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  1. everyos

    Solved! New Jib True earbuds start cutting out after a while in headphones mode.

    Hello! I just got some new "Jib True" earbuds from the store a few days ago. I've found that after a while they start to repeatedly cut out. I've tried unpairing and repairing them. I've tried turning them off and back on. I've also tried updating my Bluetooth drivers. Both earbuds cut out at...
  2. Ali_K274

    Solved! Sticky noises coming from earphone housing

    Ever since I wrapped my earphones up and put them in my pocket, I've been getting these weird sticky sounds coming from my right earphone's housing whenever I move its wire which didn't happen before (but not the left, which seems perfectly fine). It also faintly feels like something's moving...
  3. adam42503

    Question Earphone mics don't work

    I can not explain the AMOUNT of troubleshooting I have done for this. I am a PC gamer, and I enjoy earbuds over headsets. I went to the store and bought a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that came with a mic. My computer has Bluetooth, and the earbuds connect without issue. The audio works...
  4. Quackityduck

    Solved! Skullcandy Earbuds don't work on laptop

    So I just bought some new earbuds, Skullcandy Jib+ Active earbuds, model S2JSW. They work fine on my OnePlus 7 but when I try to connect them to my laptop (Dell Vostro 5581), I can't find them when I try to pair them. I go to the Bluetooth settings and press "add a device" but I can't find...
  5. A

    Question Best IEM/earbuds incl mic for FPS gaming

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you could give me any tips on getting IEMs or earbuds specifically for competitive FPS gaming. I realize that good quality headphones are preferred for FPS and I own a pair of AT AD900x, but due to medical issues with increased pressure inside my skull I can only wear...
  6. georgeano

    Truely Wireless Earphones Recomendation

    Good morning forum, :D I'm on the hunt for true wireless headphones / earphones / earbuds, without much luck. Apart from the cheap ones (in amazon), cant find any that suit my preferences. What I'm Looking for: NOT in-ear design (Bose ones still no good), Long battery life (4+ hours), android...
  7. B

    Buzzing sounds coming from one earphone + it's quieter than the other.

    So at some point yesterday I noticed that my right earphone was much quieter than the left and some kind of buzzing sounds with different frequencies were coming from it. I didn't think much of it as I was just getting off my laptop. After I got home today I plugged in my headphones once again...
  8. W

    Need help splicing earbuds to an earpod lightning connector.

    I'm trying to splice my KZ ZS6 headphone wire with the lightning connector off a pair of Earpods. From what I've found, pic attached shows what each wire is for. I've tried splicing the grounds, the lefts, and the rights together, and just left out the mic wire and it didn't work. Does anyone...
  9. N

    I do no want to use my earbud's microphone, but instead my laptop's built in microphone. How?

    I have a pair of really good sounding earbuds, but the microphone is garbage, has static and is quiet. I want to use the earbuds for sound and rely on the laptop's built in microphone. Right clicking on the sound in the bottom left and going to playback devices does not show any indication that...
  10. E

    Acer Laptop Mic Issues

    I am trying to use Google Hangout on my Acer Laptop but when I use my web cam you can barely hear my voice and when I try to use my earbuds with a mic it doesn't pick it up at all. Anyone have any solutions? Thanks!!
  11. R

    Solved! Trying to raise the volume of 1 earbud instead of the other (Apple Earbuds)

    One day, I was using my Apple earbuds when I accidentally leaned on the right earbud, then the volume got lower significantly than the other one (not my hearing, I checked). I want to calibrate my earbuds and make my right earbud louder to make it equal to the other. I've looked up some guides...
  12. A

    Samsung galaxy s8 earbuds broken?

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy S8 in may and recieved the AKG earbuds that come along. They worked perfectly fine until somewhere in august when the volume all of sudden dropped. (And it's not the phone as i've used these earbuds on multiple devices and the volum is too low even when the volume is...
  13. G

    Skybuds Wireless Headphones Review

    Skybuds wireless earbuds deliver solid audio quality with nearly four hours of battery life in a stylish design. Skybuds Wireless Headphones Review : Read more
  14. AndrewDafuqq

    Best IEMs/Earphones for iPhone Music?

    Hey, My Shure SE215s recently broke and now I am looking for an "upgrade" to the and found these two options: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones OR MEEAudio M6 PRO Earphones What I am looking for in these earphones are comfort, convience (inline remote w/ control and volume) and also am...
  15. S

    Finding the Right Headset / Earbuds For Hip / Hop or Bass

    Hello, i recently ordered Beats Solo 2 for 80 dollars off of groupon. Yes I know what choice I made since they are always frowned upon, but I ordered them so I can really see what they sound like. If I were to return these, (which im 75% sure I will) i would like to get a good pair of headphones...
  16. PickyPerson

    Best Earbuds for Walking to School?

    My Apple earbuds lost all sound in the left bud yesterday and so need a new pair of earbuds before school starts. It takes me 15 minutes and to walk to school another 15 to walk back and I prefer if I have music to entertain me on the way. I'm not looking to spend more than £10 and nether do I...
  17. T

    Any recommendations on low budget earbuds?

    It has to be earbuds, it cannot be headphones, so there's that. I need it to be low-budget, but I also need them to be extremely comfortable in the ears... As well as the best sound quality as possible.... Thanks
  18. Mr Kagouris

    Earbud choice, need the input of audiophiles

    So I know next to nothing about actually choosing sound devices. I have a general idea of what brands are good but no specific knowledge of the quality of various earbuds. I'm looking for something up to 40$, high notes are much more important than bass in this case. Please give me some good...
  19. M

    Good earphones for general PC use?

    I'm looking for a good pair of earphones to use for general PC use (watching YouTube, twitch streams, listening to music, etc). I have the HyperX Cloud gaming headset which I will still use when gaming and if the earphones begin hurting my ears, but I want something now that isn't surrounding my...
  20. I

    PC Audio jack has one bud working and the other bud not working

    So yesterday I came across a problem where one of my samsung earbuds were working and the other wasn't. I decided to buy a cheap $5 one as a temporary replacement. Over three different pairs of earbuds, all of them have the same problem of one bud only working. I now come to realize that the PC...
  21. ComputerWontBoot

    Earbuds with least sound leakage?

    I'm paranoid. Getting a new headset that would be ridiculous to wear in public, and my earbuds are about to die, so I need a replacement. But when I'm in public, I'm constantly turning my volume up and down due to the irrational fear that everyone around me can hear my music. Does anyone know a...
  22. A

    Best Earbuds under $50

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a good set of earbuds with good base, and solid mids and highs. Here are my choices so far: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001EZYMF4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?tag=sogu-20&ie=UTF8&psc=1...
  23. M

    Are there any good gaming earbuds? Do they even exist?

    Hi so I just got glasses because of my headaches and now the problem is that my headset got very uncomfortable to use because of the glasses. So the only solution would be getting earbuds(if there is another solution please tell me). I'm also a gamer so i want earbuds that works for gaming...
  24. K

    Help choosing earbuds.

    Hello, I wanted to ask, what is the best earbuds for listening music. I've red some reviews of Razer Hammerhead but their mid and high's are somewhat taken over by bass. So, is there any better earbuds, who are balanced? Price range 50-100$, but can go bit higher if they're better.
  25. H

    Earbuds acting up.

    After school i took my earbuds up and they only worked on one the right ear. And later i found out that if a tilt the wire or whatever you call it. It changes the sound from my right ear to my left ear. And sometimes both. Any fix? Thank you:=)
  26. LiquidCesium

    Kick @$$ Headpones or Earbuds (I need reccomendations)

    Hey guys and happy holidays! I am looking for a pair of headphones and i do not know where to start. I hate Beats so that is instantly out. I can go with headphones or ear buds. I have looked at some JBL Syncronos S700's but im not sure since i dont know much about the quality of their...