Question HyperX Cloud Alpha S Sound Bad

Jul 3, 2020
I just got these today and the audio just sounds off. It sounds muffled ( especially voices in songs/music) and muddy/unclear . I owned a Cloud Stinger prior to the Alpha S, and the Stinger just sounded clearer. I tried updating my sound drivers, no change. When changing the USB port the alpha s was plugged into, odd things happened. Sometimes, the audio would get worse. Sometimes, it would gain odd static in the background. Perhaps it's a sound card issue? I tried it on my Phone, it doesn't seem any different. I appreciate any form of help. Thanks for taking time to read this.


Could be just how they sound and you don't like it. I have a set of Alphas and they sound fine to me, but not as clear as some other sets, still not bad. If you are using them with a USB dongle it's not the sound card since it will be using the USB dongle as the sound card.
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