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  1. Wadwamille

    Question Why do nicer microphones not work with VOIP softphone connected to an autodialer?

    I work for a remote call center. We use a VOIP softphone to connect with our autodialer. I have a RODE NT-USB microphone and a separate headset. They do not echo at all in any other voice program (Discord etc.), but callees say I sound echo-y or tinny. The IT guy said it might be because there...
  2. G

    Home-based phone service

    Hello, I've recently discovered that my 85 y.o mother is being gouged by AT&T, wherein she's been paying $50/month for landline service, which provides her with local calling only!! Who pays that much for phone service these days and doesn't even get any long distance with it?! She is paying a...
  3. T

    HyperX Revolver S mic quality over VoIP

    So I recently bought a HyperX Revolver S expecting it to be a complete improvement to my $50 headset. Once it was setup my friends commented on the slight drop of mic quality over teamspeak(The channel was set to the highest audio bitrate as well). Later one of these friends was watching my...
  4. B

    In game audio low volume when voip is active

    This happens when using onboard soundcard and my external soundcard (Sound BlasterX G5). Whenever someone is talking over the voip, the volume of in game audio will be lowered. I've tried to play around with the sound settings but not sure which setting to adjust. Any helps? Thanks in advance.
  5. A

    Transferring cell number to landline

    If I decide I don't like using cell phones, can I transfer my cell phone number back to my land line? My phone doesn't have Voip.
  6. K

    Switch to google VOIP?

    Hi, I have a phone service from my ISP and thought if I could switch to google voip since it's free. Currently, with my ISP's service I cannot call somewhere else other than in Canada unless I pay the extra. I saw this thing called obitalk and thought I could use it to. Thanks.
  7. B

    What type of desktop microphone would be best for use with open headphones/noisy enviroment?

    I currently own a blue snowball, not the best I know. I have owned a pair of sennheiser hd598's for some time now and I have zero plans of going back to closed ear headphones. Of course I get a stream of complaints from people i'm in a voice chat with about them being able to hear my...
  8. C

    Razer Kraken 7.1 Significant Problem

    When I use my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chromas to listen to music, videos etc they are completely fine, however when I try to use any kind of VOIP software to speak to someone, they disconnect and reconnect every 2 seconds as if I'm pulling and pushing them out of the USB socket. Things I've tried...
  9. S

    Mic having horrible feedback

    Hello my mic is giving terrible amounts of feedback in Skype and team speak ( it sounds a jet engine in my room) but when i try to talk in cs go it sounds perfectly fine. Also my ping doesnt go up in cs go so that kind of rules out that it could be an internet thing. What could be the problem?
  10. H

    finding a gaming headset with a good mic

    i have large ears and need a new headset with a decent mic as i use voip alot and i also use them for long periods of time. i don't have a strict budget but i would like it around £150 or lower. thanks in advance.
  11. J

    Decent microphone for VoiP/CS:GO.

    My budget is around $40 or less if possible. I'm getting some Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones and I would like a decent microphone with it.
  12. S

    I have been receiving an extrodinary number of VOIP calls with spoofed caller ID on my cell and home

    I have two VOIP lines at home and would have no issue with putting a packet sniffer upstream of the cable modem. What I want to know is how to identify the servers generating the VOIP calls with the spoofed caller ID's. I'm in a position to take legal action. I am aware that the people I may...
  13. B-man33

    Possible to not record Voip audio and only in game audio using a USB headset?

    Hello everyone, I have this problem with my Shadowplay recordings, basically when I am in TS/ Skype/ Mumble with my mates, Shadowplay obviously records the conversations. So, I did a bit of research and found this virtual cable http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/ (its really nice, I...
  14. M

    Voip hosted pbx penetration testing

    I've deployed snom ip phones across several of my business partners to allow comms internationally. Is there a way to pen test the phones? Maybe we've set the net sec wrong or somethings missing. I need our security to be fully reliable. I'll mention that we have a hosted pbx
  15. V

    No sound from specific applications

    Hello, all. So, this is weird. I'm suddenly not getting sound from certain applications when using my Razer Kraken 7.1 headset. It used to be that I would just plug it in to my USB port and anything I opened would route the sound to the headset but now I can't hear from certain applications...
  16. W

    Issue Splitting Inline Microphone

    I have been trying to use my headphones for VoIP for a while and, after suggestions here, I bought this splitter. After trying out my mic, my audio manager (Realtek) was reading that the mic was connected, but the mic was not picking up. The headphone out side of the splitter works well. When I...
  17. N

    Does Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones work with Skype(wireless-ly)?

    I am looking for a good wireless headset for professional use. Mainly voip calls Skype, GotoMeeting etc. And some very little gaming use. Going through the internet, found that this is a really good headset 'Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones'. But read that microphones aren't that...
  18. G

    Microphone for skype

    Hey, recently my gaming headset broke so I need a new setup for using skype and stuff. I have really nice headphones, but no microphone. I have a Cherry MX keyboard, so it's extremely loud and I don't want people to complain about it. So here is a set up I am considering. AT2020 USB-...
  19. N

    Weird ovelay in all of my games

    For awhile Ive had a weird overlay in all of my games, its a Microphone and a refresh button on the lower right of my screen, I think its from mumble but I uninstalled that. Here is the photo with the overlay http://i.imgur.com/ZrIdVtc.png
  20. Y

    Looking for good heaphones for 200~300$

    Hey guys, i want a good heaphones which is very comfortable, and has very clear sound+ good bass, and can be played with galaxy s4, i'll play flac files from my pc+i'll use it for music, gaming(W/VoIP) and movies. So what's your recommendation?
  21. A

    how to connect usb voip headset to separate speaker to allow hearing through headset speaker and the other

    I have a USB VOIP headset, what I am looking to do is connect the headset to a separate speaker so that I can both hear through the headset speaker as well as the separate one. So that I do not have to constantly wear the headset while I wait for the phone to ring
  22. G

    connect to another IP address within the same LAN

    My PC is; VoIP telephone server is, static. Def Gateway is; VoIP is hardwired Ethernet, PC is wireless. How do I connect my PC to VoIP server using web browser?
  23. H

    voip app on iphon; voip app on ipad ??

    Hello forum , I wanted to know if you could make short list or suggest me some on this question , What voip app on iphone or ipad should I use what is the best one?
  24. A

    Microsoft Lync 2010 how to dial in VOIP ?

    I have Microsoft Lync 2010 install on my personal PC along with other Microsoft products. I know that in enterprise (company)system. You can have Lync to dial a number or use for conference. How can I use Lync to dial a number in my setup? I have Outlook install on my PC.
  25. C

    When using VoIP sound stops coming from the headset

    Whenever I use a VoIP program, Skype, Teamspeak, Steam's built in voice chat, the sound of whatever is running doesn't come through the headset, but from the laptop's built-in speakers. I can hear every person I'm talking with through the headset, but Youtube videos, games' sound, music or...
  26. A

    VoIP app for Android

    i don't have very good reception in my apartment, so i was wondering if there are any decent voip apps that i can use to make the occasional call to landlines via wifi. i'm in the US (calling to Indonesia), so any app suggestions with decent sound quality will be appreciated. it would be best if...
  27. P

    Poor VoIP for international calls!!

    I'm pissed off! I always have bad connections calling my family abroad. Any recommendations aside from Skype and Viber? :??:
  28. I

    make use of home phone

    How to bring all your home phone to your cell phone and make use of your home phone cheap plans? you have fixed price on calls using your home phone and so you want to make all those call through your cellphone, is there a way ? Maybe a remote access you home phone using internet, like a...
  29. V

    SIP phone from web

    I am trying to add voip call capability into our website, so the visitors can call us for free if they have a headset. Finally i have managed to setup asterisk and found an sdk which can be used without any intermediary media server. I have some web development experience but i know nothing...
  30. K

    VOIP questions and referral

    Hi and thanks all for reading i am having diffuculties understanding the entire concept of VOIP because i am new to this and i understand that it uses tcp/ip protocols in order to travel over the interne but what i do not get is is it always free like for example vonage offers voip for 10 a...
  31. C

    ASUS G74s sever system lag while using VoIP

    Hi everyone. Time to activate my account once again. :) So... I have this ASUS G74s for two years now and I've had this problem (more of an annoyance really) since I bought it. It works perfectly beside this, let's be clear. Anyway, when using Mumble, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, C3... it works...
  32. exfileme

    Google Upgrades Hangouts with 720p Video

    Google is moving to use WebRTC in Hangouts. Google Upgrades Hangouts with 720p Video : Read more
  33. G

    10 of the Best VoIP Apps for Your Desktop

    Cut down your phone and SMS bills while staying in touch with these 10 VoIP apps. 10 of the Best VoIP Apps for Your Desktop : Read more
  34. A

    VOIP Noise Removal Freeware?

    I have chronic mic noise, probably caused by my audio card, so I'm looking into software alternatives. I have found a program called Solicall that works well, and it is the only program I have found so far that actually removes noise in real time for use in VOIP systems (Skype in my case)...
  35. exfileme

    Skype Video Messaging Leaves Beta, Now Free

    Now Skype users can leave video messages with contacts that are both online and offline. Skype Video Messaging Leaves Beta, Now Free : Read more
  36. exfileme

    Man's Skype Hacked 6 Times; Video Messaging Previewed

    Simple questions allowed hackers to access a Skype account over six times in one day. Plus, Skype will be coming to Outlook in the coming weeks, and a preview version of Video Messaging has arrived for the desktop. Man's Skype Hacked 6 Times; Video Messaging Previewed : Read more
  37. exfileme

    Messenger Now Officially Retired, Merged With Skype

    Messenger is officially assimilated into the Skype collective. Messenger Now Officially Retired, Merged With Skype : Read more
  38. exfileme

    Facebook Now Offering Voicemail, Testing VoIP via Apps

    Now you can send voice messages through Facebook. Facebook Now Offering Voicemail, Testing VoIP via Apps : Read more
  39. exfileme

    New Skype Competitor Boasts Up to 20K Callers at Once

    This social client merges IRC-like channels with Skype-like VoIP communication, creating a unique hybrid that may be valuable to gamers. New Skype Competitor Boasts Up to 20K Callers at Once : Read more
  40. H

    VoIP softphone

    Hello, I followed the description on this page http://www.****/p_122-c-sharp-wpf-softphone-code-voip.html but received registration timed out. Why did I receive this message? Hope you can help me. Regards,
  41. E

    New user account in voip connect

    Respected Sir...Good Evening...I am a Rynga user...but I want to open a new user account in Voip connect...as it is little bit cheaper with voip connect ... So please send me a set up as here in Afghanistan where I work is blocked everything to download. Please help me out this problem... I...
  42. I

    Voip connect

    Hello, tell me accont password
  43. P

    Voip connect user name & password

    I want to know how I can register in voip connect user name & password
  44. A

    Voip connect user name & password

    i cant remember my users name and password, pls what do i do
  45. A

    Voip connect user name & password

    i need user or password of voip connect
  46. JMcEntegart

    AT&T Launches VoIP App for Cheap International Calls

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. AT&T Launches VoIP App for Cheap International Calls : Read more
  47. I

    Nokia bh-905i mic not working with voip adapter

    I cant get the microphone to work while being hooked up(with a wire) with the voip adapter to my computer. I can get it to work with bluetoooth over voip(so its not because the microphone doesn't work), with the handsfree/headset audio profile, but that sounds absolutely horrible. 1. I have...
  48. exfileme

    Skype Banned in China to Protect Local Telcos

    China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has deemed all Western VoIP services as illegal. Skype Banned in China to Protect Local Telcos : Read more
  49. exfileme

    Man Hacks VoIP, Gets 10 Years Sentence

    A man faces ten years in prison for re-selling stolen VoIP minutes. Man Hacks VoIP, Gets 10 Years Sentence : Read more
  50. JMcEntegart

    Google Phone Could be Data Only, VoIP Calling

    An Android device with a data-only plan from AT&T. Google Phone Could be Data Only, VoIP Calling : Read more
  51. exfileme

    AT&T Green Lights VoIP Apps for 3G, iPhone

    iPhone owners can now use VoIP applications on AT&T's 3G network. AT&T Green Lights VoIP Apps for 3G, iPhone : Read more
  52. JMcEntegart

    Skype Founders File Copyright Suit Against eBay

    Skype and eBay are in the news again this week as a result of a copyright infringement suit filed by the founders of the VoIP company. Skype Founders File Copyright Suit Against eBay : Read more
  53. exfileme

    Trojan Targeting Skype, VoIP Clients

    The source code to a VoIP Trojan could become part of a larger, more devious package. Trojan Targeting Skype, VoIP Clients : Read more
  54. exfileme

    Skype: A threat of Russian Security

    Russia is looking to clamp down on Skype and other VoIP services Skype: A threat of Russian Security : Read more
  55. exfileme

    Forget iPhone, Add Calling to iPod Touch

    Want the iPhone without the two-year baggage? Why not pick up an iPod Touch and install Jajah, an application that enables users to call using VOIP Forget iPhone, Add Calling to iPod Touch : Read more
  56. G

    Vopium Wants To Be The First Native VoIP App For The IPhone

    Chicago (IL) - From Pakistani engineering, through Danish organization, with Luxembourg VC cash, and on to world domination. Vopium Wants To Be The First Native VoIP App For The IPhone : Read more
  57. G

    Microsoft Updates Messenger For Mac, Still No VoIP And Videoconferencing

    Chicago (IL) - Microsoft's Mac Business Unit posted a minor update for its Messenger for Mac that features a series of bug fixes and promises to deliver improved support for enterprise environments. Microsoft Updates Messenger For Mac, Still No VoIP And Videoconferencing : Read more
  58. G

    Can You Replace Your Landline For $10 Per Month?

    Bellevue (WA) - T-Mobile took a stab at an already dying industry and is offering a VoIP replacement for your landline telephone service for a flat fee of $10 per month. Can You Replace Your Landline For $10 Per Month? : Read more
  59. G

    Fring VoIP For The IPhone: Why Should You Care?

    Chicago (IL) - Fring is the first company that is offering an all-in-one solution to combine major IM and VoIP services into a single and free iPhone application. Fring VoIP For The IPhone: Why Should You Care? : Read more
  60. G

    VoIP On iPhone Using EDGE Now Possible

    Get ready for free VoIP calls on your iPhone. An Israeli company called Fring announced today that it started publicly testing an application for the iPhone called Fring, which allows users to make and receive calls using voice over IP technology. In cas VoIP On iPhone Using EDGE Now Possible ...