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Feb 9, 2021
Hi all, looking for some help.

I just invested in my first sound system to make pandemic life more enjoyable at home. For reference it's a Sonos amp with Totem Kin Mini speakers and a Totem Kin Mini sub. I was so excited to hook everything up after months of research, and mostly everything works except the sub makes a strange electric-static-windy-interference-whooshing sound (link below to sample file). Most of the online articles for subs relate to humming noises which I don't think this is. And it's not related to audio input as it continues after I unplug the RCA (to LFE input). This strange sound will immediately cease when the sub is powered down but quickly comes back either at power up or within a short time after listening. I should mention that the sub appears to be doing it's job musically, and the sound does not seem to be affected by volume level, so it's usually not noticeable with music on. It's just so annoying to hear it when the room is silent especially after all the work and money I put into this system.

Here's the video with audio of the sound:

I called the manufacturer and they were willing to take a look at it under warranty but the store I bought it from offered to exchange it so I opted for that. Now here's the kicker: the replacement arrived today AND THIS NEW ONE MAKES THE SAME NOISE! So either I am very unlucky and quality control on these is terrible or the fault would seem to be something on my end--electrical grounding issues? Interference? I don't think there's any cell towers above me as I live in an apartment. It's plugged into a quality surge protecting powerbar shared with the TV, Sonos amp, record player, Amazon FireTV and record player. I tried powering it in another room and had the same issue.

So I guess I should send it to the manufacturer (Totem Kin)? Or is there anything I can try at home first?

Any help would be much appreciated!


That is not a cheap sub so electrical hum from cheap components is less likely. Since this happens with no cables or audio test it with another power plug, maybe in another room. Try using a surge protector or not using one if you are? Does the store you got it from have audio setups on display? See if they will connect your sub to one of their systems to test it.
Feb 9, 2021
Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and for your input.

I ordered it online and doubt I can't get into a store right now with COVID restrictions. It is definitely a company known for high quality audio products and it would seem to point to something on my end given that this is the second unit to have this problem. But I'm using it as intended and shouldn't I be able to have the expectation that I can plug in and use audio gear under normal household conditions and have it work without these problems? Argh!

It is plugged into a surge protecting power bar along with other AV equipment.

Now I'm wishing I just opted for bookshelf speakers that had decent bass. I didn't realize subwoofers have their own issues. So disappointing....
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