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  1. M

    Question How do I fix my mic? When I plug in my controller it stops working.

    My mic stops working after plugging in my controller. Most of the time it remains connected to the pc as a default device but sometimes it doesn't recognize its plugged in. I have disabled the audio playback and recording of the ps4 controller. My audio interface still picks up me speaking but...
  2. davidcaky

    Question Problem with rode nt2a

    I buy rode nt2-a mic it has XLR cable so i buy XLR-to USB cable i plug in to PC and mic has no sound like it will be without any energy
  3. Akram Sidena

    Question No Audio Output after plugging Mic in Single Jack Laptop

    I looked up the internet for quite some time now but I can't seem to find a solution to this apparently should-be-easy-to-solve problem. I have a Laptop (Acer Aspire E527) that has only ONE audio jack (for headphones/sets). When I plug in the mic, the mic works as it should, but there is no...
  4. Linda Shrum

    Question Need help mic not working

    Hello I have bought cheap collar mic for my laptop. My laptop has two ports one for mic and other for headset. Problem is when i plug my mic in mic port it doesn't work but when i plug it in headset port it works just fine it creates a problem that i cant listen to what i recorded unless i...
  5. BlaM666

    Question Laptop Using Internal Mic Instead of Headset

    I just restarted my Inspirion Dell Laptop (I'm not sure if there was a windows update or not) but when it restarted even though my headphones (Razer Kraken 7.1) were plugged in it would use the built-in microphone. I've tried restarting my computer and reinstalling the microphone driver. I've...
  6. CloudPink

    Solved! Two Blue Yeti mics in one room

    We have two gaming set ups in one room. Both have Blue Yeti microphones. Both use the Discord desktop app to communicate. One person can hear their voice from the other mic and it is very distracting. Set up ONE (cannot hear their own voice from the other mic): -Blue Yeti mic with gains all...
  7. H

    Solved! Microphone broken after screen repair (fix or portable USB alternative)

    I tinkered with the screen of my Thinkpad 540E to fix a broken column of pixels. A few weeks later, I noticed that the internal microphone is no longer picking up any sound. I have tried on both the preinstalled Windows 8 and my Ubuntu 16.04 systems. It was working on both before. The internal...
  8. M

    Question new usb mic gives off violent static noise when i first load into a program to use it

    so this is a really annoying and odd problem. if i load into a game chat, or discord etc, my mic just gives off a loud violet static buzz. but unplugging and plugging it back in fixes it.. im on win10, its a Neewer 8000 usb.
  9. adam42503

    Question Earphone mics don't work

    I can not explain the AMOUNT of troubleshooting I have done for this. I am a PC gamer, and I enjoy earbuds over headsets. I went to the store and bought a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that came with a mic. My computer has Bluetooth, and the earbuds connect without issue. The audio works...
  10. atesba

    Solved! Apple Headphone's mic not working with PC.

    Hi, I have an Apple headphone with 3.5 mm jack. I want to use it as both headphone and mic on my PC. I've bought a splitter cable for mic and headphone but the mic doesn't work. -Splitter works fine when tested with different headphone on same pc. -Apple headphones mic works fine when I use it...
  11. B

    Solved! My mic doesn't work... pls help

    I've plugged in my headset with a headset splitter and i can hear things but cannot speak. When i'm in discord with my friends they can hear what i'm listening to quietly. I know my mic works as when i'm on PS4 it works fine. I watched many videos on how to fix my mic but none of them work. It...
  12. Drakon_71

    Solved! How do I stop my microphone from doing this when I record

    Whenever I record (I use shadow play) my voice track sounds just fine.... but when I go to play a YouTube video while recording, the audio track that's recording the YouTube video starts to make these tick sounds. They're very easy to hear and I can't get rid of them through editing...
  13. J

    Question How can I use my mic jack as a headphone jack?

    My headphone jack recently broke where when I put the headphones in all the way, the audio only plays on one side. To make it normal, the plug has to be very loosely in the jack. How do I use the mic jack as a headphone jack? I know that Realtek HD Audio Manager is able to do that, but I don't...
  14. N

    Solved! Blue Snowball Not Working

    ***Solved*** So, i just got this blue snowball and tested it out but for some reason my computer wont register it picking up sound. on my brothers computer it works fine, and earlier in the month i was using my brothers blue snowball and it worked fine on my computer. not sure whats changed and...
  15. L

    Can you solve Headset to PC audio splitting without using that adapter?

    I have a headset with only one 3.5 mm 4-pole jack and I have speakers with only one 3.5 mm headset only jack(no mic). I want to use that mic with those speakers but only headset audio comes out,the mic isn't working...I want to solve that if possible
  16. P

    MY hyperx cloud 2 mic doesnt work!

    see i got this headset for like 2 months and the mic still doesnt work. i need to use a camera to use like a mic but its not that good. please get a answer.
  17. A

    Realtek audio manager not opening/Realtek audio manager not detecting earphones with mic

    As the title says, realtek hd audio manager is not opening ( the application ) and not detecting any device connected to my laptop. I have a dell inspiron 7559 laptop. About 3-4 months back it was working just fine ( detecting any device such as earphones with mic connected to it), then suddenly...
  18. D

    How to turn off mic on Asus X550L and use a Philips SBC MD110 microphone

    Hi, I have only one inbuild sound port, before this I read that i need adapter with two ports, because I want add my microphone and speakers. Now when i add that adapter laptop still use inbuild mic not Philips, and before adapter and now, i cant find where i can turn on Philips mic and turn off...
  19. E

    Headphone Y splitter not picking up voice. Please help!

    I have headphones with a microphone that has 1 output 3.5mm jack. My PC has a separate mic and headphone jack. So I bought a splitter cable off of amazon for like $5 that I plug my headphones into and it splits it. I plug it in and I can hear fine out of it but when I try to speak in discord...
  20. S

    Using Y splitter, can get sound OR mic to work, not both

    I'm using a V-MODA mic with a pair of Philips SHP9500 headphones. I've been using this set up for a little over a year without issue. Yesterday, my microphone stopped receiving. I did some testing and both the headset and mic work without the splitter. So obviously I figured the Y adapter was...
  21. HVCFOG3Y34

    Need Opinion on My Selection

    I've been looking into getting a new headset with good sound because im not satisfied with my current headset anymore. What I use my headset for now is pc gaming and recording game play. I also would use it with my consoles, mainly PS4. I've looked around and I hear this headset is great. But...
  22. T

    Need help with possible audio problem.

    So first of all I am not an audio engineer and I need help from some of you awesome people audio engineer or not. I have an XLR AT2020 microphone hooked up to my xenyx802 mixer and then that goes into the back of my Sound blaster Z sound card. Thats all fine but my problem happens when i talk...
  23. C

    What Headphones can you reccomend?

    What budget £150 (flexible) Headphones can you recommend for my setup? I am looking for headphone to be used for music and gaming. I play games such as csgo etc so sound is a big factor. I am however not looking for headphones that do not come with a mic. I am looking to buy my mic separately...
  24. K

    Help on reducing static hiss in recordings?

    Hello, As a bit of a preface to this, I have not done much in the way of high quality audio recording before, and am looking to improve my audio setup for recording commentary for gaming and tutorial videos. I recently purchased the Neewer NW-700 studio kit on Amazon since it looked like an...
  25. F

    Best Mic Setup for £30

    What the title is really. I'm looking for a FULL mic setup for around the cost of £30. I would prefer a USB mic, as they are much easier to use - just plug and play. Also, a condenser mic is already around £20-30, not including the phantom power that is needed to supply enough voltage (another...
  26. A

    Static Sound in Logitech G430

    Whenever I use the logitech g430's with the usb adapter in a USB 3.0 Port the sound that comes out of the headphones is all static and I can barely hear anything. When I plug the mic and headphone jack into the jacks on my motherboard, the mic quality is very bad. How do I fix the problem with...
  27. Vizuka

    Blue Yeti, Humming/Hissing sound from headphone jack.

    I just bought a Blue Yeti and i was going to try out the headphones monitoring/built in DAC/Amp, but when i plugged my headphones in and put the volume higher i noticed a very noticable hiss/hum coming from the mic, so i first thought it was the mic picking something up in my room. But then i...
  28. D4ggerfall

    Looking for a microphone to go along with my HD 598 headphones

    I recently purchased the Sennheiser HD 598 since my old PC 360 G4ME died but now i need suggestions for a microphone. My Budget is around 50€. I am considering the modmic but the Omni directional one (the one that is used for non-noisy areas) is currently sold out. I am also considering a...
  29. G

    Microphone is picking up windows sound but not my voice

    I went to go grab something and when I came back to my computer, my headset was not picking up my voice any more but was picking up my computer's noises (i.e. system sounds, steam notifications). I've already tried checking my default communications devices and etc. but nothing has worked. When...
  30. M

    HyperX Cloud I or II?

    hi, I play mostly on Xbox One and PS4 for Chat and Game Volume. Sometimes ill play on PC but only mostly for Game volume. The Cloud I is $80 and the Cloud II is $100. I understand the main difference is that it is 7.1 surround sound but since i play more on Xb1/PS4, does this matter? and I also...
  31. J

    Best microphone headset?

    What's the best headset with a microphone? I have a blue snoball but after updating from windows 7 it has decided not to work. As a result it now picks up a lot of background noise. So I'm looking for the best microphone headset there is. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  32. M

    Which MIC to buy

    at2020 blue yeti at2020+ the thing I'm afraid from is that the yeti pick Up Much background and my grandMa is like elephant sound however i manged to muffle sound and will do it more but it will still be audible. the thing im afraid from the at2020 that the mic don't sound good as blue...
  33. ISetsunaI

    Corsair H40 Stopped Working

    Here's what I know: (I hope I can find a solution WITHOUT needing to send in for an RMA, because it is the best mic I have right now and I tend to use my mics a lot in gaming and teamspeak) - USB Port still works - Corsair H40 still lights - Device Manager: It doesn't show up for anything in...
  34. O

    Phone headset as mic not working

    i don't have the money to buy a mic for my PC, so i tried using my headset i use for my phone as a mic and doesn't work. i used both jacks on both front panel and the back but i got nothing. please help me
  35. M

    do xlr mic pick more background than usb

    In going to get at2020 but i want to reduce background car passing by stuff like that which would record it less I could also get at2035 which is xlr for same price but its only xlr so i want to no which would be better
  36. M

    Any good 7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset without a mic for PC?

    I will be getting the snowball as a mic for skype. I don't want gaming headsets
  37. R

    MorphVox Pro Dosent work with my mic

    Hi today i got this problem with MorphVox Pro i can't use my mic for the program anymore... It have been working like a sharm btu now it seems like it uses the pc to capture sound when it is supposed to use my mic.. might just be the setting i have been put wrong but plz help. I got a windows...
  38. H

    Voice-Over Equipment for commentary help

    So basically because Windows likes to muffle my Turtle Beach headset mic I don't want to go down the path of plain USB microphones... Now according to this guide.. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/audio/buying-guides/voice-over-equipment It seems like I want a "Dynamic Broadcast Mic".. Bare...
  39. A

    New Headphones With Mic!

    Help! Im looking for some headphones with a built in mic. Like over or on the ear headphones....But with a mic. Now I dont really want a mic that i have to pull down and be in my face something like the Sony pulse wireless but somewhat cheaper ($20-50 range) so I can make skype calls. Thanks and...
  40. R

    Best microphone for under $150

    I am looking for good microphones for voice recording/podcasting, no singing. I want it to be XLR not USB because usb microphones are generally poop when it comes to XLR mics, also because I want to get the most out of the mic with the RME Babyface. It also must be a cardioid mic (A mic with...
  41. D

    Blue Snowball Mic Distance?

    Hi, I was looking to buy the blue snowball mic. But after looking at some reviews, I noticed that people were talking 2" from the mic. So I was wondering how far away do you sit away from the mic but still have great mic volume and quality. And would you recommend this mic for live commentary...
  42. dibrando1

    3.5mm 4-pole to 2x 4-pole Y-Adapter

    I am looking for a 3.5mm 4-pole to 2x 4-pole Y-Adapter. As an example, something that can enable two 3.5mm smartphone headsets which have stereo sound and mic (4-pole on both headsets) to be plugged into one smartphone via the 3.5mm jack. I have found plenty of splitters and adapter that take a...
  43. S

    Mixer and Shotgun mic

    Hello people I was looking for a decent to good Mixer with 2-3 Inputs and a shotgun mic.. Mixer be around $70-80 and the mic be like $50. I did look into some Behringer mixers, any help would be great. Thanks
  44. G

    Which headset should i choose?

    I have a budget of about $60 and i was thinking about these headsets but i'm open to suggestions I'm just looking for a good build quality,good sound,decent mic and i prefer a over the ear design because i would be wearing them for extended amounts of time Creative fatal1ty...
  45. M

    3.5mm stereo extension cables for headset+mic

    I've been doing some searching with no luck for a single cord with 2x male and 2x female ends on it so I can get a bit more length on my PC headset cable. Does anyone know if these even exist? Or is my best option to just get 2 cords and run them together. I also am told that I should get a...
  46. completelyrandomname

    >$70 Comfortable Gaming Headset

    I am in the market for a $70 or less headset. I want it to feel like a feather on my head, okay maybe not that light but it should be a light weight headset. Second of all I want it to have a good mic, never really heard or read anything about bad mics but I assume the quality can be bad and...