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  1. Artisto

    Question My headset picks up every sound on the computer(Logitech g pro x)

    Hey guys, i am using Logitech g pro x headset and i have a problem, my mic picks up every sound that my computer is generating, like youtube videos or when im playing games, i tried everything i could possibly think of and scattered the internet for hours and tried many things, still nothing...
  2. F

    Solved! Sound leaking on a brand new headset

    So I've just purchased and tested my new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, works like a charm on any other device. While testing on my computer (Lenovo Legion laptop) it appears that other people on Discord are able to hear only the loud sounds from my desktop, youtube, games, even themselves when my...
  3. B

    What type of desktop microphone would be best for use with open headphones/noisy enviroment?

    I currently own a blue snowball, not the best I know. I have owned a pair of sennheiser hd598's for some time now and I have zero plans of going back to closed ear headphones. Of course I get a stream of complaints from people i'm in a voice chat with about them being able to hear my...
  4. ComputerWontBoot

    Earbuds with least sound leakage?

    I'm paranoid. Getting a new headset that would be ridiculous to wear in public, and my earbuds are about to die, so I need a replacement. But when I'm in public, I'm constantly turning my volume up and down due to the irrational fear that everyone around me can hear my music. Does anyone know a...