Solved! Sound leaking on a brand new headset

Nov 6, 2018
So I've just purchased and tested my new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, works like a charm on any other device. While testing on my computer (Lenovo Legion laptop) it appears that other people on Discord are able to hear only the loud sounds from my desktop, youtube, games, even themselves when my volume is high.

I am pretty sure it's not something related to the microphone since the same happens when I mute my mic through the switch on the cable (audio still leaks while i'm muted)

I've tried checking for driver updates, restarting computer, updating Discord, unplugging and replugging everything firmly in place... no results.

Also, I do not have any other option to connect (since there's only one audio jack in the side of the laptop unlike PCs where there are seperated jacks for speakers and mic) so i cannot try that. I strongly believe it's a software issue but I'm out of ideas.

Thanks in advance!!
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