Static Sound in Logitech G430


Feb 18, 2016
Whenever I use the logitech g430's with the usb adapter in a USB 3.0 Port the sound that comes out of the headphones is all static and I can barely hear anything. When I plug the mic and headphone jack into the jacks on my motherboard, the mic quality is very bad. How do I fix the problem with the static coming out of the headphones?
Static is usually a bad connection or interference.

Need to test the g430's on another system to see if the problem follows.

If not, try a different set of headphones/mic in the USB 3.0 and then other ports.

You can also work your way along the lenght of the g430's wires gently wiggling, twisting, bending etc. to see if there is a short somewhere. The noise will pause or stop at the bad point. Do the same around the connectors.