Solved! Looking for a hearing aid system : microphone(s) input(s) and bluetooth output

Oct 2, 2021
Dear Tom's Guide experts

My 89 year old mother suffers from hearing deficiency. She has a hearing device consisting in a necklace which can receive bluetooth signals from her smartphone or computer and which communicates with the in-ear speaker in a proprietary wireless technology (the brand of the hearing aids is Widex). This system is fine for handling telephone or computer communications.

There are some situations where she feels very frustrated, like being among her family members sitting at a table and not being able to hear the discussion properly. The in-ear amplifier-speaker are very often not enough, particularly when there is a lot of background noise.

I wonder if there is a device which would consist basically in a microphone (possibly several microphones) serving as sound input, and which could be paired with her bluetooth necklace as auditive signal output, so that she can hear better what people say. We could have the microphone circulate between people as they speak, if there was a possibility of several microphones it would be even better. Of course the device needs to be rather small, portable, preferably battery operated.

If you happen to know of such a device, please provide the information. I have been searching a lot on Internet but so far I have not found anything convenient. Thank you in advance
Oct 2, 2021
Thank you for your suggestions hang-the-9, but the devices you propose do not correspond to the need I have exposed. The walkie-talkies do not work with Bluetooth but probably with some radio like waves. The Terrano system might work with the helmet microphone but having people pass the helmet to each other would not be very user friendly !
What I need is a device with a microphone input and ability to pair with a bluetooth device and send it the microphone signal. Still thank you for your suggestions
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