Gaming Headset ps4 only- Hyperx Stinger or Sony Gold Wireless 7.1

Feb 28, 2018
Hi guys,

I wanted to ask for advice in buying one of this two headsets. Price is not a big issue between those althought Sony cost exactly 2x more than Stinger.

The main question i want to ask if virtual 7.1 surround in Sony gives a real difference when it comes to pinpointing footsteps and shots directions vs stereo in Stinger

I've read a lot, even considered Arctis 7 or TB Stealth 700, but basically its a complete waste for me to pay that much on a headset as i want to use it just for fortnite, maybe sometimes for BF. For fifa or other sport games it wont make any difference for me. Its just about being better in hearing that footsteps or even shots direction as i mentioned. I dont need it for any music/movies as i have Bose QC25 headphones also, but in those i cant use mic, which doesnt simply work on ps4.

Hyperx Stinger looks like best for its price, read only great opinions about it but the only problem is that its just stereo. Sony is dedicated and has that virtual 7.1 so i believe it can actually make a difference when it comes to games like fortnite but is it really?

I also considered Cloud 2 wich are more than Stinger but less than Sony, but to get 7.1 there i would have to connect it by cable to the console not the controller and even though i have it close i wont do it. So it has to be wireless with 7.1 or stereo with jack connection to controller. I also like the design of Stinger more to be honest comparing to Cloud 2.

Its also only for Ps4. I will never use it for gaming on PC

I also read that people break Sony due to bad hinge, but i guess its not a huge issue for me as i wont travel with it or throw it. Plus we are comparing it to the Stinger who are also budget ones without premium quality.

Anyway what are your opinions about this two? Can you notice the difference in virtual 7.1 sound when it comes to footsteps and shots direction? Would you recommened one over another and why?

Feb 28, 2018
I get same price for Hyperx Revolver as i can get for Sony headset but then from what i understand its same issue as with Cloud 2. It would be way better for PC, but to have surround on Ps4 i would have to connect it directly to the console. Would have to go with S version for wireless but thats too much. 
Feb 28, 2018
Well thats a disappointment. Thought i will get some discussion. Can you suggest any place to write this question where actually i can get some help? Reddit maybe?
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