Question Headset mic picking sounds (HyperX Cloud)

Sep 15, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I am in a really bad situation right now as I have checked everything posted in the forum and still got no solution.
I am using headset HyperX Cloud and my mic is picking up all the sounds I hear (youtube, games, streams etc). It is not only on discord but on sound check as well.

The biggest problem that I can not explain is that this issue persists even if I unplug the microphone from the headset. The jack is standard 3.5mm.

The problem is solved temporarily when I unplug and plug the Mic Jack on my PC and select "mic in" from the Realtek HD Audio manager, but it comes again after I Alt Tab on a game etc.

I have tried clean set up of drivers. Noice cancelation selection etc etc almost all solutions provided here but im still stuck.

Any ideas?

Thank you