HyperX Cloud Alpha, Recording PC Sound/Music etc, Even when mic unplugged?

Zac Wallace

Nov 29, 2013

Purchased HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset for Xmas.
Sounds great but when I'm on discord people can hear my PC sounds... music, youtube etc.

I've played around with all the microphone settings in sound manager and realtek HD audio manager, I even unplugged the mic from the headset and it's still picking up on my music and recording it when I use voice recorder ????

I have every sound device disabled except this headset.

The fact that it's recording sound even with the mic unplugged must mean it's a physical issue?

Any advice would be great cheers.


Apr 13, 2017

This is a common issue with headsets that have 4 pole connectors. Both the sound coming from your PC as well as the signal from your microphone share the same ground wire. This means come of the signal coming from your PC to your headphones is bleeding onto the signal being sent from your microphone to your PC. This is called cross-talk.

There is no real way of getting around the issue, I currently use the original HyperX Cloud headset and it has the exact same problem. It's on it's way out so I actually ordered the Alphas but after seeing a few commenting about PC sound being played in the microphone input I cancelled the order.
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