Question Is my sound card bad?

Nov 4, 2019
So, my pc has ports for microphone and headphones both on the back and on the front panel, also i used two different headphones with a built-in mic to test this. My problem is this, if i plug my headphones in the back, on one of the headphones the mic doesn't work at all(but this is probably due to the mic on the headphones not working, BUT it used to work ok) and the sound works perfectly, but on the other headphones(they are new) neither sound nor the mic work(it shows input from mic but only if it is punched or smn like that, no voice and I can't hear anything, sometimes a very faint sound when i run the test but it's extremely low volume, and only on the right side), whereas on the front panel, the first pair of headphones has no mic input, but perfect sound and the second pair has both mic input and sound that works perfectly, the problem is there is so much noise from the mic on both headphones when i turn on replay sound from the mic(first pair has no voice, but the second pair detects that as well alongside the noise it produces) it feels like a processor is screaming(other people can hear this too in voice calls). I've tried updating, deleting and installing drivers, software settings, moving other electronics nearby but there is no difference(ofc the troubleshooting tool is useless). I haven't got any other ideas except that my sound card has "gone bad", I am extremely open to any advice on the matter

note: to try and help with understanding the situation better and avoid confusion i guess :giggle:, the first pair of headphones is bold, and the other pair is indicated with italic underlined letters
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