Earbuds with least sound leakage?


Dec 29, 2015
I'm paranoid. Getting a new headset that would be ridiculous to wear in public, and my earbuds are about to die, so I need a replacement. But when I'm in public, I'm constantly turning my volume up and down due to the irrational fear that everyone around me can hear my music. Does anyone know a pretty cheap pair of earbuds that have barley any sound leakage and pretty decent quality?


if you want sound isolation you should look into iem or canalphones instead of earbuds.

basically this:

earbuds sit on the outside of the ear. this means they have poor isolation and leak sound. they can be a bit uncomfortable since they are normally hard plastic.

canalphones sit inside your ear canal so provide a bit of isolation and do not leak as much sound. i've found these to be comfortable however they tend to fall out with vigorous activity.

iems go deeper in the ear canal and form a very tight seal so are very isolating. not everyone is comfortable with deep in-ear headphones though.

if you want something that stays in your ear even with activity like jogging the ones with bands which go around the ear are nice.

want cheap canalphones which sound good? soundmagic e10s. since it is a canalphone it provides some isolation however not 100%. sound quality is great for the price. you might want to take the advice of some users and use different tips with them though as the included ones might not fit your ears perfect but thats a given for any in-ear.

if you want the best isolation you can get, a deeper in ear IEM would be what you want but you might not be comfortable with how they sit in your ear.



In addition to the soundmagic set above, I like the brainwavez delta http://www.tomsguide.com/us/brainwavz-delta-earbuds,review-2824.html

I have a pair and for the money, or even double the money, they are very good sounding and constructed. I had a pair of $100 Bose headphones (they just disappeared from my room one day, I blame one of the kids even though I never saw them again LOL) and listened to a set of $200 Beats bluetooth headphones, my Delta's sounded very comparable at a fraction of the cost. I really like the cord also, does not tangle, reinforced at the right places to keep it solid.


Feb 13, 2014
Not sure how much you were wanting to spend but the last pair of earphones I had were canalphones from skull candy ($10 non mic) at walmart and I still use them daily, if you have your device all the way turned up they do leak some but I would be more worried about your ears than what people can hear at that point
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