What type of desktop microphone would be best for use with open headphones/noisy enviroment?

Bryce Demar

Aug 28, 2013
I currently own a blue snowball, not the best I know. I have owned a pair of sennheiser hd598's for some time now and I have zero plans of going back to closed ear headphones. Of course I get a stream of complaints from people i'm in a voice chat with about them being able to hear my game/computer sound. I have tried moving my mic farther away but then they complain they cant hear me (lose lose situation). I need a microphone that can capture a field of audio as narrow as the space in between my head. I am not sure if a shotgun mic would suit this purpose or something else. As far as budget realistically I would prefer to stay in a $200 - $300 range. However if it means getting something truly specialized in solving my problem I could go as high as $500.
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