I found that the headset volume was adjustable on the adapter but the mic volume was not, I then went into window's recording devices and found that the mic volume was stuck at 0dB and would.not change if I tried to use the slider or by using the adapter buttons. I also updated the firmware as some people have done and claimed that it fixed their problem. Please help, idk what to do and I love this headset since it is so comfortable, but I don't want to have to return it just for the mic issue
Mar 15, 2019
Hey cloudykraftfactionz,

If you still didn't figure this out, or if other people find this issue, check out this video. Its a nice workaround for me, just requires downloading PEACE + Equalizer APO.
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