Question Earphone mics don't work

Jul 17, 2020
I can not explain the AMOUNT of troubleshooting I have done for this.

I am a PC gamer, and I enjoy earbuds over headsets.

I went to the store and bought a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that came with a mic. My computer has Bluetooth, and the earbuds connect without issue.

The audio works perfectly fine, but the mic does not work at all. The mic shows up in the device manager, and on the recording tab of the system sounds, but doesn't work.

I have tried everything possible to fix it, to no avail.

I deemed that it was a problem with Bluetooth.

I got a pair of wired earbuds. They are 3 ring headphone+mic, and come with a splitter for 2 ring audio and mic. The mic doesn't work on them either, audio is great.

I have tried every combination of the wire configuration with and without the splitter, on both front panel and back panel audio jacks, on multiple computers. NOTHING WORKS.

I emailed the provider, and described the issue. They said it must be a bad pair, and even sent me a new pair of the same buds without having me send the other pair back.

Of course, the mic on that doesn't work either. Same problem. same results when troubleshooting.

I am at a loss and I can not determine if its a problem with 3 different computers or if I am missing something or if I am just having some really bad luck with my earbuds.

The Bluetooth earbuds are:

Wired are:
Jul 17, 2020
Did you try the earbuds with a phone yet?

Do applications have the right to use the mic in windows? sure that the microphone,connected correctly to your computer.&text=On the Levels tab of,make sure your settings work.

Did you plug in the splitter to the MIC port of the PC?

Did you set this mic in recording devices (sound) as default device?
yes I have done all of these. When I use the phone, it just defaults to the phones mic rather than the earbuds mic - dont know how to change that. All applications have permissions.
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Jul 17, 2020
the wired one as well?
I have tried those methods for both wired and Bluetooth earbuds.

However the Bluetooth acts differently.

The mic is registered in the devices, but doesn't work.
And oddly enough, when I go to the recording tab on the sounds window, the audio stops, and I cant hear anything. It continues when I exit the window or switch to a different tab. aka the audio completely stops if the mic is in use. When I try playing Cod Warzone, I can only hear the intro - nothing afterwards. To fix this, I have to disable the Bluetooth mic. but then i don't have a mic lol.

I thought maybe this could be a design flaw with the Bluetooth earbuds - maybe it was designed for taking calls on a phone, so when the mic is in use, it blocks all background audio. However, when on a PC and the mic is in use, it blocks ALL audio. not sure on this one.
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